I could totally get used to gorgeous Saturday weather! And I could get used to hot, hot Pour House Pub Trivia games on Saturday night!

I think we can call this Saturday night game of Pour House Pub trivia the “Weird Foods Edition,” don’t you?

We first whetted our appetites with a little beluga caviar! I can’t think of caviar and not immediately think of this scene from Big:

Big Caviar Scene Pour House Pub Trivia

Does anyone know where I can get a suit like that? Let me know! Asking for a friend, of course…

We also chatted about chitterlings, which I’ve never had the…pleasure?…of trying. Anybody out there had them? I’m very, very curious.

Of course, what’s a good meal without a strong drink beside it? I don’t know if Snoop’s Gin and Juice would be good with caviar or chitterlings…but I’m willing to give it a shot! (Man, do I love puns).

Let’s see how things went at Belles’!

Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

It was a glorious day for trivia at Belles’ here in Frederick, here is how it all went down! It was a tight race at the end but Monkey Fighting Snakes pulled out the correct final for the first place win. After a Denzel Washington tie-breaker, Inebriati was our second place finishers, with The Smartinis taking down third. Join us next week for our first category, Marxism. ~ Ronnie

Marxism Pour House Pub Trivia Category Maryland