Lazy Sunday? I think not! Pour House pub trivia Sunday is more like it!

Pour House pub trivia is the perfect way to wind down after your Sunday Funday!
Totally, definitely, completely untrue facts of the night:
  • AMC legally had to drop the “American Movie Classics” moniker the first time they showed Halle Berry’s Catwoman.
  • Monty Python’s working title for “And now for something completely different” was “More of the Same, Please.”
  • Billy Dee Williams’ contract for Colt 45 states that he’s not allowed to ingest any other liquids.
Read on for a full recap!

Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD

It seems that this warmer weather has you guys hungry for trivia!
We had a BIG game down at Captain Bender’s tonight, with a tie breaker to boot! The tie breaker was for the third place spot, and the victorious team was… Almost Mensa!!
In the second place spot was Cranius Maximus with an impressive showing! In the top spot, making an UNBELIEVABLE comeback was FISTED SISTER!!
Their choice of first category next week? FULL METAL JACKET!! See you next Sunday! ~Torie
Full Metal Jacket Pub Trivia Maryland

The Raw Bar – Frederick, MD

I guess it WAS the weather that kept so many teams away last week! We had a nice turnout at the Raw Bar & Grill for trivia tonight and for the most part, it was looking to be a pretty straight forward game with no surprises…. and then question 3 in round 4 happened!
Everyone wagered confidently, but only one team got it right and that changed EVERYTHING! So finishing in third tonight were the Vitrifiers, making a big jump into second was Optimus Prime Rib, and climbing back into the first place throne again was the Witiots!
They decided on “Pulp Fiction” for next weeks winners choice category, so study hard and I’ll see everyone back here next week for some Pour House Sexiness!!  ~ Jon J
Pour House Pub Trivia Pulp Fiction Maryland