Hot Pour House Trivia action on a frigid Thursday night!

​​Pour House pub trivia’s Thursday kept you nice and toasty as the single digits rolled in!

We rocked six games of live trivia action, so check out the games!

Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

ICE, ICE BABY. On the roads, that is.

We had a two-week holiday breather here at Bunkers in Leesburg, and it was great to be back for live trivia to see all your smiling faces!

Cranius Maximus made it a repeat win tonight, with Your Mom on their heels by only one point! Thundercats are always a force to be reckoned with and took 3rd DESPITE forgetting to bring The Sword of Omen with them tonight.

See you all again next week, where our first category will be the band The Replacements.

~ Ronnie

Replacements trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

If tonight’s game were some foreshadowing as to how 2015 is gonna go down, then wow, we have one great year of pub trivia ahead of us to play at Champion Billiards! Happy New Year everyone and thanks for coming out and braving that nasty brr we got going on all week! Jeesh! When I am almost brought to tears walking to and from my car, it is cold out! (I also get stubborn and don’t dress appropriately, but that’s my issue…).

Jack Frost nipped but not hard enough to keep us away from a game of trivia tonight! 17 teams gathered in Champions tonight and threw down in what was a stellar game of pub trivia! We had some new teams – with some very colorful team names, I might add. And we had some veterans come out for a little Thursday night fun!

The game went up, down, around, inside out and even backwards at some points! We had some very tough questions pop out, like “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen Latifah,” had a bite. We had some fun ones as well – there is too much material that copmes with “Stub Hub.” And in the end we gave out some prizes and extra World Series points to our Top 5 tonight! Congrats y’all on a game well played, against a tough field of teams!

live  trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

live  trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

live  trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Props to our 4th and 5th Place finishers as well: Just Good Enough and Brain Freeze, respectively.

Thanks again for playing tonight everyone. I hope you enjoyed and got home safe and thawed out! Get ready for next week’s R1Q1, courtesy of Master Debaters. We will kick off with “Physics.” Always fun! 🙂

And remember invites for Playoffs and World Series go out starting next week. Mark those calendars – Jan 24 for Playoff/ Pub Crawl and Jan 31st for World Series 10!

Have a great weekend my friends. See you soon. dg 🙂

physics trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

It seems as if the holiday slump has shaken itself off as we eclipsed double digits tonight in the number of pub trivia teams! Some new faces, some travelers, some vets, we had it all! The game was dominated by a team calling themselves Liquor? I Hardly Know Her, who were playing their first game at Fish Market (though, admittedly, this was not their first PHT experience).

They were up 7 going into the final question, which didn’t prove to be as challenging as some in the past, and Liquor took down the victory! 2nd place went to You’re Killing Me Smalls, 3rd going to 2 Birds One Stone. Great to see people back after a good holiday season, and I hope to have ’em back for more live trivia next week. The winter season is coming to a close VERY SOON HERE! Get your trivia fix IN NOW and COME JOIN US! Only about 2 weeks until our playoffs start so make sure you all are ready!! Until next week 😉

1st Place:     Liquor? I Hardly Know Her
2nd Place:    You’re Killing Me Smalls
3rd Place:     2 Birds One Stone

Next week’s category:     Gilmore Girls

Gilmore girls trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Guido’s – Frederick, MD

It was fun night at Guido’s last night for our first game of trivia since before Christmas! It may have been bitter and cold outside, but the teams still braved the weather to get their Pour House on!! It was, as always, an intense competition between the ever talented teams that come to Guido’s and after the final question, this was how our first week back from the holidays ended… Fighting tough and ending up with 3rd place as a visiting team was Two and a Half Men! Finishing 2nd was the always good T.N.C.! Taking 1st place for our first game back from the holidays was 3 People Who Have Never Been in My Kitchen!! Their choice for next weeks winners choice category? “3 Clues, 1 World”! So study up and get back to Guido’s next Thursday night!!  ~ Jon J

Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

First and foremost, Happy birthday to the KING.  I wore my blue-suede shoes in honor of the MAN tonight.  Elvis TCB forever.

Secondly, this game was a back and forth game all night long. With 6 teams playing, we had two new teams and some old friends hanging out. Last weeks champion “Clever Team Name” was the clear leader at the half, and dominated the puzzle page.  BUT, CTN just crumbled in the 3rd and 4th rounds. Newbie the “Motorboat Express” had a very large team- 5 people. This gave them a ton of collective brain power, and in the end they had a crushing victory. The battle was for 3rd place between CTN and our old friends the Anal Bum Covers duked it out for second and third. respectively.

I have to say, I try to be impartial, but team “9 Years” and “Cup Chicks” always make me smile.  They don’t always do well in the points, but they are here for the food, the fun, and the love of the game.  Gotta love that!

The winners choice for next week will be “North Korea“… I hope we don’t get hacked!

north korea trivia pour house pub trivia maryland


Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

It had felt like a LONG time since I had been to Quincy’s for Thursday night trivia, but after a three-week break, it was great to see all of our regular teams in the house trying to stay warm.  I hope everybody got a kick out of our Elvis-themed questions, as it was The King’s 80th birthday.  Our top teams rolled through tonight’s set with ease, and despite a big crowd of 16 teams, I Just Quizzed My Pants made it three in a row with another win, and they will be poised to take down the house championship next week.  Lowered Expectations took second, and are also right on their heels for the overall season lead as well.  Caged Wisdom took third, and next week, we’ll be back for the last week of the season with a question on Maryland Terps Men’s basketball!  ~ Matt