Hump day? Forget that, Pour House Pub Trivia day! Do that other thing after!

Wednesday night brought out Pour House pub trivia at seven venues! 

Fun facts of the night!

  • The company that made your indestructible brick cell phone just sold for BILLIONS of dollars!
  • If you’re friend is flying Janet Air…you probably have some interesting things to try to pry out of them!
  • All that time spent watching VH1 in 2005 really pays off at pub trivia!

Read on for the whole recap!

Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

Tonight was a hard-fought showdown between great teams at Atlantic Grille in Urbana!
Teams had a number of slips coming into a tough Round 4 but managed to separate their scores by a measly 4 points going into the finale. However, it was Strangers Have the Best Candy who triumphed with Mom’s Night Out rounding out an impressive second.
Break out your support belts because next week’s winners’ choice category is Hans and Franz teach Weightlifting! We are going to PAHMP YOU AAHP!!
– Eric πŸ˜›
Hans and Franz Trivia Category MD

Barefoot Bernies – Hagerstown, MD

It was come back night at Barefoot Bernies – not only did we have one stellar come back in the scoring we also had two teams come back and play that haven’t been out to trivia night in like 4 seasons! Welcome back Pork Snorkels and Trivia Newton John. I hope its not a fleeting affair πŸ™‚
Props to Too Husky for Sandusky for pulling off what might be the comeback of the month. After whiffing an early bonus chip on Denmark, THFS rallied into Second Place against the tough field that is always at Barefoot Bernies. They were just behind our winners tonight, Slapsgiving, who did their trick of getting an early lead and milking it for 2 hours or so πŸ™‚ And grabbing 3rd Place tonight was the fine folks over at Say Hi to Your Mom for Me. GG tonight everyone. 
Before I go.. 3 “Did You Know’s” that ya might be interested in…
1. …that we set a record tonight for the most number of “Your Mom” Answers πŸ™‚ – we certainly raked in points on the smiley half timer
2. …that every other Wed. there is a mechanical bull next door in Cancun Cantina…I know how we are breaking ties from now on!
3. …I may or may not have tried said mechanical bull after trivia and rode for a full 8 seconds! Just sayin…
Holla! Next week we get ‘er started with a question about the film “MacGruber
Great times tonight everyone…Have a great weekend and Ill see ya next Wednesday night πŸ™‚ dg
MacGruber Trivia MD

Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland 

Good game tonight at Bennigan’s! The lead was swapping all night between our top two teams, Team Janet, Hot Dog Stigmata, and The 4th Spy, each holding the top spot at one point or another. Going into the final The 4th Spy was in first, Team Janet in 2nd, Hot Dog Stigmata in 3rd.
None of our teams managed to get the final answer and, with a defensive wager, Hot Dog Stigmata managed to end in 2nd place but our leaders, The 4th Spy, held on for the win! Good game!
1st Place:  The 4th Spy
2nd Place:Hot Dog Stigmata
3rd Place: Team Janet
Next week’s category: Potent Floatables (Balloon Trivia)
Balloon trivia category Maryland

The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

We had a good time in the underground tonight! I love games like that, joking, laughing and carryin’ on all friendly like.. even the trash talk was supportive πŸ˜‰

We had a topsy turvey game tonight, with all sorts of surprises. We even had a tie! It came down to One crow short of a Murder and Team Wednesday battling it out in a speedy tiebreaker, and it was the Crows who took the shiny 3rd place.. go figure πŸ˜‰

Second went to a duo- that’s right, a duo!- of Grab a Straw, You Suck. It’s all about the strategic wagers boys… never know what the cards have in store. In first tonight, well… once you hear the category for next week you should be able to figure it out- the category is a triple 50/50, George W. Bush or Curious George.

That’s right. It’s none other than TNC in 1st tonight. Nice job all! I will see you next week- no snow!


George W. Bush or Curious George Trivia Category Maryland

Fast Eddie’s – Fairfax, Virginia

We had a great time tonight at Fast Eddie’s in Fairfax!!
It was a close game, but the fourth round really stratified the scoreboard! We had newbies Good Sams come in third place!
In second a good bit a head of them were Mess & Jeg!! In the top spot tonight, however, were the domineering No Brainz @ the Bar!
Their choice for first category? REDSKINS!  See you next week!
Redskins Pub Trivia Category

T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, VA

What a finish at T.J. Stone’s on Wednesday night!  After a few road bumps in our fourth round, our top teams were bunched together with Eric Chen holding a slim lead on the field.  But it was the final question that turned the game around, as Gone Squatchin’ was the ONLY team to come up with the correct response, and for the second week in row, we had a team come back from 7th place to take home the win!  Great job on your first win of the season.  Eric Chen did manage to hold on to second, with Virgins and Congress in third.  Next week starts with a question on Atmospheric Science.  ~ Matt

Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

It was Your Mom’s a Horcrux that put on a display of trivia prowess by winning our game tonight at Valley Grill Sports Bar in Middletown, great job!
Xavier Onassis wagered a zero on the final and it paid off for a $30 VG gift card!
Fisted Sister made a run for the top as well, and finished in 3rd.
Join me next week at VG for our first category, South Park.
~ Ronnie
South Park Pour House Trivia MD