IMHO, Pour House Trivia had a hell of a weekend!

Pour House pub trivia brought the heat on this chilly fall weekend!

We had a trio of excellent games this weekend, and covered such fine topics as: tamales, The Treehouse of Horror (Happy 25th, Simpsons!) and the horror of the brain freeze!

Peep those games!

Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

So we had the usual suspects tonight at Belles and a couple traveling faces too – made for a nice mix!

It was a fun night sitting in for Ronnie, Belles is always a good time. We even added some drama there at the end and had a state of Washington themed tie between Uncle Jack and Simple minds – Simple minds had a great last half push but fumbled at the tie and it was Uncle Jack in 3rd! 2nd went to Penguins got the blues and it was the ever competitive STDB who took the lead early and never looked back!

Lots of fun to watch, thanks for the tight game! Next week we will start out with All in the Family – the TV show, not the questionable dating technique 😉 ~Samantha
[th_youtube id=’0d8FTPv955I’ name=’All in the Family Trivia Pub Trivia Maryland’]


Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD​​

Great family-style game of pub quiz tonight at Captain Bender’s!! We had some newcomers in the house, to boot!

In third place we had our Natty Bros!! In second were the ever perseverant Gaza Strippers!!! But our top prize went to our house team, Boh’s & Hoes!! Their choice of first category? HOUSE OF CARDS (U.S. Version)

See you next Sunday!

– Torie

House of Cards trivia category MD

The Raw Bar – Frederick, MD

Tonight was the 2nd best night of live trivia of Season 10 at the Raw Bar & Grill!! I had the 10 team minimum so I could give 1 random team $25 bucks CASH!!

It still came down to a tie-breaker question to find out the top 3 teams tonight, but losing the tie-breaker question to finish 3rd was the Beverly Crushers! WINNING the tie-breaker to finish 2nd was an always favorite visitor: Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap!! Your game winners this week have won 2 weeks in a row now, chosen the T.V. show “The New Girl” for next weeks winners choice category!! One of my favorite teams from Guido’s came to visit me and won the random $25 cash!! What’s up Ryan, Asian Ryan and Not Ryan!! (glad you took my advice and finally came to visit me at Raw Bar!)

I don’t want to shock you, but next Sunday night at Bentz St will see the opening of the DILLIGAF Pub!! Regardless, Pour House Trivia will be the rock that holds the transition together and I will see EVERYONE back next week at the Pub!!

~ Jon J

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