Let’s go Caps! Pour House Trivia Wednesday Recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday capped off a nice spring day with eleven games of live trivia!

We also celebrated ANOTHER Caps win – they’re looking pretty monstrous these days!

Check out the recaps to see how it all went down.

Applebees – Frederick, MD

Tonight was once again quite the busy night here at Applebee’s, full of people ready to play some great pub trivia and our game did not disappoint. Throughout we had a pretty close game, with everything coming down to how the final question played out. It also feels like every night I’m hosting during a Capitals game, which definitely adds to the general excitement of the night. Also, doing Kentucky trivia on the halftime page was definitely a little bit different, and proved to be a pretty tough set of questions for several teams. Tonight’s 6/4/2 question was actually pretty difficult too, I didn’t know who sang Love Hurts, and neither did several teams. We also opened up with a spicy one about hot peppers, which gave me the opportunity to use that terrible pun a few times.

In the end, the Know Nothings took down third place, managing to build a strong enough score that even a stumble on the final question did not ruin them. Our second place team was one of a handful to get the final question right (to speak the truth is the literal meaning of verdict) which vaulted them all the way up into second place, and only one point behind first. Our winners tonight went with the defensive wagering strategy, and it paid off with them getting the narrow victory; congrats going out to Trashbag Bobby! Way to go guys/gals! Next week we start out with The Office (U.S. Version) as the first category, courtesy of Trashbag Bobby. Looks like it’s time to go study up on Michael Scott and co. I’ll see you all next week!

Until next time,

The Office trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Bar Louie – Rockville, MD

We had a tense, close game this week, punctuated by a Caps win and one of the hardest second halves of trivia in a long time! 11 teams joined us for a BUCKing good time.

Along the way, we learned that sometimes waiting on the 6-4-2 is the best method, nobody watched that Marlon Wayans show last year, and what the BUCK happened in that third round, right? Strengths and weaknesses were made apparent, spelling was called into question, and then there was that “Friar Tuck” debacle.
A couple of second half rallies left us with a very tight game going into the final, with 5 teams all within 12 points of first. A decisive final, and some tactical wagering, culminated in an exciting finish. In third, Fighting Ocelots, who led most of the game. In second was Uncle Jack, and in first was Freudian Slips, who marched up the ranks slowly but surely all game. Next week’s first category is going to be Web Design, so brush up on your HTML, CSS, C++, Java and Ruby on Rails skills…
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See you next week!

Perrier, Hennessey, Nitroglycerin is not an ole snake oil cure for bunions! It’s the recipe for a sweet night of live trivia at Barefoot Bernie’s bar in Hagerstown, MD with all my Washington County friends! A bit rainy on the day after Cinco de Mayo but that didn’t keep us down at all! 11 teams came out and threw down a bit in tonight’s contest! And it was an interesting one for sure!

Round 1 caused a lot more of a ruccus than usual and had a few teams clawing through the mid-game for a strikeable spot going into the final! And indeed the Hagerstown bar trivia crews are fighters baby! And once we rounded the 3rd round into the “clubhouse turn” as they will say at the horse tracks, it was definitely GAME ON! The game wound up on a fun Legal Lingo question that tested our Latin chops and legal chops!

Congrats to our Top 3 teams tonight! Great job and a great win this evening!

trivia pour house pub trivia maryland trivia pour house pub trivia maryland trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Also – congrats to our winner of the DuClaw-Goose Island drawing! Have fun at Beer, Bacon and Music Festival in Frederick!

To all you mothers out there: I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday!

I will see you all next Wednesday night. Screen Door has asked us to brush up on our Terminator 1 chops for that game! Have a great weekend and I will see you then.

Love Ya! dg 🙂

terminator trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

I’m just gonna jump right into it: My Favorite Team takes it down tonight to make it 6 in a row! Just wow! Not sure I’ve been a part of a win streak like this, but keep it up guys.

It wasn’t a breeze tonight though as we had some teams gunning for the top spot. Knock Knock is one team that comes to mind. Knock Knock was actually winning this ENTIRE GAME but then the trivia gods decided the good times must end. Maybe it was bad luck, maybe it was karma, but the 4th round was not kind to Knock Knock and they dropped to 2nd place going into the final. 3rd place was held by Just the Tip going into the last question, looking like they wanted a chance at the lead. Going into the final, My Favorite Team was up enough that they had 3rd place secured, only 2 teams could catch them.

The final proved difficult. Our top 2 teams missed it. With that, Knock Knock dropped out of the placements and Anderson Cooper, outta nowhere, jumped into 3rd with a correct response! Respect to them, they fought hard all night and sniped a low % final. Good work. 2nd place went to Just the Tip, who also got the final correct. My Favorite Team MISSES the final tonight, dropping in range to be caught BUT Just the Tip DIDN’T BET ENOUGH! Sad times… The reign could’ve been broken but alas. With that, it becomes 6 in a row! Good game all! Excited to see what happens next week. THE PRESSURE IS ON TO KEEP THAT STREAK ALIVE – Bill Patschak, aka the Human Jinx. Good luck guys 🙂

1st Place: My Favorite Team
2nd Place: Just the Tip
3rd Place: Anderson Cooper? I Hardly Know Her

Next week’s category: World Capitals

World Capitals Live Trivia Maryland

The heat is on, and I’m not just talking about outside! I can’t wait to see what our teams do in the post season- you all are rockin’ it.

We had a great game after a helluva first question that essentially just burned everyone’s 1 point wager. A couple groaning moments, a couple pointed fingers and expletives – all in all, a normal night down in the Cellar. What wasn’t normal is that F&G showed up! It’s been awhile since they graced us, and they played to win tonight but ultimately ended up second to Team Wednesday’s boisterous first! 2 live clue 2:Need a bigger butt finished out our top 3 in good style.

Nice job guys and gals, I will see you next week for a first question of Hitchcock films.


Alfred Hitchcock Pub Trivia Maryland


Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

I always say that if you don’t know an answer, you can always butter the host up by making them laugh – a lesson they’ve taken to heart at Memories Charcoal House in Mt. Airy!

Teams battled it out for the top spot tonight as we discussed creepy drunk marshmallow ghosts hitting on people, the wonderful architectural achievements of Bucky Domehead, and how if the dating site you’re on uses “NSA” as an acronym for “Newly Sexually Active,” you might start turning up on some FBI lists. Don’t be surprised if Chris Hansen shows up to offer you some iced tea…

Experienced Virgins couldn’t be caught all night – they took first early on and emerged victorious with Men & Pausers taking second and Special K rounding out third. Next week’s winners’ choice category is rather specific – French-Derived Military Terms. I’m wondering – does that include getting French fries at the mess hall? 😛

Memories – thanks for having me, and I hope to see you soon!

– Eric 🙂

French Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia


The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

Tonight was such a good night for live trivia at the Tavern in Olney, Md!

We had 2 new teams join in that have never played Pour House trivia before and one of those teams ended up finishing in the top 3! It was pretty much a runaway tonight with the top 3 teams, even 3rd was leading 25 points over 4th. It was only the back and forth for the lead within the top 3 that made tonight’s game so much fun to watch unfold!

Ending up with 3rd place tonight was a new team that I hope to see again, (Especially because of the creativity and fun they brought to the table) Ice Bank Mice Elf! Say THAT 3 times fast! Now think about how it sounded! Taking 2nd place after a good battle all game was Olney The Lonely!! Living large and in charge for a few weeks now and securing another 1st place finish was Team Gryffindor!!!

I guess next Wednesdays winners choice question will be an audio clip, because they picked North American Bird Songs, so study up, and get back to The Tavern next week!!

~ Jon J

One Legged Pigeon Pub Trivia MD

Putter’s Pub – New Market, MD

It was an interesting night at Putter’s Pub tonight.

We had a tie for 1st place throughout round 1 and round 2. It wasn’t until round 3 that we broke the tie (by a mere 4 points I might add). At the end of the night Deep In thought took 1st place, Strangers have the best candy took 2nd, and 3rd went to Team Rob.

Next week’s Winners Choice will be Medical Terminology. Thanks for having me!

~ Amanda

Medical Terminology trivia pour house pub trivia maryland


Revolution Bar – Fairfax, Virginia

A dreary, overcast night combined with a ridiculous amount of traffic was not enough to stop the teams at Revolution Bar from having a great game of Pour House Pub Trivia!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Flattery-Will-Get-You-Nowhere”: Last Weeks winners, Mess and Jegg, decided to make this weeks category Famous Ians. Dunno where they got the inspiration for that. Unfortunately, they were the only team not to get the question right, about British band Jethro Tull.

In “Stupid-Small-European-Countries”: Europe has quite a few countries that one could categorize as tiny. So the Catalon question had many teams scratching their heads. Only those who remembered that the Pyrenees Mountains form the border of France and Spain, were able to pull Andorra. Stupid Lichtenstein kept getting in the way.

In “What-The-Buck?”: I almost feel like a broken record, when I say once again, guys, I don’t write the questions. The Buck Stops Here category was one of the toughest of the night; only one team got credit, with William Buckley and Buckminster Fuller eluding most teams.

The Final was short and sweet, and gave us our standings in no time.

In third place, Gern Blanston!

In second place, E=MC Hammer!

In first place, Mess and Jegg!

Good job everyone! It was a close match all night, way to hang tough! Next week’s round 1 question 1 category will be Stuff You Sit On! Should be interesting – get sitting and studying, and we’ll see you
next time!

Until then,


Did You Miss Us? is in fine form as we near the post-season!  They made it three in a row at T. J. Stone’s in Alexandria, although this time they had to come from behind in order to pull of the win.  With just three weeks left in the season, they can wrap up the house championship with one more win.  Second place went to SAPs, a team we haven’t seen in a long time, with third going to Baby Fish Mouth.  Next week, we begin with ‘Summer Pop Songs’.  ~ Matt


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Hey folks thanks again for your patience tonight, you know how it goes, sometimes life intervenes. Anyway, thanks again. Well it was a great “bucking” game nonetheless with a tiebreaker to settle 2nd and 3rd when it was all said and done.

Here are the results of tonight’s game:
Stupid Sexy Flanders in 1st
Shakeweight in 2nd
That’s a Hard One in 3rd
Our first category for next week is name that Batman.

~ Ronnie

Batman trivia pour house pub trivia