Labor Day Trivia was No Hardship!

You have labored, now you relax! Teams came out in force on this holiday to jump start those brains for the work week! Read on to see who did what, where 😉

DRP in Alexandria, Va 

No Trivia for the Holiday

Greene Turtle in Hagerstown, Md 

Happy Labor Day folks! In today’s game we had a Labor Day themed audio clue, halftime page, and even a word play question! The audio clue played clips from three movies with jobs in the title, which were ‘The Wedding Singer’, ‘Anchorman’, and ‘Taxi Driver’.  The halftime page continued in the same theme, asking for movies with jobs in the title, this time giving actors instead of an audio clue.

The word play question simply asked teams to give answers that can be spelled from the letters in ‘Labor Day’, which was a pretty fun one. The game started out with a question about geography that sounds dirty, asking for the state that has the cities of Blue Ball and Intercourse only seven miles apart; just about everyone knew we were talking about Pennsylvania.

Tonight’s final question was about classic rock bands, and asked for the band who hired California Saga to open for them on their 50th anniversary tour. It was pretty neat because California Saga was comprised of the children from the members of the band in question. Turns out nobody got the answer, which was The Beach Boys.

This caused some movement on the final, as That’s A Niner took third and 404: Answer Not Found took second with a defensive wager. Tonight’s winners led for the whole time, congrats to Cotton Candy! Next time we start with a question about Season 1 of Gotham, so study up! I’ll see you all then!

Until next time,

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Il Forno in Frederick, Md 

I was cold this morning. It’s September. School has started. I think it’s safe to say the summer has ended. That and we’ve entered the last week of our Summer Fling tournament. The teams who’ve joined us all summer to qualify for the tournament were awarded tonight, getting invites to the finals in about a week and a half.
The A Team won last week and were here with half a team, just the two of them. Hot Shame showed up tonight with a trio; last week it was just a solo effort and he fell apart near the end, unfortunately. They put up a very solid fight tonight, holding the lead at the half while The A Team trailed pretty significantly. Balls of Fire fought hard too, tying for the lead at the half.
The lead was not easy to come by either, as we had a Human Body question that damn near knocked the field out. Asking about a part of the eye behind the iris that adjusted shape to get light to the retina, we had MANY teams lock in hard with “Cornea” but alas! It was the lens! Points to the few that dodged that land mine!
The A Team got the 6 point clue on the 6-4-2, the only team to do so, but it wasn’t enough to mount a comeback, as they were in 5th going into the final, behind Volcano Insurance in 4th, and a 3-way tie in 1st between Balls of Fire, Chicken McThuggets, and Hot Shame! Final question played about 50% tonight. Two of our leaders got the final, so they’d face off in a tie breaker. Hot Shame falling back after submitting an incorrect response on the final, Chicken McThuggets facing Balls of Fire on a tie breaker!
Closest to the Box Office Gross of Fantastic Four would win the game tonight. The real total was $330.6 million. Thugs said $165 mill and Balls said $550 mill.. very close on either end BUT by a slight margin, Chicken McThuggets TAKES DOWN THE WIN! Grats guys! Hope to see you kick some butt at the finals next weekend!
We’re back here in a week for more weekly trivia. We start the fall season, PHT Season 14, in about 2 weeks so be sure to join us until then so you’re prepped and ready to fight! Until next week, I’ll see you soon!
1st Place:     Chicken McThuggets
2nd Place:    Balls of Fire
3rd Place:     Volcano Insurance
Next week:     2016 Baltimore Orioles
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Labor Day love at Spider Kelly’s! There was indeed a lot of TRIVIA love in the room Monday for trivia night at Spider Kelly’s Bar in Arlington, VA. We even had a few traveling crews come in for the festivities.
Thanks for spending your Labor Day with us my friends. I’d like to give Katie – the newest host in the PHT family – a shout out as well! She rocked it. I only planned on training a little scorekeeping tonight but we went right onto the mic and she was stellar! Props KB! 🙂
And congrats to our TOP 3 tonight. The game saw a little shifty-McShifterson go down on that Beach Boys final. So much props y’all on a game well played for sure –
1st Place: Uncle Jack
2nd Place: HR Puff-n-Stuff
3rd Place: Helen Keller Bird Watching Society
Have a great week y’all – and study up a little on your James Bond Film chops as that will be next week’s R1Q1. See you soon 🙂
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