How long have YOU held onto a lifesaver? Pour House Pub Trivia Thursday recap!

​​Pour House pub trivia’s Thursday brings us ever closer to the World Series!

Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

Who’d a thunk it, a LifeSavers in your mouth for 10 hours? Now that’s a World Record. Thanks to all of the players out here at Bunker tonight, it was quite and enjoyable game.

Here are the results:
Thoroughly Screwed in 1st
Your Mom in 2nd
Thundercats in 3rd

Good luck at the World Series, I will see you there! Our first category for next week is Superbowls of the 1970s.

~ Ronnie

70s Superbowl Trivia pour house pub trivia


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Good ole Dick Taylor and his Life Savers! Yum 🙂 Question of the Season IMHO!

And ya know what else I got a hankerin’ for now – skeet shooting! I think i have a very sticky brain lately, as many of the questions we toss out at PHT cause me to grow a wild hair and want to do it! I guess that’s a good thing – the whole try new things thing 🙂 Tell ya what I won’t be doing: I ain’t suckin’ on a Life Save for 10 hours! Balee dat! 🙂

life saver trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Great dag on game Thursday night at Champions trivia night. Up and down and all around for 2 hrs. That always makes it a fun night. No telling who was gonna grab the jewels til the last moment! And who got the jewels?

trivia pour house pub trivia maryland  trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Props y’all – that was a tough game and a great pre-Summer Fling game/ pre-World Series 11 Warm-Up! Speaking of: good luck to all my Thursday friends this Sunday at WSXI. It looks like it is going to be pretty awesome times! What I do know is that we have a fun set of questions and a whole lotta cold bevvis coming your way.

Good times everyone…thanks so much for playing Thursday. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Next Thursday we kick off the Summer Fling with a question in the category of “Boston Red Sox.”

boston reed sox

Game faces this weekend baby! See you soon 🙂 dg


Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia


And the short off-season has come to an end at the Fish Market! Next week begins the summer season, and I’m sure we’ll all be back to start that up! Even with the off-season, we eclipsed double digits tonight in Alexandria! Clearly people can’t get enough of it down here! Tonight’s Question of the Night s going out to the Churchill Downs question. About half of the teams got it right but I just really liked the question! Had a good figure-it-out aspect to it. Had never heard of the John and Henry duo myself but there was enough in the meat of the question to pull it; I like those ones personally. Apparently, half my teams did as well! I hope… Anyways, here’s how our final off-season game concluded! The final WIPED the bar clean so pretty much our top 3 going in to the last question rounded out our prize places. 1st place tonight was Welcome to You’re Doom, the dynamic duo if you will. 2nd place went to our out-of-towners Intangible Assets (loved having ya, see ya in 3 months!). 3rd went to last week’s winners You’re Killing Me Smalls. Next week is a new season. Start fresh, bring your friends, we’re doin’ this live! Come join us! Until then ;-)1st Place: Welcome to You’re Doom
2nd Place: Intangible Assets
3rd Place: You’re Killing Me SmallsNext week’s category: The Byzantine Empire



Byzantine Empire trivia pour house pub trivia maryland




Guido’s – Frederick, MD

It’s always a good time playing trivia at Guido’s Speakeasy on Thursdays, and last night was no exception. There was a tie for 1st place going into last nights final question and it’s always fun to see how the wagering on it can help or hurt any given team.

After the final question, there was no need for a tie-breaker and this is how the top 3 played out: 3rd place went to Friends Of Dick Johnson, putting up a great fight but ending up in 2nd was Angry Balls, and winning the wager game in the end for a FIFTH consecutive win was Tuna Noodle Casserole!! Keeping with the tradition of their recent winners choice selections, “Walk of Shame” will kick off next weeks Summer Fling season. Good luck to everyone in the World Series this Sunday, and we’ll see you back at Guido’s next Thursday!!

~ Jon J


Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

SHE’S back! My re-debut at Main Street Oyster House, and it was like not a live trivia night has past! We had a entertaining crowd tonight, lead by Bohica – We gave away T shirts to the teams who put in their answer first – it really got the teams motivated. Cup Chick took 3rd place tonight with 74 points! What the Shuck – they came in 2nd at 92 points – well played. But it was the gals of Anal Bum Covers who dominated the top slot with 121 points. These gals would like to discuss HGTV next week for our winner’s category, SO catch up on your House Hunters, and Love it or List it this week.

Glad to be back!

Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

It was our last game trivia before the World Series at Quincy’s in Gaithersburg, and it was a great performance by Lowered Expectations, who played close to a perfect game in taking home the win.  Second place went to I Just Quizzed My Pants, with third going to Blue Collar after besting Short Bus on the tiebreaker.  Next week, our Summer Season begins with a question on the ‘Stephanie Plum’ novels.  ~ Matt