Inverted Jenny? What the hell is that?! We’ll tell you in this Pour House Pub Quiz Wednesday wrap-up!

We haven’t done this one for a little while, so let’s do some Pour House pub trivia TOTALLY NOT TRUE FACTS OF THE NIGHT!

Cee-Lo, the dice game, is actually the officially game of Cee Lo Green, who invented it between album projects!

The Lindy Hop, in addition to being a dance, is also a way of removing LINT from your dryer.

Cyberdine industries was actually created as a company to create artificial food – the Terminators came later!

Here’s the inverted Jenny, in case you were curious!

Inverted Jenny Pub Trivia maryland

Let’s see the games!


Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

When it rains it pours – six teams clawed and scratched their way to live trivia glory tonight at Atlantic Grille in Urbana!
Best answer of the night goes to Team Jared claiming that the famous nickname for the inverted Jenny was “Tramp Stamp.” Hey, I never knew Jenny THAT well, but I guess anything’s possible 😉
Team Kelly were precariously perched on third place all night until a correct final answer tipped the scales in their favor. The biggest upset of the night occurred when Men & Pausers, trailing Strangers Have the Best Candy by only one point, expertly turned the tables and bested their opponents for a win in the finale placing the Strangers in second. Oh, the drama of it all!
Next week’s winners’ choice category is 1970’s Steelers trivia (as the Redskins fans in the house collectively hiss :-P) See y’all next week!
– Eric 😀
70s Steelers Live Trivia Maryland Pour House Trivia
 WHAT.A.SEASON!!! Ladies and Gentlemen…an entire season of pub trivia came down to one wager on one single final question! And it was indeed a final question with some teeth! My heart was thumping (I get nervous and excited about this stuff, what can I say?). I would like to congratulate our Pour House Trivia Season 9 HOUSE CHAMPIONS…”Say Hi To Your Mom for Me!” – who will be in Hagerstown on June 8th ready to bring the heat at World Series 9! And they have a bit of momentum going into that! Awesome work y’all. And much props to – the always tough – Slapsgiving, who took runner up for House Champion, but will no doubt be there at World Series Season 9 to defend their Season 8 title! 

Say Hi to your mom for me Pour House Trivia
Phew…I mean tonight’s game was serious – had some tough ones, some fun ones, and of course once “beaver” is an answer for one question…it tends to try and be an answer for many more after that…
Beaver Pour House Live Trivia Maryland
Tonight’s leader board went down like this:
1st –  Say Hi to Your Mom for Me 
2nd – Thinkers and Dreamers
Thinkers and Dreamer Pub Quiz Maryland
3rd – Too Husky for Sandusky snuck out before I could snap a shot)
Great Great Game tonight everyone! I wish everyone the best of luck in the post season craziness…but before all that goes down…I will see you all next week We will have some fun…and kick off with “Robert Zemeckis films.” See ya soon.. dg 🙂
Robert Zemeckis Bar Trivia Pour House Trivia Maryland


Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland

Great final game of the season tonight at Bennigan’s! Uncle Jack was down most of the game but being one of two teams to get the final they snagged the W! Great game, great season; they are the Bennigan’s House Champions! Second place went to Hot Dog Stigmata, third place to Team Janet after being near the bottom most of the game! We will be back next week with more trivia action.

1st Place: Uncle Jack
2nd Place: Hot Dog Stigmata
3rd Place: Team Janet
Inaugural Bennigan’s Mini Game Champion: Jessica of Hot Dog Stigmata!
Next week’s first category: the TV show “Pushing Daisies”
Pushing Daisies Trivia


The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

Four points! Four measly little points is all that separated One Crow and Grab a straw from the house championship title tonight… we haven’t had a race that tight in a very long time- months of play and it came down to one single question, one single wager!
Many congratulations to Grab a Straw, You Suck! who took the pub quiz title this season in the underground! Doesn’t get much more fun than that.
One crow would not be denied however and took first tonight, making tonight a four-peat for the winners circle- they say they are never going to lose again!
Grab a Straw came in a respectable second and Team Wednesday rocked it all the way in to third in tonight’s game.
I’ve got a lot of teams tonight who were given invites to the show, I can’t wait to see how the World Series shakes out!
I’ll see you next week for a first question of King of the Hill – the tv show, not the game 😉
King of the Hill Bar Trivia Pour House Trivia Maryland


Fast Eddie’s – Fairfax, Virginia

Despite a late arrival and some well deserved indignation at a changed First Round Winner’s Choice category, we had a fun final game of bar trivia here at Fast Eddies. Especially when it was clear that it was host error for the changed category, but we’re not gonna talk about that…

Four teams showed up to take a shot at the last night of the regular season.
In the rare Honorable Mention slot: Despite showing up midway through round two, Team Fudge Dragons put on a good show and was in the game the rest of the night! Well played guys!
In third place, came Fake Block who managed to stave off Fudge Dragon’s advance in the fourth round. Good game!
In second place, was the always strong Mess and Jegg, who were the only team to get the final question correct, coming within striking distance of first place.Way to go!
But with a strategic 0 wager, in first was the team that led all night, Movin on Up! This makes a three-peat for you guys right? Well done, all around!
Though still a bit miffed that their “Animated Disney Movies” question, somehow got butchered into a “Disney Songs” category, Movin’ on Up has forgiven my error (I hope) and have chosen Fantasy Football as their first round category! Break out the spreadsheets and depth charts everyone! 
See you next week!
Fantasy Football Pub Quiz Pour House Pub Trivia


The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

There was a major struggle all night to see who would be the house champion of bar trivia at The Olney Tavern. Coming into tonight, I Just Quizzed in my Pants held a four-point lead for the house championship, with Only the Lonely nipping at their heels.

The winner of tonight’s game was Les Quizerables! Good luck in the playoffs!

Only the Lonely managed to play their way into second, but the strong surge to a third-place finish by I Just Quizzed in my Pants meant that they held onto the house championship BY A SINGLE POINT!

It literally could not have been closer!

We had some fun wrong answers in our game tonight:

The famous aviator-named dance is NOT the Lindbergh Shuffle, but man is that close!

The Greek myth that moved the eyes of the mythical creature did NOT place them on Unicorn tails!

 Our first category next week will be The Simpsons!

The Simpsons Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Season IX comes to a close at T. J. Stone’s with our perennial house champions, the B-58s, on top once again to close the season and to take home another House Championship.  That makes four in a row for the crew!  Can’t wait to see you in Hagerstown.  The game tonight included a few twists and turns, but with the correct answer on the final question, it was Trivia Newton John taking second with New in Town sneaking into the top three.  Next week starts with a question on the original version of the film “The Manchurain Candidate”.  See you then!  ~ Matt

Manchurian Candidate Trivia


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

We had a ton of teams roll out to the Valley Grill Sports Bar here in Middletown for our Wednesday edition of Pour House pub quiz!

Southpaw Fish was our first place finisher in a very hotly contested game, as Scott’s Tots finished in second by only a one point difference.

Pulling a correct final answer launched Dufregne Party of 4 up into third.

Congratulations to Southpaw Fish as they are  the Season 9 House Champions for VG!

Join me again next week, where our first category will be Maryland in the Civil War.

~ Ronnie

Civil War Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland