Icy heads, ice hockey and more! Pour House Pub Trivia Monday Recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday covered cryogenics, (soon to be) Hall of Fame goaltenders, and a little bit of booze!

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Blue Sky – New Market, MD

Holy Dweezil and Moon Unit – what a game of live trivia at Blue Sky Grill in New Market! We kicked the evening off talking about Al Gore winning the Nobel Prize for his new book “Frank Zappa and the Order of the Phoenix,” Walt Disney bogarting all the cryogenic labs in the US, and the fact that chasing Mezcal with Sam Adams leads to rude jokes about Pope Paul III :-PDewey Cheatum & Howe took the top spot once again with Holy Shirt & Pants taking second and Fartknockers taking third. I love it when teams take the mature, classy route for their names :-P.Next week, we exercise our second amendment rights (albeit not literally) with an opening question about the M1 Garand Rifle. I won’t even try to resist the urge to chant “you’ll shoot your eye out.” Well, ’tis the season, innit?

See you next week!

– Eric 😛

M1 Garand Rifle Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

It may have gotten a little icy outside but it was certainly steaming inside at DRP in Alexandria as we had another really close game of Monday pub trivia!

High School Prom are proving to be a force to be reckoned with, getting warmed up for another WS run with another victory! Congrats to Fireball for their first time in show, taking 2nd, and Misfits, who played an exceptional game tonight. I would love to see some of you make the trek to my home town for some Holiday PHT this Friday night, the website has all the details.

Join me next week, where our first category will be an Audio TV Theme Song!

~ Ronnie


Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Pub trivia players took cover from the flurries to warm their brains tonight at Greene Turtle Hagerstown! We even had some latecomers join in after the start!

There was definitely some leap-frogging on the scoreboard, and even a TIEBREAKER for second place, but in the end, the result looked like this: in third place was It’s Just Toothepaste! Just ahead of them after the tiebreaker were the Cobras!! But our top-dogs tonight, with some impressive answers was Cotton Candy!!

Their choice of first category next week is: ONE DIRECTION! See you next Monday!!


One Direction Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


il Forno – Frederick, MD

Turns out, there are quite a few 5-letter materials that could conceivably be Polyvinylidene chloride but now we’ll NEVER forget that Saran wrap is the one we’re looking for here. Vinyl, not bad, nylon, not bad, but if it’s Polyvinylidene chloride, it’s Saran. Now we know!
That’s half the fun, right? To learn! Ugh, I just turned this into school! I don’t mean to bring you guys down, so here’s the good news! I had EVERY SINGLE TEAM get ALL 4 OF THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAMS WE WERE LOOKING FOR! How did this happen? College football just got the MOST popular? I don’t get it – SOMEONE had to have missed ONE! But NOPE! Great job teams! Great job!Enough of my yapping, here’s how the game ended! Latrilla led at halftime but trailed a bit going into the final question, I’m with Geoff holding onto the quite large lead of 7 points. Latrilla was one of two teams to nail the final and jumped ahead of Geoff who unfortunately couldn’t come up with the correct response. Geoff’s team had to settle for 2nd place tonight while Latrilla & the Mossy Banks TAKE IT DOWN! Grats guys (and gal)! 3rd place went to Angry People, the other team to snipe the final, jumping up 2 or 3 places to claim their prize money! Great job all. We’ll be back next week so hope we see you there! Until then ;-)1st Place:     Latrilla & the Mossy Banks
2nd Place:    I’m with Geoff
3rd Place:     Angry People

Next week’s category:     “Pink Flamingos” (film)

 John Waters Trivia Pink Flamingos Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

It was a knockdown drag out fight of a live trivia night at the Roast House tonight! With House Juggernaut Multiple Scorgasms out for their 10th consecutive win, the rest of the teams were out for blood, determined to unseat the reigning champs. How would tonight go down?

Highlights of the night:

I WISH my mom was CEO of Disney. If she was, you think I’d be slaving away at…my day job? I’d be living large in Cinderella’s castle!

The puzzle page tonight turned out to be a slugfest. No one got higher than a 15 and it proved to be the great equalizer, just in time for wheels to fall off in the third and frouth rounds.

I will pronounce Martin Brodeur’s name any way I choose, thank you very much, and if you don’t like it, you can go back to Canada! This is ‘MURICA! At the very least don’t scream bloody murder at me; it’s gonna be OK if I make a mistake like that. Breath man, breath!

The final question turned out to be crucial! Would Multiple Scoregasms finally fall from grace?

In third place tonight, after 10 weeks atop the charts, the mighty did indeed fall: Multiple Scorgasms took the Bronze! Good game nonetheless guys!

In second place, giddy with the victory over the Scorgasms, even if it wasn’t first, came Spring Break Frederick! Great game guys, well done!

With whoops and cheers though, taking the top spot after weeks and weeks of being in the hunt, came the Dewey Decimators! Congratulations guys, a well earned win!

For their first round category next week, the Decimators have chosen “Young Adult Literature.” Get reading guys, and we’ll see you next week!

Until then,

Literary Quotes Pour House Trivia Live Trivia Maryland


Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

What a finish at Spider Kelly’s in Arlington!  We not only had a tie for first place between two of our best teams, but we ALSO had a tie for third place!  The tiebreaker involved hockey statistics (don’t act surprised), but coming dangerously close to the correct answer was Magic Grits, who took down another win.  Liquor?  I Hardly Know Her! did NOT have the benefit of their hockey expert tonight, and had to settle for second.  The tie for third place put Eleven is a Prime Number onto the medal stand over She Left.  Less than six weeks until playoff time, and we’ll start next week with a question on Photography.  ~ Matt