Is there anything better than Tuesday Trivia? Pour House Bar Trivia Recap

Pour House pub trivia had a pretty wild Tuesday!

It is barely July and it already feels like the dog days of summer out there. It’s like getting smacked in the face with heat every time you open the door!

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Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Champions, you greeted me with the most lovely flowers tonight! Well, Bill did at least. 🙂 The rest of you gave me a good game of pub quiz, and we kept each other on  our toes- that’s for sure!
When we got done dancing around in the top 3 it was the Duo of Master Blasters who took 3rd! Impressive gentlemen! 2nd went to Jungle Fever, steady and sure as always… And first went to W! W stands for win tonight!
It also stands for Walt Disney, which happens to be our first category next week.
Stay out of trouble and I will see you next tuesday!
Walt Disney Live Trivia maryland


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

Well the Summer Fling bug has taken hold at Cugini’s in Poolesville as we packed the house for a little live trivia!
The Murphs returned to the top slot in our game, with Blue Barracudas breaking through to take down 2nd, great job! The Neverlands provided a correct final answer and finished in 3rd.
Join me again next week for our first category, Cocktails!
~ Ronnie
Cocktail Recipes Pub Quiz MD


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

The game was going, it was going, and then iafter a power surge…it was over!! Mother Nature had her say tonight but SOO did the Pomerianians who took the first place slot, defending champs Shinanigans came in second and new comes Have a A1 day took third.
It can rain, it can thunder but it can’t stop the trivial pursuit of winning at Hollywood casino.
Get ready because next week we are starting off with Billy Joel.
[th_youtube id=’rfvNLeSzmME’ name=’Billy Joel Pub Quiz Maryland’]


Jekyll & Hyde Tavern – Frederick, MD

We had a CLOSE game tonight at Jekyll & Hyde, with a spread of only 11 points going into the final question!
Taking third place tonight went to Beer is Good, playing a strong game all night.
Taking second with a one point advantage went to Black Steel, also playing a strong game, and first place went to the Know Nothings, also with a one point advantage!
Great game everyone!
Next week’s first category is going to be Economics, so study up and we’ll see you next week!
– Brad
Economics Pub Quiz Maryland


Monkey La La – Frederick, MD 

Summer Fling brought in some traveling crews tonight to Monkey La La for little pub trivia contest. And the rain did not deter, although it did make it fun carrying speakers and PA systems around 🙂 Thanks everyone for playing tonight – hope you enjoyed. I certainly did. 
I’d like to thank Cathy and John of Team 9 Point Guess for the addictive salt water taffy they brought for me from the beach. I looked on the ingredients sticker and “crack” is in fact one of the ingredients…who’da thunk?!?! 🙂
And what a trivia game we had this evening! It was Esophagus Now who came out of the gates fast and did not slow down until the final. And it was that opening that 3 teams were looking for to jump into the Top 3. 
Congrats to our winners tonight…
Third Quarter Pour House Pub Trivia maryland
Second Pub Quiz maryland
First Bar Trivia Maryland
Have a great week everyone. Summer Fling continues at La La next Tuesday, when our first trivia category will be “Hiking.” Should be a fun one – it is a Pour House first I believe. Until then…be well everyone… dg 🙂
Hiking Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Ramparts Tavern – Alexandria, VA

A light sprinkle of rain could not slow down our teams tonight at Ramparts in Alexandria, and with no Speaker of the House on Tuesday, teams had some room to spread out and enjoy a great game of trivia, which last night was dominated by Donkey Hotey, who led wire-to-wire for their third win this Summer.  Lloyd’s of London took second with Hop Devils playing a great game for their fiorst top-three in the Summer Fling.  Next week starts with a question on 1970s Disaster Films.  ~ Matt
1970s Disaster Film Trivia Alexandria