KHAAAAAN! Thursday with Pour House Trivia was trekkie!

​​Pour House pub trivia knows it’s perhaps best not to mix Star Wars and Star Trek, but we do it anyway! Admiral Ackbar and Captain Kirk both came to hang with us on Thursday! Khan Trivia star trek trivia pour house pub quiz maryland Check out the recaps!


Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

There in nothing better than a whole crowd of people yelling KHAN!!! in their best Capt. Kirk impersonation, Bill Shatner would be proud. Thundercats was our first place finishers tonight, with The Indians taking 2nd and Cranius Maximus in 3rd. Join me here again next week, where our first category will be the Muppet’s Christmas Carol. ~ Ronnie Muppets Christmas Carol Trivia Pour House Pub trivia Maryland


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

   Have you ever been flipped off by 100 people at once? Well, I was able cross that one off of my bucket list at Thursday’s trivia game at Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD. It was a very nice connecting moment between us all – a raw, honest, connnective moment! And hey that’s what it’s all about no? 🙂 Love you guys!


(Note to self: don’t ask anymore questions about Ulan Bator)

And from there it just got wilder! Great times Thursday everyone. Thanks a bunch for hangin’ with me in spite of the cold walk to the car that got us all! We had a fun game fo sho! My favorite answers of the night had to be:

1. Skeletor – just cuz with my “frog in throat”  liked my impression of him

2. It’s a Trap! – Admiral Akbar is just a bad a$$!

3. And “Sixteen Stone.” – I am a big fan of BUSH…

Congrats to our Top 3. It was a tough field for sure, so mucho props on leader-boarding that one!




We are coming around the clubhouse turn for Season 10. Pub Crawl and World Series are just a month or so away. See you next Thursday for our pre-Holiday game. We kick off with the category of “Serial: The Podcast.” Until then, stay warm my friends~! dg 🙂

Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

Admiral Ackbar said many things but of course we know him best for his cult-tastic (patent pending) three word line “IT’S A TRAP!” Fun fact: before my tenure as a Pour House Trivia host began, I played on a team that went by the moniker “It’s a Trap”. Then I was asked to stop playing because I was too good*. A hard half time page was able to separate Oscar Meyer from the rest of the pack as they nailed a perfect 20 on a very difficult page! Great work guys! Unfortunately, this game was controlled by another team. As we approach the off-season, Two Birds One Stone just seems near unstoppable here at the Fish Market. Hanging on to a double digit lead all night, they ran away with it going into the final question (and also gave a correct response). They truly look good, excited to see what they do during the playoff matches! 2nd place tonight went to Boner Garage, who’ve come back from a short trivia hiatus, always great to have them come out and kick some ass! 3rd place went to Oscar Meyer, who I’m sure will be back to take a stab at the number one spot at what seems to be an ever growing competitive venue! Until next week guys, thanks a bunch 😉 1st Place: Two Birds One Stone 2nd Place: Boner Garage 3rd Place: Oscar Meyer Next week’s category: Harry Potter * – truth possibly altered to spare feelings of said host harry potter trivia question


Guido’s – Frederick, MD

Tonight marks the first time since I started hosting multiple venue’s that I had a tie for first place going into the final question for a second night in a row! Last night, the tie for 1st had to go to a tie-breaker question after the final. Tonight at Guido’s, the final question was enough to settle the tie! Finishing 3rd tonight was T.N.C.! Moving up to 2nd was Ryan, Asian Ryan and Not Ryan! Making a second half comeback to tie 1st before the final, then taking over for the win: Stink Floyd!! They chose the film “Die Hard” for next Thursdays winners choice question, so study up and get back to Guido’s next Thursday night!! Also, good luck to everyone going out to the Holiday Themed Cash Game tonight(well… Friday!) I hope one of my regulars wins it!!! ~ Jon J Die Hard Trivia pour house pub trivia


Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

The snow here in Bel Air didn’t keep our veteran teams away, and we did have a few newbies in the house. We even had a team visit from another locale “If We Only Had a Brain,” and they came with a very strong score. The questions this week seemed to stump a lot of people, and the scores here were lower than normal/ We usually have lots of high triple digit scores but tonight the quiz-masters were wicked, and held all of our teams down. All except one team: Clever Team Name. They had a dominant victory from start to finish, and wagered very wisely throughout the entire competition. Team leader Eric selected “NHL Hockey” as his winner’s choice category for next week, and coming off such a strong win, I am sure they will all be here. I saw a few of our veteran teams getting a little down about not scoring well. The last round or two was TOUGH, and many teams made some solid guesses, that proved to be wrong. Clever Team Name managed to be a little luckier than everyone else, and as we all know it’s sometime it’s better to be lucky than good! Till next week…. WINNERS CHOICE: NHL Stanley Cup Pub Trivia Category Maryland  

Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

Technically, it was a bit of a slow night, as we ‘only’ had 15 teams at Quincy’s on Thursday.  But, it was the most important 15 teams…  On to the game, and it had been a few weeks, but I Just Quizzed My Pants was able to get back into the winner’s circle, thanks to a difficult question in their wheelhouse category, which stumped much of the field.  Although it was just by a single point, it counts just the same.  Caged Wisdom was back a VERY long break, and played a great game as well for second.  Smella Nella continued their run of good play to take third.  Next week (the last Quincy’s game of 2014), you will have Ian subbing for me, and the first category will be “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.  ~ Matt sunny-philadelphia40