It’s Up to You Weekend Trivia!

With a healthy crowd at each of our Friday venues, last weekend’s games of Pour House Trivia pulled in 49 teams across four venues.


Our weekend teams performed quite well with their respective opening round wagering questions, breezing through topics such as the TV series “Grey’s Anatomy”, the classic science fiction film “Planet of the Apes”, and the upcoming 200th anniversary of Alabama’s admittance to the Union.  On each night, one difficult bonus question kept most of the perfect scores off the board.  On Friday, only four teams remembered that Al (or A.C.) Cowlings was the person driving the white Ford Bronco during the infamous O. J. Simpson freeway chase (which coincidentally occurred 25 years ago last week).  On Saturday, a Name That Year question about events of 1971 failed to yield any exact answers for a two-point bonus.  The only perfect score from last weekend’s first round was posted by Mad Facts: Query Road (Vanish).


Friday’s audio question featured clips from foreign language versions of “I Walk the Line” (as sung in German by Johnny Cash himself), “How Your Remind Me”, and “Rolling in the Deep”.  Our Saturday teams were asked to identify the fruity music groups Bananarama (“I Heard a Rumor”), Wild Cherry (“Play That Funky Music”), and Lemonheads (“Into Your Arms”).  Later, we looked at the Age of Enlightenment, the sketch comedy series “The Carol Burnett Show”, the game Boggle, and the film “Marley & Me”.  Three teams ran the table with 36 second round points: Marcy’s (Springfield Manor), Fan Club (Vanish), and Mad Facts: Query Road (Vanish).


Halftime topics from last weekend included TV characters, celebrity caricatures, and breakfast cereals.  Six teams earned a perfect score of 20 points, while the overall average reached 15.2 points.  These were your highest scoring weekend teams at the halftime break:


Friday’s teams began their second half with their most difficult bonus question, as we asked them to identify either one of the two members of baseball’s 600 home run club that never played in the World Series.  Only three teams tacked on two bonus points with both correct answers of Ken Griffey, Jr. and Sammy Sosa.  Meanwhile, Saturday’s third round included the most difficult wagering question of the night:

–> Actor Ryan Reynolds owns a stake in and has appeared in commercials for this brand of distilled spirit whose name might make you think of the aircraft industry.  For your wager, name this brand based in Oregon.

Apparently, Mr. Reynolds should be doing a hell of a lot more commercials for his brand, as only two of our 14 Friday teams earned points with the correct answer of Aviation Gin.  Here is one of the tongue-in-cheek ads:

Other third round topics included the countries of Bolivia and Bangladesh, film quotes, and the chemical compound methane.  None of our weekend teams recorded a perfect third round score.


In each weekend game, the final round included our nightly Three Clues question.  Friday’s teams tackled a question about the 1980s pop song “Take On Me”, while our Saturday squads dealt with three facts about the name Theodore.  Our Friday teams also had to deal with a rather difficult question in the category of literary characters:

–> A scientist named Dr. Griffin is the protagonist and title character of this science fiction novella written by H. G. Wells in 1897.  For your wager, name this literary character whose scientific research was in optical density.

Only five of our 35 Saturday teams responded correctly with “The Invisible Man”.  Other fourth round topics included the current Netflix romantic comedy film “Always Be My Maybe” and the Broadway musical “Oklahoma!”.  Two teams ended their night with a perfect final round score: Little Lebowski Urban Achievers (Springfield Manor) and Weasels (Vanish).  Here is the weekend leaderboard heading into the final question:

FRIDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (28.6% success rate):

–> Which U.S. state was named for the future King James II of England?

SATURDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (80.0% success rate):

–> In 1792, Irish born architect James Hoban designed this building with a three-story facade with nine bays across.  Twenty-five years later, Hoban slightly redesigned and rebuilt the southern and northern porticos.  For your wager, name this architectural work.

The respective answers last weekend were New York (James II held the title of Duke of York before becoming king) and the White House.  None of our teams posted a Perfect 21 last weekend, as every team missed at least one wagering question.  These were your highest scoring teams at the close of the weekend games:


Springfield Manor Winery in Thurmont, MD:  No Chucks Left to Give   (Next week’s first category: “Friends”)

Black Walnut at P.B. Dye in Ijamsville, MD:  ON HIATUS   (NEXT GAME ON JULY 5 – First category: New York Jets)

Vanish Brewery in Leesburg, VA:  Fan Club   (NEXT GAME ON JULY 5 – First category: The Three Stooges)

Waynesboro Country Club in Waynesboro, PA:  NO GAME THIS WEEK   (NEXT GAME ON JULY 12 – First category: Golf Terms)

868 Estate Vineyards in Hillsboro, VA:  NO GAME THIS WEEK   (Next week’s first category: 1980s Films)

Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick, MD:  Uncle Jack   (Next week’s first category: “Murdoch Mysteries”)

Pretzel & Pizza Creations in Hagerstown, MD:  Cultured Heathens   (Next week’s first category: “M*A*S*H” – TV)