Jinkies! What a weekend of live Pour House Pub Trivia!

What a wild weekend of live Pour House pub trivia!
Two days of wonderful weather, so I hope you got in a little outdoors time in addition to your pair of evenings with a little pub quiz action.
Our weekend gamse hit us with a little doublemint gum (How many of you doubled your fun with two nights of bar trivia this weekend?)
[th_youtube id=’F7hwvWIK1eM’ name=’Doublemint gum bar trivia maryland’]
let us mourn the loss of Boba Fett (pour out a little space rum for my bounty hunter from another mother!)
[th_youtube id=’Qf_4R5SLPdM’ name=’Sarlacc pit pub quiz maryland’]
and had us all knock, knock, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (HEY HEY HEY HEY HEYYYYYYYYYY)
[th_youtube id=’-jPg2M1UYgU’ name=’Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door Live Bar Trivia Pour House Trivia Maryland’]
Let’s see how things went with our Saturday and Sunday games!

Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

It was gorgeous outside despite the brief rain and we had ourselves a jam packed game of Pour House Pub Quiz at Belles Sports Bar in Frederick!

I Have Acquired the Meat were our winners in tonight’s game, with Monkey Fighting Snakes taking 2nd by only one point difference.

Smells Like Team Spirit played a strong game as well and finished in 3rd.

Our first category for next week’s game is “Roller Coasters

~ Ronnie

[th_youtube id=’jbXPhOFRxTc’ name=’Pour House Pub Trivia Roller Coasters’]

Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD

Tonight was definitely a memorable evening at Captain Bender’s in Sharpsburg!!  
I had a WELCOME WAGON and it felt so good to be back for live bar trivia!!  
In the third place spot was Almost Mensa with a commendable effort!  Just in front of them was our house team, Boh’s & Hoes!!  The first place spot was reserved for the latest team-to-beat, FISTED SISTER!!
Their choice of first category?? THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR!! Study up, and I’ll see you next Sunday!  
Civil War Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

The Raw Bar – Frederick, MD

Another fun filled game of live Pour House Pub Quiz went down tonight at the Raw Bar & Grill!
It was a tight race for the top three spots at first but as the game progressed, so did the separation between our top three teams tonight!
In 3rd place was Silent Titty, Deadly Bang,  2nd place belonged to the Wesley Crushers, and back into the top spot for this week was your winners tonight… Optimus Prime Rib!
They decided on “Chemical Element Wordplay” for next weeks winners choice category, so study up and I hope to see everyone back next Sunday night!!  
~ Jon J
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