It’s so nice to be warm! Pour House Trivia Monday recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday celebrated the first lovely day of the year with FIVE great games of live trivia on Monday!

Check out the recaps.

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

WOW! 18 teams descended on DRP to give us a standing room only 1st round of live trivia tonight here at DRP in Alexandria. Whew! No Spaceball Oddities, however.

Here are the results of tonight’s game.
That Right Bitches in 1st
Del Ray Dummies in 2nd
Eric & the Pie Tasters in 3rd

Our first category for next week is 1980’s British Bands.

Cya then!

~ Ronnie

80s British Rock Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Tonight at the Turtle, we finally had some good weather for a change. It felt good enough that people were even wearing shorts, which is a very welcome event. It’s always fun when technical difficulties threaten to derail a good game, which makes me wish I could in fact sing the theme to 24. If only there were words. In tonight’s game we had a team in front for the whole game up until the final round when a bit of a rough patch led to one of the usual suspects jumping back into the lead. Can you believe Ben Hur cost a million dollars for that scene? That’s a ton of horses!

In third tonight was the team that led for most of the night until an unfortunate final round, one of the newer teams but one that’s been playing pretty well as of late, Danny Glover. In second place was Thinkers and Dreamers who entered the final tied with Danny Glover, but thanks to some strategic maneuvering avoided a tie and took second place. Our winners were the ones who emerged from the final round with the lead, securing the final answer and the victory, congrats once again to Cotton Candy on tonight’s win! Next week we open with a Journey audio question, courtesy of Cotton Candy, so study up for that. Just don’t listen to Don’t Stop Believing, ugh.

Until next time,

journey trivia at the bar


il Forno – Frederick, MD

We had a RAGER here at Das Forno (aka il Forno) tonight with a whopping 15 teams! Some of the stragglers had to wait for the place to clear out before they could grab a table because it was so packed in here tonight! With lots of trivia teams comes lots of trivia competition! Most of the teams playing tonight were veterans, though some I’ve only seen once or twice here. One of those teams was Half a Brain. Half a Brain was was CRUSHING the game, holding the top spot throughout 99% of the game. The only problem was a conservative bet on the final, which left them finishing in 2nd place tonight. Your winners tonight were MC, which makes two in a row for them! 3rd place went to Piggy Doodles, who sniped the final and jumped up a good 5 places or so! Great game guys! I really enjoyed the set tonight; lots of questions where less than half the field was getting the answer right. Seems teams will need to start bringing their A game! Bonus chips played a huge role in the game tonight. The more popular bonus chip choices seemed to be tougher questions (both Movie Music and Gone Too Soon netted less than 50% correct). Excited to see how the game unfold next week; hoping for the same great turn out as tonight! Until then guys, ttys 😉

1st Place: MC
2nd Place: Half a Brain
3rd Place: Piggy Doodles

Next week’s category: The Usual Suspects

usual suspects Trivia pour house pub trivia maryland


Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

On this first warm day of the year the trivia teams were out in force at the Roast House! Things only got more heated as the game took several dramatic twists and turns, culminating in a wild final question!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Well-Things-Just-Got-Interesting”: The movie music question saw almost exclusively high wagers. It also saw almost exclusively wrong answers! This question devastated several teams, set the stage for a wild game, and earned my more stink-eye than I’ve received here in some time!

In “Come-On-Guys-I-Need-More-Than-That”: I’m not sure if most teams just weren’t thinking or thought they could get away with just “Prime Minister” but I had to ask an abnormally large number of teams to be more specific. When in doubt, be specific guys!

In “Pardon-My-French”: Art questions are always tricky. Tonight, every team did manage to name a French artist, but only a few got Gaugain. What followed were some choice “French” words aimed in my direction! Such language!

The final proved to be a doozy! But with most teams going for broke, the standings only shifted slightly at the end.

In third place, with one of the only two correct answers, Up to Snow Good! Way to hang tough guys!

In second place, after taking the lead at the last second, they fell back down, Multiple Scorgasms! Tough break guys, but still a great game!

Taking it down tonight, with a defensive wager, Two Fingers Worth! Congratulations guys, way to go!

For their round one category next week, TFW has chosen the Air Force Academy! Study up and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

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Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

The crowds just keep getting bigger and bigger at Spider Kelly’s in Clarendon, as 13 teams joined us for a little Monday night trivia.  It was a topsy-turvy game, as each round featured a different team leading the pack.  After a thought-provoking final question, only a few teams managed to hold on to their positions.  One of those was Unadjusted For Inflation, who took home their second win of the season.  A new team, Raggedy Edge, also got the correct answer on the final to take second, while I Don’t Think it’s Contagious took third.  Next week, we begin with a question on the European theatre of World War II.  ~ Matt