I hope you went out and voted! Pour House Trivia’s primary Tuesday live trivia recap!

Pour House pub trivia brought you a primary election edition of live trivia on Tuesday!

I hope you all had a chance to get out and flex those democracy muscles before you flexed your brain muscles with us!

Check out the game recaps!


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

More flip-flopping than spring break in tonight’s round of live trivia!
Honestly, I lost track of how many teams were in the top three at least once tonight… I know that at the final siege it was Wiseacres who took the fort, and left W back on the hill in second with the artillery.
The third place team (Maybe supply train position?) was a new team of Dissension Among the Ranks!
Nice to see some new faces in here causing a stir!
I will see you next week for a first question of the Kennedy Administration. Sounds like a conspiracy by Wiseacres to me… 😉
JFK Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

Friends, bar trivia players, countrymen! Lend me your beers. Another great game at Cugini’s in Poolesville and it was another tight game all the way up to the end.
The Murphs managed to pull out the win, with Lightfoot right on their heels for 2nd. Neverlands had a tough final round, but held on through for 3rd.
See you all again next week, where our first category will be the Independence Day Holiday! Bring sparklers?
~ Ronnie
July 4 Pour House Pub Quiz Maryland


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

A lot of new faces tonight at Hollywood for pub quiz, even some making it into the top three.
Pomeranians took the top slot with 154, followed by Wise Cat with 140 and If We Only Had a Brain with 133.
As many have learned before, it means a lot what you wager on the last question.
Next week we start off with Marsupials – is it a mammal?   
Marsupials Pour House Pub Quiz Maryland


Jekyll & Hyde Tavern – Frederick, MD

We had a rousing game of Pour House Live Trivia at Jekyll & Hyde tonight, going from Sanford and Son to the Cosby Show, and everywhere in between.
Taking third place tonight, coming from behind was Dalek Dance Party!  Congrats!  Second place went to Brownie Points, and first place went to Beer is Good!  Great game everyone!  
Next week’s first category is the Baltimore Orioles, and I will see you next week!
– Brad
Orioles Trivia MD


Monkey La La – Frederick, MD 

Here’s a question: How many jokes can a group of pub trivia players make about the name “Juan de Fuca” ? We hit probably 90% of them at the live quiz tonight at Monkey La La. 

We also took theory to the street and a few brave souls tested Sambuca vs Fireball. Sambuca is business baby! 2 coffee beans and some good luck! The Greeks know how to rock n roll in a bottle fo sho!
In the midst of the La La fun, we also managed to get through one hell of a live trivia throw down! Esophagus Now took it wire to wire FTW! 2nd Place went to the veterans over at 9 Point Guess. And, welcome, our newest top three trivia virgins, appropriately named: Trivirgins! 🙂 
Pour House Bar Trivia maryland
Pour House Live Trivia MD
Pour House Bar Trivia Maryland
Great times tonight everyone. Thanks for coming out and braving the hot stickiness. It was a magical night! And speaking of magical (how’s that for a transition…right?); next week’s first question will be on “Quidditch!” So polish your golden snitch this week  – not publicly please! D’oh! 🙂 See ya soon!
Quidditch Pub Quiz Maryland


Ramparts Tavern – Alexandria, VA

To say it was the craziest night of trivia we’ve ever had at Ramparts in Alexadnria might be 100% accurate.  First of all, we started the evening with a visit from this guy:
Yes, the Speaker of the House wandered into our bar this evening, but not for trivia…  However, we did have 16 teams ready to go for what turned out to be a fantstasic game.  The first half started with a few extra two-point bonuses, and that helped pump up the scores in round two.  We had a few teams start to pull away from the pack by hitting six points with “Down and Out in Beverly Hills”, as well as a few other toughies in the second half.  By the end of round four, it was Ramparting Ways who had a nice cushion heading into the final.
With a pre-final score of 168, we had discovered that they had the chance to tie the ALL-TIME SCORING RECORD for Pour House Trivia, held by another set of Ramparts regulars: Fat, Drunk, and Stupid.  Despite only needing a modest wager to cover second place, Ramparting Ways got a little bold and it paid off: 180 POINTS!  Great job!  We’ll see them back next week when our first question will be on Famous Drummers (not this one below…)  ~ Matt