If Pour House Trivia was a camel…

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday Camel would have FIVE HUMPS!

That’s one for each game of live trivia we host.

Check out the recaps, and don’t sing the Sally The Camel song…

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

We had a quiet game of PHT here in Alexandria amid the snow and ice, you can really tell the hardcore trivia players because no sub freezing temps are going to stand in their way. Here are your results:
High School Prom in 1st
Periodic Table Dancers in 2nd
Del Ray Posse in 3rd

Our first category for next week is Math, so I’ll see ya then!

~ Ronnie

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

I always know things are going to get interesting whenever there is a hip hop question, because I always seem to get answers from all over the place. Tonight’s game was one of the rare instances where there were actually TWO hip hop questions essentially, with the polarizing Kanye West making an appearance. I’m also glad that Kriss Kross only made the fad of wearing clothes backwards last a short time, I can’t imagine that’s comfortable.

Tonight’s game ended in quite an interesting way, with our third place team being Cotton Candy, whose impressive streak of 4 straight wins was finally snapped. Can’t win them all I suppose, but either way nice playing! In second place with a bit of strategic wagering was Danny Glover whose contingency plan paid off in the end. Our winners were in first place going into the final, and thanks to the way the final played out they still managed to hold onto the top spot; congrats to Horshoes and Hand Grenades on tonight’s victory! Next week we will be opening up with The Lord of the Rings trilogy (the books, NOT the movies), so now’s as good a time as any to either read or re-read those great books!

Until next week,

Lord of the Rings Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


il Forno – Frederick, MD

I’d like to start out the night’s recap with a small shout-out to one of our oldest teams Electric Boogaloo. These guys were there when this all started up about 5 years ago. Life has taken Boogaloo different places, at different times, and that has unfortunately made it difficult to fit Pour House Trivia into the schedule BUT tonight they made a most triumphant return. Sure, we only see them once a year or so, but when they come, they make their presence felt and their name known.



Electric Boogaloo didn’t miss a beat tonight, playing like the old veteran team they used to be before the exceedingly long hiatus. The final question proved to be quite difficult for the field, netting about a 33% get-rate. Boogaloo fell into the minority there, able to snipe a correct answer, which propelled them into the top spot for the victory! UNFORTUNATELY for Electric Boogaloo, they are just too damn popular, and they had a team of 8 people (no one wants to tell any of their friends that they can’t come play) so they were forced to forfeit their top prize HOWEVER I did let them know that their efforts will not go unnoticed. Despite no prize, Boogaloo remains a champion at heart.

So the top prizes went to the next in line. 3rd place went to Chicken McThuggets, who held a lead going into the final question but dropped a bit with an incorrect response. 2nd place tonight, placing in the top 3 two weeks in a row now, was the Ginger Beavers! Ginger Beavers had half of their team leave before the end of the game too and still managed to jump up a considerable amount by nailing the final! Good job tonight! And the top prize went out to Fries Before Guys, a new team who’ve been playing hard the last couple weeks and now have something to show for it! Great game everyone!

Great to see such a good turn out tonight THE PLACE WAS PACKED! Hopefully, this keeps up. The more energy in the room means the more energy I have which means a better game and experience for all so KEEP IT UP PEOPLE!!! Tonight was awesome 🙂 We’ll be back next week, same time, same place, so stay fresh and keep it real (and hop in that time machine and come join us in 2015 and leave behind your stupid 90’s catchphrases) and come join us for more PHT!!!

1st Place: Fries Before Guys
2nd Place: Ginger Beavers
3rd Place: Chicken McThuggets

Next week’s category: An Obscure, Super Difficult Cocktails Question

Cocktail Recipes Pub Quiz MD



Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

It may have been frigid outside, but the competition was a SCORCHER tonight at the Roast House!

All veteran teams packed into the bar for a highly competitive game!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Accents-Ian-Needs-Work-On”: Add Julia Child to the list. I thought I had it pretty well, but I got nothing but blank stares as I praised the Cuisinart tonight. Y’all be trippin…

In “Points!-Points-For Everyone!:” There are softball questions, and then there are softball questions. I think everyone and their mother knows that camels come in two varieties depending on their humps. I think we may need to retire that question…

In “Critical-Final-Questions”: Only two teams got the final correct. As it happened, they were the only teams catching the team who had led all night.

After 4 brutal rounds, the dust settled on one of the most competitive games of trivia we’ve seen all season.

In third place, after leading the entire night, a defensive wager wasn’t enough to save them: Two Fingers Worth! Tough break guys, but a FANTASTIC game otherwise; these guys didn’t miss any other question all night, got a 20 on the puzzle page, and a 6 on the 642. That’s about as close to perfect as you can get in this game!

In second place, hanging tough all night and clawing their way onto the podium, the Dewey Decimators! Congrats guys, good game!

In first place, they stuck with it and kept the Fingers honest, and it paid off: Multiple Scoregasms keep their streak alive! Great game guys, well done!

For their first round category next week, the Scoregasms have chosen Brat Pack Movies! That’s Brat with a B, which means 80s movies; John Hughes and company! Study up and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,


Brat Pack Live Trivia Maryland



Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

Well, I guess those of you that missed last week’s game because of the snowstorm must have had a little cabin fever, as we had 14 teams pile in to Spider Kelly’s on Monday night for our biggest field ever!  We even had a visit from the folks at the UFC Gym down the road to hand out some extra prizes.  It was a close game throughout the night, but only a few teams got the final question, which spread things out quite a bit.  Unadjusted For Inflation took down the win, with I Don’t Think It’s Contagious in second, and Double Secret Probation in third.  Next week, we’ll have a question on 19th Century Post-Reconstruction U.S. Presidents!   ~Matt