If your friends don’t play Pour House Pub Trivia, then they’re no friends of mine! Thursday roundup!

​​Pour House pub trivia’s Thursday got back in the swing of things after a Thanksgiving break, and boy were we glad to be back!

We danced the Safety Dance, got into some political history and a whole bunch more – check it out!

The Blue Parrott – St. Petersburg Beach, Florida

The floodgates are open the Thursday after Thanksgiving. Six teams with live trivia withdrawal all in close contending going into the halftime round. Quizknows were in first at halftime, followed closely by the Hot Chicks with a Geezer and the new team, Shore Nuff!
Going into the final, the Team had an amazing round 4, bringing them to second place going into the final, keeping within winning distance of the Quizknows. The Quizknows and Shore Nuff were the only teams to get the to get the correct answer, causing a tie for second place between Shore Nuff and The Team. It was The Team who pulled out the second place prize with the tie breaker question, but kudos to Shore Nuff for their debut night.
Watch out regulars!



Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

We had a ton of teams roll in to Bunkers in Virgina tonight craving some live trivia after our Turkey day hiatus, it was great to see you all!

Game was pretty tight till the final round, where the questions ripped up a few teams and really opened up the scores.

Here are the results:

Cranius Maximus in 1st

Landsharks in 2nd

Your Mom in 3rd

Please give a warm welcome to your guest host Zack at next Thursday’s game. I’ll see you the following week after I have reorganized my marbles. Your first category is the musical group Calexico.

~ Ronnie


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Ok, right off the bat- why the hell did Charlie’s Angels get rid of the whips and chains? I feel like they missed out on a target audience there! We had a little bit of everything tonight at Champions, and I don’t know about you but I still have Safety Dance in my head. That damn Tippecanoe and Tyler too! Van van van is a used up man! It was John Tyler for our presidential question, and only one team managed to grab it, which helped put them in the prime position to strike at the final. Who was it? Well Power Vac of course! |

Speaking of the final, oh man – tonight was a good one! I didn’t spell one thing, I didn’t spell two things, but three! I had to spell three things at our final, that might be a record. In 3rd tonight it was Vitrifiers who held on to 3rd with the help of a strategic wager, our 2nd place team was FNQ! From 6th to 2nd! That’s an impressive jump, Nicely done! 1st was the candle lighting, chocolate cake eating, birthday team of Power Vac! Happy Birthday John and thank you for the slice.

It was nice to be back after out Thanksgiving break, and I will see you next week for a first question of Richard III.



Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

We’re back after a one-week vacation from live trivia at the Fish Market to celebrate the holiday season! Lots of players ready to get back into the thick of it as we eclipsed the double digit mark, a strong number this late into the year! Glad to see most of you can’t get enough and wanna come back every week to support us. For that, I thank you!

The question of the night in tonight’s game was our Retail Stores question. Though it occurred early in the contest, round 2 question 2, lots of teams put their 5 point bonus on that one and missed it was some decently strong wagers. Dick and Jim were the namesakes of this chain that they founded to sell outdoor equipment and fishing supplies. We were looking for Cabela’s. The most common wrong answer was Bass Pro Shop, which fit the visual and practical image of what the question was asking, but no part of that title had a namesake. Cabela’s is essentially the same store BUT the inspiration is a bit more unknown. Whereas Bass Pro Shop seems to be a place where pro fishers would shop for equipment to catch a bass, Cabela’s doesn’t invite any suggestion as to what it is because it’s simply a surname. Dick and Jim Cabela founded this store back in the 60s and now it’s HUGE!

Tonight’s main story focuses on a new team to the Fish Market, tonight calling themselves “300”. In what I believe was their first appearance at our venue, they played extremely well for first timers, putting up over 80 points at the half, holding 3rd place among a large field of teams, and they managed to climb into 2nd place going into the final question. Veterans 2 Birds One Stone held the 11 point lead going into the final. All they needed to seal the game was to get the final correct or hope the only team in striking distance, 300, managed to slip up… Well, unfortunately, all that could go wrong did go wrong as 2 Birds slipped up AND 300 sniped a correct response, one of only 2 teams to do so! With that, we have a new champion at Fish Market, team 300! 2nd place went to our other team who got the final correct tonight, You’re Killing Me Smalls! And 2 Birds would finish in 3rd place tonight!

There you have it folks! We’ll be back next week with more trivia fun! Make sure you get your trivia kick in this week and the next because we are OFF for Christmas Eve AND New Years Eve the week after. So keep an eye out for those dates and make sure you get to play when we are running the games! Until next week guys, later!

1st Place: 300
2nd Place: You’re Killing Me Smalls
3rd Place: 2 birds one stone

Next week: TV Sitcoms

Friends Trivia Category Maryland

Seinfeld trivia Live Trivia MD

Guido’s – Frederick, MD

Thursday night trivia from Guido’s Speakeasy went off without a hitch last night. By the time we got to the final, the scores were close enough that some upsets felt inevitable, but unfortunately everyone missed the answer so the order stayed as is.

In 3rd place was Super Happy Fun Time, 2nd went to Power Bottom, and moving back to the winners seat was Bongo Sluts!! They decided on 1990s Nickelodeon Game Shows for next weeks winners choice, so study up and come join the party next Thursday at Guido’s!!

~ Jon J

90s Nickelodeon Pub Trivia Company questions

Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

New comers tonight Kelly’s Heroes stole the show with a 1st place slot at 124, however we had to pull a tie breaker for the second place slot between Cup Chicks and In Bocca, how many episodes of Charles Angels were there?

Turns out Cup Chicks got the closet without going over! In Bocca pushed the Black dogs out of the third place slot.

Next week we start off with 90s music!


90s lyrics trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

Another night of trivia at Quincy’s in Gaithersburg, and what else s new?  It was PACKED beyond belief!  We managed to squueze in 17 teams at the start of tonight’s game, but no matter what the size of the field is, our top teams are always poised to take down another win.  Tonight’ it was Suck iot Frosty who clung to a slim lead all night, and after some deliberation on a “mountain” of a final question (get it?), turned in the correct response and scored another win to tighten the overall standings.  Lowered Expectations took second with Blue Collar in third.  Next week, we’ll begin with a question on the TV series “Lost”.  See you then!  ~ Matt