It’s about to get cold out there! Pour House Pub Trivia Weekend recap!

Pour House pub trivia had a blast, bringing you three games of excellent live trivia!

I have to admit it; I am not ready for this full-on cold winter thing to happen!

31-degree high on Wednesday is too much to bear for me. I’m going to go hibernate for awhile!

Check out the games!

Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

Well, that was an interesting game of live trivia!

Here are the results of the Saturday night contest: Bats in 1st place, Brain Freeze in 2nd, and Big Test Icicles in 3rd.

Thanks again for everyone’s concerns and I’ll keep you all in the loop after I visit my local sawbones. I would like to personally thank John Schulien, and Amanda as well for coming to my rescue.

See ya next week, where our first category will be TV Batman Villians!

~ Ronnie

Batman trivia pour house pub trivia

Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD​​

What a great night back at Captain Bender’s in Sharpsburg!!  Freezing rain be damned, it was great to see all my teams in the house after a week off!!  I definitely tripped over a few words getting back into the swing of things, but it provided some comedic relief I hope!  Taking home the third place prize tonight were the Natty Bros!! In second was Boh’s & Hoes and the top dog tonight were the Gaza Strippers!! Their choice of first category? DIE HARD 2!

See you next Sunday!

Die Hard Trivia

The Dilligad Pub – Frederick, MD

Tonight’s game at the Dilligad Pub was AWESOME!!

We made the 10 team limit so I got to give away $25 cash to one lucky team! The top 3 teams of the night seemed pretty locked up, but then the final question was asked!

That changed up two of the three top teams for tonight so this is what ended up at Dilligad tonight: With a nice move up into 3rd after the final question, You’re Killing Me Smalls!! Moving up to 2nd was last weeks winners, the Beverly Crushers! And it must be nice to be back in the top spot again, your game winners for the week was Threat Level Midnight!!

They went with the film, “The Fifth Element” for next Sundays winners choice category, so study up, and let’s get at 10 teams back here next week at Dilligad so I can give one team $25 dollars cash no matter WHAT!!! See you net Sunday night!

~ Jon J

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