Let’s go Caps! Pour House Pub Trivia Monday Recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday helped the caps pull off their game 7 win over the Islanders, we think!

OK, that’s probably untrue. But we did enjoy it!

We also asked you to do some spelling and remember our old pal Phil Donahue!

Check the recaps, would ya?

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

What a wonderful night of live trivia, and it was anyone’s game going into the 2nd half, unfortunately that’s when the real separation of scores began. 🙁

I think the Caps had a few heads not focused on their trivia chops. Here are the results of tonight’s game:

High School Prom in 1st
HR PuffnStuff in 2nd
TBD in 3rd

See you all next week, where our first category will be Forensic Science. Time to clean out your basements!

~ Ronnie

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Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Oh man, tonight we were packed full of people, either to play trivia, watch the Caps try to win their series against the Islanders, or both! Lots of players, and one entire team were decked out in their Caps gear and admitted they may or may not be paying attention to me because of the game. Even with the game going on in the background, we still managed to have a great game of trivia (as we always do!). The current events question turned out to be a bit of a surprising one for several teams (no it wasn’t about Baltimore!), and it turns out Sabra isn’t the only company recalling food products because of a Listeria scare. I had never heard of this at all, but I admittedly don’t watch the news so that might be why. Also, I don’t know who Phil Donahue is, but apparently he’s just as famous as his wife Marlo Thomas, who I also don’t know anything about!

In the end the final question turned out to be quite difficult (Roseanne was never even nominated for most outstanding comedy, which is shocking!) but thanks to some crafty wagering on the final the standings moved around a little bit in the end. In third place was Danny Glover, who made a defensive wager on the final. In second place was Cotton Candy, who also used a bit of strategy on the final question. Tonight’s winners held the lead throughout the whole game, and on the final also bet defensively. Congrats tonight go out to The Inebriati on a game well played. Nice work! We start out next week with The Avengers who are NOT in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So looks like it will be about some of the lesser known members, of which there are a ton. Time to get studying then, and I’ll see you all next week!

Until next time,

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il Forno – Frederick, MD

I continued rocking my all 90’s playlist (except for one minor slip-up, which has been taken care of!) and I received mostly good feedback. I’ve just been in that mood lately, we’ll see how long that lasts!

Tonight’s second half had a couple of questions that seemed to do some serious damage to the field. First off, Phil Donahue was only picked up by 3 teams, not to mention a couple 9’s were missed on other incorrect responses so that made for quite the game! Only 2 teams getting South Sudan, our most recent world capital city. A couple of pretty tough ones tonight (I guess that’s a fair balance after asking you if you know how to spell “millimeter”).

The team which seemed unphased by the difficulty was I’m with Sarah who put on a PUB TRIVIA CLINIC tonight. They held a 15 point lead going into the final and locked up the game before it was even over! Good news too, because they, along with the field, missed the final, but it didn’t matter! I’m with Sarah takes it down! 2nd and 3rd place went to Off in Public and MC respectively who both bet defensively on the final with the zero wager. It worked out well!

Next week, we will open with Duran Duran, and I’ve been requested to make the first round a Duran Duran music round in addition to the question (I’m with Sarah was NOT into my all 90’s mix, unfortunately). I don’t mind fulfilling the request for our winners but as soon as round 2 starts its back to the 90’s! Pretty pumped for this! I’ll see you guys there, next week, same time, same place. Later, nerds :-p

1st Place: I’m with Sarah
2nd Place: Off in Public
3rd Place: MC

Next week’s category: Duran Duran

Duran Duran Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

It was another party tonight at the Roast House! Granted the party wasn’t playing live trivia, but the night was loud and wild and fun!

Highlights of the night:

In “Stink-Eye-Special”: We had a lot of questions tonight that were…questionable shall we say. The stink-eye was strong tonight! Guys, I do my best, you know that! Quit givin me the business!

In “Day-Time-Drama”: Jerry Springer, Geraldo Rivera, and even Doctor Phil were all guesses tonight. Phil Donahue and his wife Marlo were a bit tougher to come up with, much to the groans of the teams!

In “Leading-Funny-Femme-Fatales”: The Final tonight was a doozy; as shocking as it is, Roseanne was never even nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series, let alone win.

With that tough final, the podium was pretty much set.

In third place, the Ollie Monsters! Good game guys!

In second place, Two Fingers Worth! Tough night guys, but way to stuck with it!

In first place, The only team to get the final right, Multiple Scoregasms! Congratulations guys, great game!

Next weeks round one question one will be Divided Germany; i.e. the period of time after WWII when Germany was still divided into East and West. Should be interesting!

Until then,