I think Karen Carpenter was wrong…SNOWY days and Mondays bring me down! Thankfully Pour House pub trivia is there to lift my spirits!

There may have been yet ANOTHER threat of snow coming our way Monday evening, but that didn’t stop you from enjoying a game of Pour House pub trivia!

We got to revisit Howard Dean’s scream of doom, brushed up on our figure skating and learned how to smell like Nicki Minaj!

Read on for a full recap!

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

We some heavy President’s Day action at DRP in Alexandria, here is how the game went down!
MSC returned to the top tier with a very close first place finish, Eric and the Pie Tasters hot on their heels for 2nd, and Rubber Sheets Club making a strong comeback for 3rd.
See ya’ all again next week for our first category, Marvel Comics! ~ Ronnie
marvel comics pub trivia md

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

A nice busy night at The Greene Turtle in Hagerstown, with a couple new faces joining us!

And what a treat of a night, as you got to hear my Ivan Drago impression (feel free to send one of those Moscow Mules up to the podium!), dusted off our ancient Mesopotamian architecture knowledge and heard my dramatic reading of Humpty Dumpty!

Wrong answer of the night: Southwest Airlines having a home base of Phoenix!

I have never had so many teams out down the same incorrect bonus. There must have been something in the air tonight (cue drum solo!).

Scores were tight and the game was close all night!

Halftime had first and second place ties, and we ended in need of a tiebreaker to determine our winners!

Hooligans took home the gold medal by being closest on a tiebreaker!

Silver went to Inebriati, who played a heck of a game!

Bronze went home with The Knights.

I’ll see you next week when our first category will be Manchester United!


manchester united pub trivia maryland

il Forno – Frederick, MD

il Forno Monday Night Trivia Night is a HOT SPOT – with the best pizza pies in town to boot! 18 energized pub trivia crews went at it for a bit at the the Forn-a-licious on this fine President’s Day Monday evening. Great doggoned game my friends…
This was one of those pub trivia contests where many, many teams were grappling all game long for the top spot going into the final. And everyone else remained in striking distance. Needless to say it was a tight game the entire night. And the final delivered a wollup to a lot of teams; while opening doors for others. 
And Jumping into 1st Place after nailing the Census Bureau was…
QUICK PINK AND THE VINE GANG FOR THE WIN!!! Great Job yall. Nice come back, and final strike! :)
2nd Place tonight was also a nice leap from behind, by the DUO of “None Pizza with Left Beef” (apparently this new name is an epic you tube video I need to watch). GG you two!
3rd Place was taken down by no strangers to a pub trivia leader board: South Paw Fish. Good work ladies and gents. And the leader board was rounded out by our 4th and 5th Place crews of “Here with Geoff” (first timers at Forno…hope to see you again:) and the fine folks at One Crow Short of a Murder, respectively. 
My Own Top 3 Things that I learned about myself this evening
1. I have to try a Moscow Mule
2. I am very curious as to why the old 1600 SAT format needed to be changed
3. If a category is “cocktails,” remember to focus and not slip up on that word (doh!)
Lotsa love yall! Thanx a ton for playing tonight at Forno. Let’s do it again next Monday night. QP have chosen their first category. It will be…
“Denny Sings Katy Perry.” Oh yes…there will be sass that night my friends…see ya then.. dg :)
Katy Perry pour house pub trivia maryland

Mistero – Frederick, MD

Thanks to everyone for braving the threat of snow and heading downtown to Mistero on Monday night.  Simple Minds pulled off their first win of the season, showing off their expertise in computer history, with TBH taking second.  We’ll start next week with a question on Superheroes!  ~ Matt

Super Heroes Trivia Frederick