I’ve Come Undone for Thursday Night Trivia!

As the Summer Fling season begins to wind down, our most competitive teams are clamoring for a spot in the Championship Games coming up next month.  Let’s see which of tonight’s 92 teams landed atop the leaderboard on Thursday night:


Thursday’s opening round touched on such topics as TV game show hosts and the Ozark Mountains, but it was a pair of bonus questions that separated the better teams from the rest of the field.  First, we asked our teams to name either one of the two dog breeds which have ranked as the two most popular American dog breeds for each of the last eight years.  While nearly every team named one of the two breeds correctly, only 23% of our teams earned bonus points by knowing both of these breeds:


The first round closed with a question on World War II.  We asked about Operation Downfall, a planned invasion which was supposed to have taken place in November of 1945.  Once again, most teams knew that the event was a planned invasion of Japan, but only 19% of the field knew who was reigning as Emperor at the time: Hirohito.  As a result, only six teams swept through the first round with a perfect score.


The third round featured three rather difficult bonus questions, staring with our nightly audio question.  We played three songs whose titles included the word “Fire”.  Most teams earned points by recognizing the first two songs: “Light My Fire” by The Doors and “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel.  But only eight teams overall earned bonus points by recognizing “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran.  Next, we followed up with a question on this classic film featuring a dozen title characters:

12 Angry Men

While most teams knew that Henry Fonda took on the lead role in “12 Angry Men”, only eight teams earned bonus points by knowing which juror number his character was assigned: Juror #8.  It is mentioned on several occasions in the film, but at least every team had (at worst) a one-in-twelve shot at the bonus!  Needless to say, this answer led to some raucous celebrations for some teams that “knew” it.  Next, we asked about the culinary nut also known as a Filbert, which is used to flavor this tasty alcoholic treat:


Maybe we should have swapped out Frangelico for Nutella, as only about half of our teams knew that we were asking for the Hazelnut.  Finally, we asked about this Olympic gold medalist who recently retired by losing the final 100-meter race of his career:


While most teams knew that we were asking for Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, only 21% of our teams knew that it was American athlete Justin Gatlin who defeated Bolt in his final race.  With three tough bonus questions, only one team was able to earn a perfect score of 36 points in the second round: Birds of War from Olde Mother Brewing.


The top half of tonight’s halftime round asked our teams to identify certain U.S. states on a full map of the country, while the bottom half involved naming feature films based on their DVD chapter titles.  Overall, the average score reached 16.4 points, with nine teams scoring a perfect 20 points.  Here are Thursday’s top scores after the first half:


The second half began with questions on the Bernoulli principle and the Hawaiian fire goddess Pele, before moving into a little Christmas in August:

–> Though it is not a legal play, which of Santa’s reindeer has a name which would theoretically have the highest corresponding point value in the game of Scrabble?

After running trough the list of names, most teams landed on the correct answer of Blitzen after remembering that the Z is worth ten points.  The bonus question here was extremely difficult, as we asked for the exact Scrabble value of that name.  Most of our teams overshot the total, which I suspect is due to the fact that many more people now play Words With Friends (and its inflated point values) instead of Scrabble.  As a result, only six teams were able to come up with the correct bonus answer of 18 points (specifically, the Z is worth ten, the B is worth three, the other five letters are worth one each).  Next up, we asked about the most recent addition to color scheme of these candies:


Finally, we concluded with a three-part question on words that begin with “BAT”, with the bonus hinging on this exploration device of yesteryear:


Yes, it’s the long-forgotten bathysphere, which was answered correctly by just 31% of our teams.  Congratulation to Nasty Neutrons from Quincy’s, as they were the only team to earn a perfect score in the third round.


Only six teams earned the full six points by knowing the answer to Thursday’s 6-4-2 question after the first clue:

–> Which Oscar-winning actress won an Emmy Award in 2012 for her portrayal of the ghost of Charlie Harper on the CBS comedy series “Two and a Half Men”?


That’s Oscar winner Kathy Bates portraying Charlie as he visits Alan in the hospital during the series finale.


The final round began with a question on Sports By the Numbers, asking for either the basketball and baseball playing position respectively represented by the number five.  Our sports fans had no issue here, earning bonus points by knowing both answers: the center and the third baseman (as in a 5-4-3 double play).  After questions on the NPR radio program “All Things Considered” and the current feature film “Detroit”, we moved into what would be our most difficult wagering question of the night:

–> While he is best known for depictions of a certain Paris establishment, which diminutive painter also created the 1887 work “Portrait of Vincent van Gogh”?

Only 27% of our teams earned points here with Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, but some of those may have been helped out by remembering that John Leguizamo portrayed the artist in the film “Moulin Rouge!”:


Finally, we concluded the fourth round by asking about the rock band which set a Guinness record for Most People Riding on a Skateboard.  Here’s Weezer performing this not-so-memorable act:


The final round did not feature any perfect scores.  Here are Thursday’s top scores after the fourth round:

FINAL QUESTION (36.9% success rate):

–> Born in 1767, which U.S. President was the first to take office from a YOUNGER predecessor?

Just over one-third of our teams arrived at the correct response of Andrew Jackson, who succeeded the slightly younger John Quincy Adams.  In a bit of an odd twist, across all of our Thursday venues, the final question was answered correctly by only three of the 12 teams who held the lead after the final round, leading to a number of surprise victories!  No team recorded the Perfect 21 tonight by answering all wagering questions correctly.  Here are your top overall scores from Thursday:


Quincy’s Bar and Grille in Gaithersburg, MD:  Captain Awesome and the Wonder Friends  (Next week’s first category: Beer)

Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD:  Power Vacuum  (Next week’s first category: Nicola Tesla)

Bunker Sports Cafe in Leesburg, VA:  Your Mom  (Next week’s first category: Mitchell & Webb)

​Smoketown Brewing Station in Brunswick, MD:  Singing Inferno  (Next week’s first category: Baroque Music)

Beef O’ Brady’s in Frederick, MD:  Wiseacres  (Next week’s first category: Elvis Presley)

Jerry’s Sports Bar in Hagerstown, MD:  LB Cool J  (Next week’s first category: Lyndon Johnson)

Belly Love Brewing in Purcellville, VA:  Flying Wolfpack  (Next week’s first category: Flight Instrument Rules)

Cushwa Brewing in Williamsport, MD:  For Helvete  (Next week’s first category: Swedish Holidays)

Olde Mother Brewing in Frederick, MD:  Just Steven  (Next week’s first category: 1995 to 2005 Alternative Music – AUDIO)

Right Around the Corner in St. Petersburg, FL:  Better Red Than Dead  (Next week’s first category: What’s Worse Than a Honda Insight?)

Fish Market Restaurant in Alexandria, VA:  PC Principals  (Next week’s first category: Golden Raspberry Awards)

Guido’s in Frederick, MD:  Bash Brothers  (Next week’s first category: Jon Sings R&B Songs as Scott Stapp)