“Insulin Shooters -$3.50 for Happy Hour” – Trivia Night Sugar Buzz from all ‘dem Xmas Cookies and Candy!

It indeed was sweets all around tonight. From gourmet chocolates, to licorice, to chocolate macadamian nut cookies… Cuz that’s just how we do it on the hump day before Christmas! Thanx to everyone who came out and played some trivia with us tonight. We wish all of our Maryland and Virginia Hump Day trivia teams a very Happy Holidays! And may we all hope we’ve been good enough boys and girls to get…

jelly of the month club trivia quiz night answer

Barefoot Bernies – Hagerstown, MD

And goodness did I have a sugar buzz by half time! WOW! I was seeing things. LOL…but thank you to “Save the Clock Tower” for the card, kind words, trivia calendar, and fantastic cookies! And thank you Phlitches for the card and  stocking full of calories :) It may not even last to Xmas day…hehe…chewy sweetarts…umm yah, Game over! And thanx to all of my Wednesday night trivia friends for the hugs, well wishes, and love! I wish all of you a very Happy Holidays. I will certainly miss yall for 2 weeks…But I will see you in Jan. 8, 2014 to start off the year :)

We did in fact have a great game this evening as well. After some topsy turviness it wound up like this:

1st: Slapsgiving

2nd: Phlitches

3rd: Obi Wanna Blow Me

And Slapsgiving have invited us all to catch up on our Harry Potter over the New Years break…so we will start off 2014 with just that. MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE…see you soon. – dg

harry potter trivia question

Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

PHT-ers were nestled in at Atlantic Grille in Urbana as visions of sugarplums (and half price wine bottles) danced through their heads :) Men & Pausers were back in full force this week and took 3rd, and Alcoholics Unanimous took 2nd after a neck-and-neck battle with newcomers Posey Girls who took 1st! Hope everybody has a great and safe holiday whether you’re drinking ridiculously alcoholic eggnog with George Washington, celebrating Kwanzaa with Batman, or whatever you like to do! We’ll see you back here on Jan 8th when the winners’ choice category will be ’90′s grunge music!
– Eric :D
matt dillon  trivia

Fast Eddie’s – Fairfax, Va

Great pre-holiday trivia night at Fast Eddie’s in Fairfax!! There were candy canes, Christmas cookies–general merriness had by all! Latecomers No Brainz @ the Bar not only found their brains, but used them to land a spot in the winner’s circle, solidifying third place! In second, just above them, was Fake Block hot off their first place win from last week!  In first place (completely unrelated to the plate of home made cookies they brought me) was Mess & Jeg!! Their first category for JANUARY 8? Kyrgyzstan!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND THE HAPPIEST OF NEW YEARS TO YOU ALL!  ~Torie


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Fifteen teams converged on the Valley Grill for some Pour House “standing room only” style! The game was real close all the way up to the end and it was Scared Money Don’t Make No Money who came out on top! Southpaw Fish led the pack until the final, and rolled into 2nd, and welcome back to Scott’s Tots, who finished in 3rd! Merry Christmas to all, and see you next year, New Year’s Day, where our first category will be The Torah! ~ Ronnie

Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

Merry Christmas Cellar! You were packed, joyful and boisterous tonight! I loved every minute of it. You epitomize holiday cheer, I expected Rudolph to come clattering down the stairs at any moment.  I am pretty sure Santa himself heard the cheering for the close to the pin answer ;) Once the stockings came down (Scandalous!) it was the duo of Stink Floyd in 3rd after leading all game, 2nd were the temporarily homeless Witiots- getting back in your original table brought back that comfort zone I think.. and for the win- it was that unpredictable Donner Party! What a finish! I will see you on New Years Day with Movies of 2013 to start. Come start your year off right- with me in the underground! ~Samantha   
2013 movie trivia quiz

TJ Stones – Alexandria, Va.

It was a typical Wednesday night at T. J. Stone’s – 13 teams fighting tooth-and-nail for trivia glory.  And just like any game of Pour House Trivia, the lead went back and forth throughout the night, and it was Smarter Than Ryan Lochte who snuck into first place after a solid second half.  But with just a few teams able to come up with the final question, it was a brand-new team, the Mercenaries, who stole the win!  I guess when your team is made up of five military veterans, and the final question involves the Army-Navy game, you could say a little luck is on your side.  Trivia Newton John also hit the final for second place, with Smarter Than Ryan Lochte hanging on for third.  Don’t forget that our next WEDNESDAY game is January 8th, when we start with a question on 5-Star Generals!  Don’t forget about yours truly hosting a special New Year’s Eve edition of Pour House Trivia at T.J. Stone’s.  ~ Matt

 5-Star Generals Trivia