I Left My Heart at Monday Night Trivia!

Six of our eight Monday night games featured double-digit fields, making for some very competitive games and a final question that flipped the standings at some of our venues.  Overall, Monday night’s games included 81 teams, so let’s take a look at the nightly recap:


Monday’s game began with a three-part question on fast food desserts, specifically asking our teams to name the restaurants which respectively sell the Junior Frosty, the Caramel Apple Empanada, and the Jamocha Shake.  We doled out a ton of bonus points on this question, as most teams named Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and Arby’s as the three correct answers.  The round continued with a fairly difficult film question:

–> In 1998, Meg Ryan portrayed the lead female role which two films: one playing bookstore owner Kathleen Kelly, the other playing surgeon Maggie Rice?

While about two-thirds of our teams could name either film, only 28% earned a two-point bonus by naming both of these romantic films:

The film question was the only sticking point for most of our teams, as the first round concluded with nine teams posting a perfect score of 36 points.


Our audio question featured three music groups with rhyming names.  Just under half of our teams earned bonus points by here by recognizing Chumbawamba (“Tubthumping”), Milli Vanilli (“Blame It On the Rain”), and Ace of Base (“All That She Wants”).  After a question on world rivers, the toughest bonus question of the first half arrived in the form of a current TV question.  While most teams were able to correctly name “Master of None” as the new series featuring comedian Aziz Ansari, only 17% of the field earned bonus points by knowing that his character travels to Italy for most of the show’s second season.  Here is the ACTUAL documented reaction from those teams:

Aziz Ansari

We closed the round with a sports question, asking our teams to name the young golfer who took home the Claret Jug at the 2017 British Open.  With three majors under his (24 year old) belt, most sports fans certainly know the name of Jordan Spieth:

Jordan Spieth

About half of the teams that knew Spieth also earned a two-point bonus by knowing he earned All-American honors at the University of Texas.  The perfect scores in the second round hinged almost entirely on the “Master of None” bonus question, as 11 teams swept the round with a perfect score.


The top half of our halftime page dealt with pictures of city flags, while the bottom half asked our teams to complete the numerical titles of songs.  While this page played to a relatively normal average score of 16.4 points, there must have been one or two toughies on the bottom half, as NO TEAM notched a perfect score.  Though we did see over a dozen teams score 19 points, the perfect 20 was indeed elusive tonight.  Here are Monday’s top overall scores at the halftime break:

  • I’m With Stupid (DRP):  90
  • Paul’s Birthday (DRP):  88
  • Hair Club for Men (Greene Turtle):  88
  • Del Ray Dummies (DRP):  87
  • Much More Deeper (Il Forno):  87


The third round is normally the most difficult round of the night, and Monday was no exception.  Our field was a bit perplexed by a pair of questions asked back-to-back in the third stanza:

–> Penned by author Alan Paton, the 1948 novel “Cry, the Beloved Country” features Reverend Stephen Kumalo as its protagonist.  In which nation is this novel primarily set?

–> Name either one of the two American television shows which first aired in the 1940s that are currently in production today.

In each case, about one-quarter of our teams earned their wager with these correct responses: the Alan Paton novel “Cry, the Beloved Country” is set in South Africa, while the two longest-running TV shows currently in production are “Meet the Press” and the “CBS Evening News”.  Only ONE TEAM managed to score bonus points on the latter question by knowing both TV shows: congrats to Just Good Enough from Uno Pizzeria!  The final round concluded with a question on the rock opera “Tommy”, with 15% of our teams earning bonus points by knowing that Ann-Margaret earned an Oscar nomination for her role in the feature film version.  Here is a glimpse of that high-quality work:


Thanks to nearly impossible bonus on the TV question, no team earned a perfect score in the third round.


Monday’s 6-4-2 question was one of the most difficult in recent memory, with nearly 90% of our teams earning two points or fewer:

6:  This city of about 12 million residents is located on the island of Salsette, one of the most densely populated islands in the world.

4:  Under its former name, it was the birthplace of Rudyard Kipling and Salman Rushdie.

Congratulations to Killer Snails from Hershey’s, as the only team to earn six points solely on the first clue.  Only eight other teams even earned four points with the correct answer of Mumbai (or Bombay).


After somewhat of a rough stretch for our teams, the final round eased up a bit, as the field was largely successful with questions on quiche and the MLB All-Star Game.  After a Three Clues question dealing with Salt (specifically, Veruca Salt and the SALT Treaty), we concluded with a three-part question on these “Z” celebrities:


The answers here were quite diverse, as evidenced by the fact that only 14% of our teams earned bonus points by knowing all three of these famous folks: Zayn (Malik), Zendaya (Coleman), and (Gheorghe) Zamfir.  Three teams swept the final round with three correct bonus answers: H.R. Puff ‘N’ Stuff (DRP), Killer Snails (Hershey’s), and It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy (Cheesetique).  Here are your top Monday scores after the final round:

FINAL QUESTION (68.1% success rate):

–> Which landmark connects Fort Point and Lime Point, encompassing about two miles of U.S. Route 101?

If you know that Route 101 runs up the Pacific coast, it won’t take you long to trace that route to this notable stretch of two miles:

Golden Gate Bridge

Congratulations to Morgan Station (Morgan Inn), as the only team to score the Perfect 21 tonight by answering correctly on all wagering questions.  Here are your top overall scores:


DRP in Alexandria, VA:  H.R. Puff ‘N’ Stuff  (Next week’s first category: “Seinfield”)

Greene Turtle in Hagerstown, MD:  That’s a Niner  (Next week’s first category: “Westworld”)

Morgan Inn in Woodbine, MD:  Morgan Station  (Next week’s first category: Jack the Ripper)

Hershey’s Restaurant in Gaithersburg, MD:  Killer Snails  (Next week’s first category: Woodstock Festival)

Uno Pizzeria in Frederick, MD:  Tequila Mockingbird  (Next week’s first category: San Francisco)

Cheesetique in Arlington, VA:  I Can’t Believe We’re Not Better  (Next week’s first category: World War II Aircraft)

Adam & Eve Gastropub in Frederick, MD:  Power Vacuum  (Next week’s first category: Famous Expeditions)

Il Forno in Frederick, MD:  Much More Deeper  (Next week’s first category: Italian Food)