It was Monkey Business Monday @TRIVIA!

Okay…well Baboon business! We had some rowdy trivia contests play out on this first Monday of 2016! Check out the scoop…

il Forno Pizzeria – Frederick, MD


Okay well apparently with the New Year they decided to bring in some 2016 weather… Holy cow is it cold out there! It’s like “hurts-my-face” cold! Not a fan but I guess this is what we deserve for having a 76 degree Christmas… Not by choice though; I was dreamin’ of a white Christmas. Didn’t exactly work out that way. Well, even with the cold weather OUTSIDE it was warm INSIDE and I’ll even go as far as to say it was HOT in here! Red hot with competition as we continue to battle for the Season 12 house title here at il Forno.
Chad returned to his hosting duties at the Green Turtle (glad to see them back to running trivia on Monday nights) which effectively rids of the trivia juggernaut team Quick Pink and the Vine Gang, pretty much anchored by PHT’s own Chad Bartholomew. Yes, before we were hosts, lots of us were PLAYERS and while he had a night off, Chad would bring some friends to come play trivia at our old stomping grounds. Sad to see him not hanging with us on Mondays but good for the teams there, good for him, and good for the future of PHT.


With last weeks winners,Quick Pink, gone, the door was open for a new champ in town. At halftime it was looking like Off in Public would make the case to be that new threat. Last week they finished in the top 3 and tonight they led for the majority of the game. A small lead at the half turned into a 5 point lead after round 4 as they managed to fight through a decently difficult 2nd half.


Going into the final, I’m with Sarah managed to climb into the top 3 after a fairly rocky first half and we also had Foreplay Above the Table trailing Off in Public, holding 2nd place. The final tonight shook up the room, playing fairly difficult; only 2 teams coming up with a correct response. Here’s how the game ended. 3rd place tonight goes to Off in Public, who missed the final but still managed to finish in the top 3. 2nd place went to Much More Deeper who jumped into the money with a correct response. Winning tonight, perhaps the start of a new dynasty here at il Forno, is I’m with Sarah! They were far behind early but rallied back and nailed the final and took down the win!


That concludes the game for this week. Back in one week where HOPEFULLY it won’t be as cold so I’m not so miserable haha… Either way, we’ll have fun! Until then guys, talk to ya soon!


1st Place:     I’m with Sarah


2nd Place:    Much More Deeper


3rd Place:     Off in Public


Next week:     Hawaii


DRP – Alexandria, Va

We had a quaint little game for our first game of 2016 here at DRP in Alexandria, it was still tons of fun nonetheless! A couple of teams sure didn’t “monkey around” on a final that I consider to be one of the hardest we’ve had as of late. Here are the results:

Del Ray Dummies in 1st

Still TBD in 2nd

Periodic Table Dancers in 3rd

C’mon back next week, where our first category will be Mel Brooks films! ~ Ronnie


Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, Va

It was quite a run for the house juggernaut High School Prom here at Spider Kelly’s in Clarendon.  They had racked up a seven-week winning streak, and were poised to make it eight in a row when they ran into a real ‘monkey’ of a question.  All good things must come to an end, and so it was PC Principals who took down their first win in almost four months!  Great job!  Ives Mansion snuck into second with a nice pull on the final, while HSP had to settle for third place.  ~ Matt



Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Man it feels good to be back. After all this time some things changed with teams combining, and Rice Rice Baby having an ACTUAL baby! (Congrats you two!!) but overall it was great to see everybody once again, and I’m super excited for the future games.

This week had a ton of questions where it seemed like nobody needed the full two-minutes to turn in, leading to a rather quick game overall. However there were a few tough questions, such as the name of the German kid who landed an airplane in the Red Square in Moscow, which nobody knew (kudos to the two teams that guessed Hans Gruber for that one).

I thought tonight’s halftime page had a tough bottom half, asking teams to finish the ‘movie chain’ linking each of two actor sets. The toughest question of the night, however, was easily the final, which stumped the room. The category was The Animal Kingdom and asked about the five different species of a type of monkey, with one type also viewed as a companion to the god Ptah. Almost everybody guessed Rhesus but the answer was Baboon.

The final caused a bit of movement at the top, which is almost to be expected with all the scores being so close. Third place tonight went to Cotton Candy, the new super team (new to me at least). Second place went to Cersei’s Walk (formerly The Bends) who had the lead the whole time. The winners however, with a crafty 0 wager, congrats to The Cobras on snaking out the win! Next week we start with The Breakfast Club, so I’ll see you all next week!

Until next time,

Roast House – Frederick, MD


Tonight was anything but simple as we kicked off 2016’s first night of Pour House Trivia at the Roast House. Thank you all for sticking with me!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Extraneous-Clues”: If you were gonna ask for the British Author who referenced Ectoplasm, why bother asking for the French scientist who invented the concept? These are the questions I get as the host. Right off the bat y’all giving me lip??

In “Where-Can-I-Get-That-Record?” : I’m pretty sure I speak for the whole bar when I say I wanna hear the full versions of all three of those cover songs. Especially that Big Band Wonderwall. With only the slightest hint of sarcasm.

In “Well-That-Was-Unexpected”: Hooooooo boy. I’ve had technical difficulties in the past, but never like that. Both mic cords borked. Shouting over the bar noise until Denny could get there. Yikes. Glad we could get through it!

The final was a tricky one tonight, and correct answers mattered!

In third place tonight, Cher’s Zombie Army!

In second place tonight, Three Fingers Worth!

In first place tonight, Multiple Scorgasms!

First game of 2016 was rough but it’s in the books. Next week we’re gonna start with an interesting category. Similar to the “Americana” category we see pop up from time to time, next week we will kick things off with “Canadiana”. Should be interesting to say the least!

Until then,