Holy Flexible Flyers Batman…Monday Night trivia crews are ready for some post season action!

Monday night pub trivia crews all over Maryland and Virginia are gearing up for the Pour House Trivia playoffs and Pub Crawl this weekend. And they are about some business my friends! Great games tonight – this is the scoop…

il Forno – Frederick, Maryland

I’ll admit, the “Denny sings Disney” category had me a smidge nervous, but it was fun…very fun actually :) It made “hum dee dum dum..rumbly in my tumbly.”  And usually after that happens a super game folows…oh and it did. As much as I do appreciate the One Crow Short of a Murder style category choices, they had to settle for 2nd Place tonight as it was Quick Pink and the Vine Gang who cold sniped the final question and jumped into 1st Place! Great game QP! 3rd Place was Wrecking Ball who were putting on a trivia clinic up until the final question – they were going for the Season 8 High Score (currently 172) and went big  on the final! 

I’d like to wish all of my Monday night friends the best of luck at playoffs and Pub Crawl this weekend. And i will see you all next Monday night when we begin with a question in the category of “Animorphs,” which will be aa learning experience for me as I have admittedly never heard of this…

animorphs trivia

DRP – Alexandria, Virginia

Only three points separated first, second, and third in our Monday night game here at DRP! To go even further, all the teams were on point and in the running going into the final! MSC came out on top for 1st, veterans Team Awesome in 2nd, and a team that plays from time to time, Fancy Hippo, took 3rd.

Best of luck to all teams in the playoffs this Saturday, I will see you there and  Join us here at DRP next Monday for our first category, Marine Biology. ~ Ronnie

fish trivia questions

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, Maryland

Oh, fear the turtle indeed! We had some feisty teams at Greene Turtle tonight! Been awhile since I had a team threaten bodily harm to me ;) That’s right Ponfar- I’m keeping my eyes on you. We also had a great game with a tiebreaker even, Huzzah tiebreakers!  Just the two of us beat out Ponfar for Oppenheimer’s birthday and took 3rd. In 2nd it was Bam! Who led for most of the night but fell pray to the 4th round jitters. They will be back next week for retribution on our 1st place team- Give us your Beer Money! Can’t wait to see that match up again… We will start with the Empire Strikes Back. Silly Harrison Ford… ~Samantha
yoda trivia

Mistero – Frederick, Maryland

Our second week at Mistero and we’ve already got a regular crew.  Everybody that joined us for opening night was back fro Round 2.  We also welcomed Hate & Spite to the game for the first time, and played very well with a third-place finish.  Once again, our second-place team was They Have a Cream For That, who played a stellar game but they could not quite match the dominance put forth by Stink Floyd, who is still undefeated after two weeks.  They were the only team to get the final, and took down another win.  So, we’ll be back next week with a question on Horror Writers who are not Stephen King.  See you then!  ~ Matt