I’d say Monday’s games of Pour House Pub Trivia reached a Fever Pitch..but they always do!

Pour House pub trivia, anyone?

Our Monday night had four venues full of trivia on this hotter-than-hot day. Seriously, it’s only May! 

I continue to be stunned that it took until last year’s White House Down to see a thriller created where the Speaker of the House or President of the Senate arranged to have the President and Vice President killed in order to take over the Throne, so to speak.

We still have room for a GOOD movie with that premise, though!

The fact that it’s been 12 years since t.A.t.U were making out in the rain all over MTV and TRL makes me feel suddenly very, very old.

I’ll leave you with this video of the trailer for Starsky and Hutch, which I unabashedly love. Seriously, I do. Look at that Vince Vaughn mustache!

[th_youtube id=’183egxzZ-CI’ name=’Starsky and Hutch pour House Pub Trivia MD’]

Check out the games!


Dan’s Restaurant – Boonsboro, MD

It’s our final week of Season IX at Dan’s in Boonsboro, and it was a great finish as our hosue champions Big Test Icicles had to sneak in from behind after they were the only team to get the final question!  Slaphappy played a great second half to take the lead druring round four, but had to settle for second, with Just One Wiseacre taking third.  DON’T FORGET that we are off for the next TWO WEEKS, returning in THREE WEEKS on June 2 just in time for the World Series.  Our first category will be the film “The Jerk”.  ~ Matt


The Jerk Film Trivia


Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Thanks again to everyone for coming out to DRP for another Monday edition of pub quiz!

4 Wheel Drive returned to the top slot tonight with a stellar played game. It was the NoLo Contenders that made a real time game of it finishing in a close 2nd, and We Roll 20’s played lights out as well taking 3rd as a duo!

Join me again next week for the first category, Star Wars.

~ Ronnie

Star Wars Pub Trivia Maryland


Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

 Another wonderful night of live trivia with our crew at The Greene Turtle!

Anything can happen on a night of pub quiz action – and it sure did tonight!

The Knights fell to third on a missed final question!

In second, thanks to a smart 0 wager, the always crafty Inebriati!

Your winners were Chances Aren’t, who played a very strong game all night!

Before you leave, here’s my favorite answer slips this evening!

  • That 90s remake about a deranged soccer fan turned Red Sox fan in the USA “The Fan,” which is NOT written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle OR Sears & Roebuck!
  • That video game about plants and zombies? “The plan to keep your brains from being eaten by zombies,” also known as PTKYBFBE!
  • t.A.t.U.’s big hit? Ukraine, Sweet Ukraine!
  • The name of their band? Two Russians who old people have never heard of!

Next week’s first category is the Wu Tang Clan, who I understand aren’t nothin’ to F*&^ With!

[th_youtube id=’HnOZea4Zgbc’ name=’Wu Tang Clan Pub Quiz MD’]


il Forno – Frederick, MD

 When t.A.T.u gets accused of being classic rock at a live pub trivia game,  I know somewhere along the line I must have gotten ancient! Back in my day…well ya know 🙂 One thing I did miss out on though “back in my day” was the GInger –  Mary Ann debate. In my research of tonight’s Gilligan’s Island question though, the decision for me is easy…Ms. Ginger Grant, all day. 

Ginger Pub Quiz MD
As we move into the last lap of the il Forno race, we got a good contest for House Champion and of course our playoff crews! Don’t forget – NEXT MONDAY PLAYOFF AND WORLD SERIES  INVITES GO OUT. 
Tonight’s leader board went down like this:
I'm With Geoff Bar Trivia MD
One Crow Live Trivia MD
4P Blue Pub Trivia MD
Thanks for playing tonight everyone. See you next Monday for POST SEASON INVITES and we will kick off that trivia quiz with “Trivia about Trivia.” Have a great week 🙂 dg