Holy Cow! What a Thursday night of Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub quiz aims to keep you entertained end to end!

Apparently, we’re not the only ones to combine Batman and Robin Leach! Here’s some very average sketch comedy to that effect!

[th_youtube id=’Fm_PqZZh-nQ’ name=’Batman and Robin leach Pub Trivia Maryland’]

We also talked about the first Google Doodle – those early guys were a little more hippie than they are now, eh?

Let’s see those Thursday night games, eh?


Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

Our silly wrong answers came in bunches during tonight’s round of bar trivia!

The winner of the Player’s Championship? It was NOT Winston Churchill, Tony Blair OR Hans Gruber!

The lead singer of Quiet Riot? It was NOT Kid Rock Feat. Sheryl Crow, Sidney Crosby, Eh? OR Sir Anthony Hopkins!

Lastly, the author of La Esmeralda was NOT Pepe Le Pew OR Gary Busey!

We had a crazy three-way tie for second place! 

Cake or Death, Cranius Maximus and Thoroughly Confused were all tied up. After we broke the tie, it was Thoroughly Confused in second and Cranius Maximus in third! 

Winning your first place prize slip were The Indians!

The THUNDERCATS scored the most points, but played OVER THE LIMIT. They chose your first category though! 

We’ll start our final Season 9 game with Supernatural, which also just ended season 9!!

[th_youtube id=’4kmA86_hnbo’ name=’Supernatural Pub Trivia Maryland’]


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Note to self: Do not start out a game of bar trivia with a question in which yeast infection is a decent wrong answer. 

2nd Note to Self: If I break the above note…don’t be surprised when things evolve into nasty “your mom” answers later in the game…doh!
We had ourselves one fantastic game of pub trivia tonight at Champion Billiards. The gang was all here tonight and then some! Thanks everyone for coming out in spite of the downpour we had pelting us all night. 
Tonight’s winners went to the cross-town crew, Phlitches,who came out full force tonight and earned some momentum prepping for this post season-ness! GG Phlitches!
Phlitches Bar Trivia Maryland
2nd Place went to Horseshoes and Hand Grenades – earning some loot and 17 points to help their House Champion efforts – next week we crown it! Great game Horseshoes!
Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Live Trivia Maryland
3rd Place – rounding out the leader board was Monkey Fighting Snakes who were jumping all over the Top 5 spots tonight and found a nice spot to land for the 3rd Place win! Good stuff MF Snakes!
Monkey Fighting Snakes Pub Trivia Maryland
Great Thursday night fun y’all – join us next week for SEASON 9 FINALE and we’ll be handing out playoff/world series invites as well. We kick that game off with Les Miserables – the film! (Im getting nervous “Jean Valjean” pronunciation flashbacks right now!)-  see ya then 🙂 dg
Jean Valjean Pub Quiz Maryland


Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

Put It on Seabass’ Tab, our veterans, took a week off for Mother’s Day but returned tonight in pro form. They maintained the lead for most of the game and took down the victory!
These guys are ready for the post season. I’m excited to see what happens! 2nd place went to Gone Squatchin’, also another team to keep an eye on for the playoffs, and 3rd place went to the duo of Domari Nolo, who will most likely be advancing to the World Series by auto invite.
We’ll see what happens with the post season, should be a blast! Thanks, I’ll see ya next week!
1st Place: Put It on Seabass’ Tab
2nd Place: Gone Squatchin’
3rd Place: Domari Nolo
Next week’s category: Sixteen Candles
[th_youtube id=’HGLtBJupFFM’ name=’Sixteen Candles Pub Trivia Maryland’]


Guido’s – Frederick, MD

It was a good night at Guido’s Speakeasy for live trivia! It seems that when it gets down to the final weeks of the season, the teams come out to play!
It was pretty close scoring-wise for my top five teams throughout most of the game but, as per usual, the wagering for the final question determined how the game ended…. In 3rd place tonight was Stink Floyd, taking 2nd tonight.. welcome back Fourth Spy!
Your game winners held a small lead the entire game and didn’t let go once… None Pizza with Left Beef!!
They chose “Films of the 1890s” for next weeks winners choice question(good luck with THAT!) so study up, ’cause next week is our last game before the playoffs!!
Hope to see everyone back next week!!  
~ Jon J
1890s Film Pub Quiz Maryland


Lake Linganore Association, New Market, MD

I’ve heard of singin’ in the rain, but pub trivia in the rain? That’s what we had, and we made a killer night of it at Lake Linganore!
It was a tough battle, but S+M Connection ousted Faking Bad for a first time win!
Faking Bad took an honorable second with newcomers Saddle Masters in third.
Next week’s winners’ choice category is Chemistry (but not the kind you find on “Breaking Bad” :-P)
Study up on your periodic table, and I’ll see you next week under the tent!
– Eric 😀
Periodic Table Trivia Company Answer MD


Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

Thanks to all the fine folks up at Main St. Oyster House for being so welcoming as I filled in for Natalie during tonight’s pub quiz! Don’t worry folks, she’ll be back next week.
Clever Team Name was our winner tonight, with Hot Mess playing a very strong game for 2nd! The Cup Chicks & Pete stayed close to them all night, and finished in 3rd.
C’mon back out next week, where you first category will be the TV show “Pretty Little Liars”.
~ Ronnie
[th_youtube id=’E2iad1X53bw’ name=’Pretty Little Liars Pub Trivia Maryland’]


Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

Down at Quincy’s in Gaithersburg, it took a bold move on the 6-4-2, but it paid off for the Sneaky Geckos, as it shot them into the lead, which they were able to hold onto after the final question to take home their second win of the season!  Our House Championship will be decided next week, as the top two overall teams both finished in the top three, with Depends edging out Uncle Jack thanks to their intricate knowledge of Quiet Riot.  Next week begins with a question on Dr. Who!  ~ Matt