Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and a night of great live trivia from Pour House Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday was a slam dunk of a game, brought to you by the talents of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!

Kareem was just one of the great things we covered with eight games of live trivia happening. Check out the recaps, would you please?

Applebees – Frederick, MD

Tonight, in a very special edition of Pour House Pub Trivia, we got to learn all about the details of being pigeon-toed, as well as having a discussion on what constitutes the “beginning” of World War II. We also had some fun with famous feet, and even reviewed math and spelling, some of our favorite things to talk about!

In our game we had a few new faces (to our venue at least) come out to play, in Stink Floyd who played as a duo and The Nation of Quizlam as a trio. In the end, however, the winner turned out to be Stink Floyd who did extremely well, only missing a handful of questions total, very well done! Our second place team was Dalek Dance Party, who was able to hang with Stink Floyd throughout the entire game but couldn’t *quite* close the gap. In third place was The Nation of Quizlam, who were chock full of interesting tidbits about several different questions and generally played very well; thanks for coming out and playing!

Next week we will start out with the category of “Space” as our opening question, courtesy of the winners Stink Floyd. So make sure you study up on the final frontier, as it is often called. It could almost be anything!

Until next time,

Stars Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Barefoot Bernie’s – Hagerstown, MD

First night at our new time; and it was jammin! 11 teams rocked out at Bernies pub trivia – hump day style! I personally very much enjoyed the new time.

The gamne kicked off innocently enough, with some Pokemon – although Iggy Pop Tarts have to be my new craving! 2nd round we had some Beatles and Britney and a little gazpacho soup to cap! Gotta say, the famous feet half time page was a fun one! Maybe we will do more “Name the celebrity by the body part” style puzzles! I mean…within reason of course! Doh!

The 2nd half is where it all went down! Between “bauxite” and “backgammon,” we were all in 6’s and 7’s by the time the final rolled in! And in the end, it was “Hermione” FTW baby! Fun night everyone! I very much enjoyed it and the new time as well!

Good job to our Top 3 tonight!




Sad, Fat Dragons have asked us all to listen to some “Gwar” – as that will be next week’s Rd 1 Q1! I love it! Til then…have a great weekend my friends. I will see you next Wednesday!

gwar trivia pour house pub trivia maryland


One of these days, I will say the perfect joke. I know it’s coming. You all know it’s coming. That’s why you keep coming back!
Oh, that and the fierce bar trivia competition provided every week. Question of the night: Element #13, ALUMINUM! This question completely wiped out the bar. Turns out, we’re much more history/pop culture versed than we are in the realm of science. Don’t feel too bad, science is my worst subject as well. Hence, why I fit right in with you guys!
I’d like to point out that NO ONE knew that Scarlett Johannson was in the Spongebob Movie (and I’m PROUD to report this lapse of knowledge). Tonight’s game saw Anderson Cooper? on top throughout most of the game, and that’s exactly how they finished. To think, this team had never won a game until recently and now they seem to win every week or two! They are truly coming into their own. I like to think I had something to do with their recent success (just because I encourage them and my knowledge might rub off on them…). Anderson Cooper? takes down the win tonight, followed by Stone Cold Jane Austen in 2nd, and My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem round it off and take 3rd place tonight. Next week we’ve got the same stuff going on. Trivia, laughs, good times, etc. Whatever attracts you here weekly, it’s coming back! So hopefully we’ll see you there! Until then ;-)1st Place: Anderson Cooper? I Hardly Know Her
2nd Place: Stone Cold Jane Austen
3rd Place: My Drinking Team Has a Trivia ProblemNext week’s category: The Black Sox Scandal
 White Sox Trivia Black Sox Trivia pour house live trivia maryland

The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

It really is the people who come hang out in the underground who make Cellar such an awesome night. It’s not work, it’s hanging out with friends. And watching them drink. lol. A regular night down here involves much laughter, trash talk and more than a few happy people 😉

It was a good one, and a good finish with Constantly Changing and 2nd place battling it out for 2nd place, 2nd place had to settle for 3rd tonight – not quite living up to the name, and CCTN happily took their 2nd. 1st went to the team formerly known as Grab a Straw, you Suck-, who will now be known as 2live Clue2: Need a Bigger Butt. I like it. 🙂

I will see you next week when we start with Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon. See you next week!



Bruce Lee Trivia enter the dragon trivia pour house live trivia maryland

Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

We had a MOST EXCELLENT second night of trivia at Memories Charcoal House in Mt. Airy!

Taking home our third place prize tonight were the Trivia Crack Heads! In second place just ahead of them was Special K! But our grand champions were the EXPERIENCED VIRGINS!!

Their choice of first category next week: Algebra!! See you next Wednesday!!

– Torie

Algebra Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

Wow it was a COLD one tonight at The Tavern tonight for trivia! Many thanks to the teams that braved the weather and came out to give an exciting finish to tonight’s game.

Bummed out with a 3rd place finish(I still think it’s respectable!) was Team Gryffindor! Ending at least a month long reign of first place because of a tough fourth round, 2nd place went to I Just Quizzed in My Pants!! Finally ending a long top 3 drought for their team with a WIN, your 1st place winners tonight are Olney the Lonely!!

They decided on “The Washington Nationals” for next weeks winners choice question, so study up, and lets hope it a LITTLE warmer next Wednesday night at The Tavern!!

~ Jon J

Washington Nationals Pub Trivia MD



Putter’s Pub – New Market, MD

There were thrills, chills, surprises, and laughs galore tonight with live trivia at Putters’ Pub at West Winds Golf Course! One of my former math teachers came out and played – I finally got to show her I’m good at something! Tonight we discussed eating gazpacho on the Danube with Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, shredding a Fender with Iggy Pop, and introducing a pair of Grumpy Old Men to Dr. Kevorkian (relax, it’s just a consultation 😛 ).

Strangers Have the Best Candy joined forces with Pinehurst Winers in full-on Megazord fashion to become Strange Winers. The merger proved fruitful as they nabbed the top spot with 4 Seasons taking second and 19th Hole taking third. Ladies, Gentlemen, and Others – start your engines! Next week’s winners’ choice category is American Muscle Cars! Ah, I remember the good ol’ days driving my classic ’69 Dodge Deltoid. Or my ’74 Toyota Trapezius. These muscle puns doing anything for ya? Whatever… 😛

See ya next week!

– Eric 😀

Muscle Car Trivia pour house live trivia maryland


Revolution Bar – Fairfax, Virginia

Things are never as simple as they may seem, especially at the Revolution Bar.

Highlights of the Night:

In “Food-I’d-Never-Eat”: Iggy Pop Tarts can officially go on the list of things I would never try in a thousand years. Sounds like it would taste like sweat and spray tan.

In “Oh-Come-On-Now”: I get associating R2-D2 and C-3P0, but actually mixing them up when you have a picture of one?! Come on now!

In “That-Wasn’t-As-Well-Known-As-I-Thought”: I’ve heard actors using hack cockney accents calling crazy people all 6s and 7s for as long as I can remember. I was very surprised to see how few teams got that one right.

The final proved to be mostly irrelevant so our podium was set after round four.

In third place, E=MC Hammer! Tough break guys, but a good game nonetheless!

In second place, GT80 Sauce! Way to hang with it guys, good game!

Taking it down tonight, Mess and Jegg! Congrats guys, well played!

And then, they test my patience. Their round one category next week: What’s Brown and Sticky. *sigh*

I won’t say study up. Just come on back next week!

Until then,


T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, VA

At T. J. Stone’s in Alexandria, last season’s house champions were running the Pour House Trivia tour over the last few weeks, visiting me at other venues.  But they made a triumphant return under the new team name of Did You Miss Us?, which was fitting as they played a stellar game from start to finish and earned their first week of the season.  Trivia Newton John finished strong to take second, with All the Marbles rounding out the top three.  next week begins with a question on radiators!  ~ Matt

Ain’t no foul weather stopping THESE folks as we had ourselves another successful run of live trivia! Game was real tight at the end and it took a tiebreaker to settle the top two slots!

Here are your results:
Shake Weight in 1st
Southpaw Fish in 2nd
Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap in 3rd

Our first category for next week is WVU Sports History.

~ Ronnie

West virginia Trivia WVU trivia pour house live trivia maryland