John Boehner and Color Me Badd! Pour House Trivia Thursday!

​​Pour House pub trivia’s Thursdayis the only place you can find John Boehner and Color me Badd in the same place!

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Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

Chilly outside, but hot inside at Bunker here at Leesburg, and one team looked to run away with it!

It ended up with Thundercats in 1st, Your Mom in 2nd, and Cake or Death in 3rd, with the latter two making one heck of a run after Thunder.

Join me again next week, our first category will be the TV show Grey’s Anatomy.

~ Ronnie

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Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Trivia night at Champions was a night of  “NEWNESS!” We had a new sound system, new fancy light system, new trivia season, new team names (always fun!), and some new meat in the crowd! With all that snazzy new-ness around us, we couldn’t help but have a great time!

Thanks everyone for coming out! And thanks to the new teams who heard about us in magazines and web and such and decided to come out and play. I hope you enjoyed.

Season 11 is off and running at Champions! Last night’s game kicked us off good. We started out of the gate with some craziness in Sylvester the Cat! Many went for the 2 pt bonus and whiffed, setting up a “we need to come back strong now” situation! And wow, many teams did just that!

I did enjoy the “What Color is My Parachute” memory! I recall stressing about that book in college – during the ole “what am I gonna do with my life” moments! The Rusty Nail answer also brought up some memories from college. Let’s just say Drambuie and I are NOT friends!

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Great times tonight everyone! Congratulations to our Season 11 opening night Top 3! It was a tough field! Much props for the climb! And great come back effort fro JGE!

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And that was a game! Next Thursday we kick off with “ASTRONOMY.” Have fun stargazing this week and I will see you next Thursday night! Have a great weekend.   dg 🙂


Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

We opened season 11 tonight in Alexandria with a heated match! A lot of our regulars came back to play for the new season; we also had a good number of new teams join us tonight as we eclipsed the double digit team mark!

I’d like to thank everyone tonight for making sure I was A. The only person who had never heard of John Boehner and B. The only person who was convinced until halftime that it was pronounced “boner” (though I have Boner Garage to thank for that one…). I also was surprised to see all the people who knew What Color is My Parachute? and Color Me Badd (this night felt like a whole two hours of “Here’s something Bill’s never heard of”, but I made it work… Humbling though).

You did good Fish Market. You did good. Tonight’s game saw a very surprising butt-kicking by That’s Not My Leg (formerly Gone Squatchin) as they held a double digit lead going into the 4th round! Welcome to You’re Doom closed the gap to a mere 4 points going into the final but, unfortunately, it was not enough, and they settled for 2nd place. That left 1st place to none other than That’s Not My Leg! Congratulations guys! Great way to open the season! 3rd place went to Couch Sleepers who played their first game tonight! We hope to see em back next week! I’ll be there, hopefully the rest of you will too! Until then 😉

1st Place: That’s Not My Leg
2nd Place: Welcome to You’re Doom
3rd Place: Couch Sleepers

Next week’s category: 90’s Song Lyrics

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Guido’s – Frederick, MD

Well the first night of season 11 at Guido’s is officially in the books and it was a good one! We had a good turnout of teams and the competition was pretty fierce last night! The fight for the top 3 spots kept flipping around and every team wagered the full 12 points for the final question, so I was excited to see how it would end and this is how it worked out for week one… Finishing in 3rd was a team with a great name for the new season, The Kanye Westbank and The Gaza Strippers! 2nd place went to another team trying out a new name for the season, Not Quite White!! Our 1st place winners went with the theory,”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Congratulations to T.N.C.!! They decided on “Woodie Guthrie” for next Thursdays winners choice question, so study up and get in to Guido’s next week! I’ll see you there!! ~ Jon J

Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

It’s always fun to get to know regular players, and learn their individual styles. For instance here in Bel Air, we have 3 very regular teams- team 9 years, Anal bum Covers and Clever Team Name.

ABC takes a really laid back and careful approach, and they are very successful with it, as their record shows. Team 9 years loves to be first out of the gate and beat everyone to the punch. Clever Team Name is ALWAYS getting called out for taking too long to answer. I don’t like to buzzer people, but I will if have to and CTN alway pushes it!

Each of those game plans works for those players as they all are constant winners. The lesson here is: play YOUR way. Don’t let another team make you move off your plan. And don’t let half-time scores spook you. Tonight’s round 1 and 2 were tough, and it scared a new team off. But they could have easily come back in round 3 and 4.

Tonight’s winner, was Team 9 years, though I was personally rooting for the Pirate Hookers because….well, how could you not root for pirate hookers?

Next week winner’s choice: Periodic Table

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Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

As usual, it was a packed house on Thursday night at Quincy’s in Gaithersburg, as Season XI got underway with our regular line-up of teams.  Some of our teams decided to bring a few extra people along for the ride!  Only one point separated our top two teams at the end of the night, and so it was I Just Quizzed My Pants taking down the first win of the season!  Lowered Expectations took second with Your Mom taking third.  Next week, our old standby category of Alphabetical World Capitals.  See you then!  ~ Matt