It was a dark and stormy Tuesday night … full of Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday battled big storms and saw some gorgeous skies open up after!

Of course, we also settled in for some awesome games of live trivia too!

Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

For those of you that were at Capitol City Brewing Company on Tuesday night, you saw two storms: one brought thunder and rain, and the other was the eruption that ensued when I announced the winning team.  Tonight, it was the first win ever for the team playing as P. Diddy’s Kettle Bell Coach.  They’ve only been playing Pour House for a few months, but they told me they’ve been playing bar trivia together for years and it was their first win at ANY BAR EVER!  I guess that means we’ll be seeing a lot of them.  Not to rain on their parade, but they were playing over the limit, so they were unable to cash in on their effort.  So, out top prize winners were as follows: Urban Achievers cashed in with a stellar performance, followed by Menace to Sobriety, and Ebony and Ivory who surprised themselves by getting the correct answer on the final.  Next week, we’ll begin with a question on NASCAR!  ~ Matt


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Man oh man, this summer season is lookin’ hot!

17 teams at Champions tonight chuckled at my drowned rat look and kept my mind off how freakin cold it was in here (Very efficient AC when you’re sopping wet!) by throwing together a very good game.

Everyone is gunning for those summer points, and it was Crystal Methodists who just kept hitting it and came in to 3rd, BTI came in 2nd (Even with 2 women for balance!) but it was Wiser but still dead who held on to first place for the night. So close to the record! Damn you Pulp Fiction! I am headed home to a hot shower and dry clothes- I will see you next week when we start out with zydeco! That will be a good one.. 🙂




Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

Power Outage craziness! We missed you Tuesday everyone! See you next week.

Ronnie 🙂


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

Last night at the Celebrity Bar and Grill I had such a great time because the turnout for trivia was the best we’ve had for a little while! A couple of the teams were new to me, but I guess just haven’t been in since the end of last summer. (I hope I can expect them for at LEAST the rest of this one!) Lots of back and forth between 3 different teams for 1st, and after the final question I STILL needed a tie breaker for the win!

Finishing 3rd was a team I’m glad to see back again, The Gorams! Losing the tie breaker to finish 2nd was Jersey Shore!! Proving that “it doesn’t matter how many teams show up, we still win” and still heavyweight champion of the Celebrity… American Outlaws!! They picked “S.E.C. Football” for the winners choice next Tuesday, and lets keep this crowd size rolling through next week at The Celebrity Bar and Grill at Hollywood Casino!!

~ Jon J


Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

It was a dark and stormy night…literally! Snoopy would have been proud! Monkey La La, however, was unaffected by the elements! We had a fun night playing some pub trivia, talking some smack and just romping around in La La style! Thanks for coming out an playing Tuesday everyone! Our regulars certainly a’int afraid of no Stormy McStormerson. And we had some new crews flinging around as well – it was great to hang out with the likes of Fierce Flowers, Multiple Scoregasms, and Captain Crunch & the Cereal Killers.

Good game as well. It’s always fun to watch it all go down to the wire – which, at La La, it does every week! And this week we navigated treacherous and stormy trivia waters (see what I did there?).

Tough Answer of the Night:

Roulette! – the casino goers even were challenged by this guy! The ole Snake Bet baby!

Fun Answer of the Night: I think it was a tie between trying to spell “maracas” and all the jokes we made about the Leatherback Turtle (and by  ‘we’ i of course mean ‘me alone laughing at myself’).

Great times everyone! Thanks again for coming out…and congrats to our Top 3.

Next Tuesday night we get down again. We start that one off with one of my favorites from back in the day: “Sanford & Son” TV Show.

Until then, be well my friends…and I will see you soon! DG 🙂

Orioles Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

Tonight’s game featured a packed house and one of the most competitive games of trivia that I’ve seen in awhile.  At the end of the game every single team had a chance to take the victory, with only a few points separating the top from the bottom.  Teams were on fire for most of the first half (I was impressed everybody knew the sciatic nerve!), with some high scores heading into the second half.  In the second half of the game was where things started to get interesting though.  The casino question specifically was a bit of a heart breaker for several teams.  I’ve never heard of the specific names for several of those types of bets, but that might be because I’ve only played roulette a few times.  The baseball question was a good one today too, asking about players who have hit 200 home runs with two different franchises.  I was glad to see my man Ken Griffey Jr. as an answer, he was probably my favorite player growing up.

The final question ended up tripping a few teams, who didn’t quite figure out what an “anti-fascist protection rampart” was, and that it was the Berlin Wall.  However, a few teams did manage to figure that one out and that helped them to secure a victory.  Third place tonight went to One Crow Short of a Murder, who pulled out the answer at the very last possible second.  Second place belonged to Eddy Money’s Kids, who made a nice surprise debut at the Orioles Nesttonight.  Winning tonight’s game after nailing the final, congrats to What Happened to the Dufresnes?? on the victory!  The category they chose for next week is “Chad Sings Barry Manilow” so that should be fun.  If it turns out  anything like me singing Barbra Streisand, you won’t wanna miss that!  I’ll see you guys next week.
Until next time,

Tilted Kilt – Frederick, MD

That storm certainly made for an ominous background to our trivia action, but the die-hard trivia players came out for the points and prizes. A mixed bag of veterans and brand new teams came to show off their knowledge, and they were justly rewarded with a challenging set of questions.

We learned all about Ohm’s Law, iconic TV intros, and a U.S. geography question with a two-point bonus in CANADIAN geography, because that’s how we do it at PHT!! You never know what’s coming, even when you know what’s coming…
As the game drew to a close, newcomers (and now PHT converts) NoTalent Rummies were out in front, and a strategic bet on the final assured them a stress-free first place finish. Taking home third place was the ShakeWeights, who’ve assured me that every time softball gets rained out, they’ll be here. And nabbing that last podium position was TK Fire, a mixed bag of off-the-clock and still working Kilt employees who know their stuff! While they can’t win a prize, they do carry over some coveted Summer Fling points… maybe they’ll take this show on the road and see all of you at the tournament?
NoTalent Rummies have selected, “90’s Sitcoms” as next week’s first category. “Oh baby I hear the blues a-calling/Tossed salad and scrambled eggs…”
See you next week!

The Waterfront – Alexandria, VA

Many thanks to the teams who made it out despite the MASSIVE STORMS!!! (which were pretty cool to view right on the water– another reason why you Alexandria folks need to try out Tuesday trivia at the Waterfront Cafe and Market!)  We Came for the Beer came out with another win, capitalizing on their knowledge of 20th Century Americans, while the Swifty Sawbarks came in with a solid 2nd place displaying their prowess in science equations (thanks to the fact such equations are used in Algebra 2, and not Algebra 1… silly math teachers).  We still have room for more teams, so come on down to the Waterfront Tuesdays at 7pm for awesome trivia, delicious guacamole, and refreshing brews!


Quincy’s South – Rockville, MD

It’s always a blast to play at Quincy’s, well, in my case, host you guys in your weekly trivia game, which I don’t mind either! I always get tons of interest people coming to play, returning to play, and ready to duke it out for that top prize! Just like any other week, we were raging tonight, eclipsing the double digit team mark for damn near the 10th time in a row or something stupid like that! Great. Great. Very great.

For tonight’s game: we had a clear winner for the Question of the Night in my opinion:Maybe it looked better on my sheet than to the players but Question of the Night was the Winner’s Choice question, Round 1 Question 1 in the category of Animal House. Of our 10 or so teams tonight, about half picked up the wager but the strange thing was the confidence levels. The 4 or 5 teams to get it correct all bet 1 or 3, and only 1 team wagered 9 on this one and they MISSED IT BIG.

I didn’t announce it during the game, but I feel it is safe to call out D+M as the team would blew their 9 on the first question of the game. Ordinarily, it’d seem like I was being pretty insensitive BUT WAIT! You don’t know how the game turned out. D+M crawled back after a rocky start and managed to hold onto 2nd place going into the final question behind the John Lithgow Fan Club. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention, the John Lithgow Fan Club was just a single, solo player by the name of Lisa. She’s a trivia killer – Beware!

Her first time at Quincy’s and against a big field, she held 1st place going into the final all by herself! It was extremely impressive. Fan Club bet defensively on the final, guaranteeing her a top 2 finish (which ended up being a brilliant bet, as she missed the final). 3rd place tonight, jumping up from like 8th place with a correct response was The Big Fact Hunt! 2nd place went to our solo trivia killer, the John Lithgow Fan Club. 1st place tonight, after an extremely bumpy start, well done, nice comeback, good game, D+M! Great game all! Back in a week, hope you’re there! Until then, PEACE!

1st Place: D+M
2nd Place: John Lithgow Fan Club
3rd Place: The Big Fact Hunt

Next week: The Marshall Trilogy (federal Indian law)