HOF Pitching on Wednesday! Pour House Trivia recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday featured some Hall of Fame pitching, and some hall of fame quiz action!

Who you got – Randy Johnson or Pedro Martinez?

It’s a tough pick for me – Randy’s exploded bird pitch might be the greatest bit of random chance I’ve ever seen on a ball field!

[th_youtube id=’vZ55Y1MoEUQ’ name=’Randy JohnsonTrivia’]

Check the games!

Applebees – Frederick, MD

Tonight at Applebee’s, we had some serious discussions on what is/isn’t a sport, and we even had some math practice! I also learned that everybody in the bar is apparently an expert on cajun cuisine, pulling an answer I’ve never even heard of. In addition to all these things, there actually was a trivia game going on, and we had a good one.

At the end of the game it was very crowded at the top, and a very difficult final (only one team managed to get it) meant that for the second week in a row, The Witiots take the victory on the final question for their third straight victory! They’ve got a nice little streak going. In second place was the team that led for the entire game, our house champions One Crow Short of a Murder! Congrats to them on a very impressive season! In third place was Dalek Dance Party, who impressed me throughout by being the only team to get several 2-point bonuses.

Next week, we start with Will Ferrell movies courtesy of The Witiots who decided to stray from the President category trend they had been setting. I hope to see you all there, and in the parking lot after for another ice ball fight!

Until next time,

Will Ferrell Trivia Pour House LIve Trivia

Barefoot Bernie’s – Hagerstown, MD

I ate Apple Jacks like crazy when I was a kid! And I’ll just say go ahead and say it, the bullies did not leave me alone (you know who you are!). That said, I might have a lawsuit on Apple Jacks then for false advertising? (See this: someone sued Red Bull – and WON a bunch of $$$ – because it did not actually “Give Them Wings.” — link: http://mpora.com/articles/man-sues-red-bull-for-not-giving-him-wings-and-earns-13-million-settlement#CuGJyQEkDh3kqMHH.97). Things that make you go hmmm…

Ok – got that out of my system! Great hanging tonight with you my friends! Washington County, MD was a cold one but it did not stop the love from pouring into Barefoot Bernies for a bit of Wednesday night trivia-ness. In our penultimate night of pub trivia Season 10, we had some fun and games for a couple of hours.

Outside of the aforementioned Apple Jacks scenario, we had some fun ones tonight! And some tough ones as well. Usually I do my favorite fun ones of the night…tonight I’d like to highlight my favorite toughies!

1. Stephen Crane and Red Badge of Courage – stroll down memory lane and Language Arts class
2. Andouille – NO! Spelling does NOT count! Sneaky devils 🙂
3. Volume of a Cone – made me want to go get Ben & Jerry’s !

Notwithstanding some tough questions splashed in there, that game was stelllar and a blast! And I congratulate our Top finishers tonight! Here are some shots of their smiley faces…EXCEPT FOR 3RD PLACE who had to leave – congrats to Adrian Peterson, branch Manager on a great 3rd Place pull!

pour house trivia live trivia maryland

pour house trivia live trivia maryland

Next Wednesday we have our Season Finale for Season 10. I hope you all can make it out for the game and we can get a little pre-Post Season pep and smack talk started! We kick that night off with a fave of mine, the movie “Killer Joe,” based on the play – one that is near and dear to my heart. Oh yeah!

killer joe trivia pour house pub trivia

See you next Wed. my friends!

Bennigan’s!! How I love thee! I always have a blast hosting for you guys, and tonight did not disappoint! I’d like to point out that after several hours of deep googling and wikipedia-ing, I did NOT find anything that linked Sue Storm to a superhero named Invisible GIRL, just woman. Maybe you all look at her like she’s 12, but I assure you, that chick is a full-fledged female. I should also announce that I DID in fact find my Katy Perry secret admirer! She came and outed herself to me; it was a very sweet moment which many of you would’ve shed a tear over 🙂  I’d like to express my thanks to that mystery woman, you made my night!
Tonight’s game saw My Favorite Team (who has won about 5 in a row now) crushing the field, leading most of the way, and taking down the win in the process. They were one of the few teams tonight to not really make any major mistakes. I believe they bet everything correctly, they picked their bonuses right, they perfected the halftime page. Truly, this is a team to beat come January 31st! 2nd place tonight went to Uncle Jack, which I believe, if calculations are correct, gives them the title of House Champion of Bennigan’s this season (I will verify this fact and announce an official winner in next week’s blog). 3rd place went to a team calling themselves Strangers Have the Best Candy, a travel team from the Atlantic Grille. Glad to have you all here tonight, hopefully you’ll make us your new home! Game went well tonight, I’m excited to see how the playoffs and the World Series games work out! We have 1 more week of the season, so be sure to return next week for some more trivia fun! I’ll be there (so, let’s face it, you should be too)!1st Place:     My Favorite Team
2nd Place:    Uncle Jack
3rd Place:     Strangers Have the Best CandyNext week’s category:     Oceans of the World
World Capitals Live Trivia Maryland

The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

Well, we found some spots for our teams to study up on before playoffs on the 24th! Those American authors are tricky!

We had a good game of pub trivia tonight with a great turn out, 16 teams hiding from the cold and drowning braincells in those Goose Island specials! It was a close call with a couple teams swapping out on those top 3 spots, and it all came down to strategy.

In 3rd tonight was Constantly Changing team name, 2nd went to our distinguished team of Caviar and 1st went to Team Wednesday who had to call in some ringers after the majority of the team is visiting Costa Rica this week! Color me jealous!

Next week in their honor we will start with a first category of Costa Rica! Study up 🙂


Costa Rica Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia

The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

We had a NAIL-biter of a finish at The Tavern for live trivia tonight!! One team held first place from halfway through round 1 until the final question was asked. Unfortunately for that team, I had to ask that final question.

This is how we ended up in Olney tonight: Moving up to 3rd place with a smart wager of “0” was Men and Pausers! It hurts to announce 2nd place for this team that ruled almost the ENTIRE game until the final, Team Gryffindor! Making a last question comeback for a SECOND week in a row and taking 1st tonight was our house champions for season 10, Olney the Lonely!!

They picked “the Cello” (the instrument) for next weeks winners choice category. I would also like to say congratulations to all my teams heading to the playoffs next Saturday! GOOD LUCK!! But I’ll see everyone back next Wednesday evening at the Tavern!!

~ Jon J

Cello Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Revolution Bar – Fairfax, Virginia

Tonight was a hard fought night at Revolution Bar!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Best-Your-Mom-of-the-Night”: As proud and thrilled as I’d be, no unfortunately my mother is not being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame for her outstanding pitching career!

In “Solid-First-Category”: GT80 Sauce advised us to always be Batman, so we did just that! If given the option, ALWAYS BE BATMAN!

In “So-Close-and-Yet-So-Far”: Unfortunately the Iron Lady was Margaret Thatcher, who was not only not a Secretary, but not even American.

After the final tonight, it was defensive wagers that ruled the roost!

In third place, Del Rey Dummies! Good job guys!

In second place, Movin on Up! Tough break guys, after leading all night! Still a good game!

Taking it down in a come from behind, Mess and Jegg! Congratulations guys,wll done!

And then, they picked THAT as a first round category. Mess and Jegg have chosen one of the worst films of all time: Troll 2. I’ll go ahead and say it, DON’T study up on this one. You’ll regret it..

Until then,

[th_youtube id=’9KCct4RwLNM’ name=’Troll 2Trivia’]


T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, VA

Another packed house at T.J. Stone’s and we welcomed a couple of teams who had not paid us a visit in quite a while.  One of those teams, Reverse Polarity, lead the game wire-to-wire, got the final, and took down the win!  Nice way to make the triumphant return to trivia!  My Favorite team took second, which clinches them the house championship for Season 10.  Rounding out our top three was We Know More than Jon Snow.  Next week begins with a question about beer!  ~ Matt

Another great night of live trivia at Valley Grill Sports Bar here in Middletown, thanks again to everyone for braving the cold to come play!

It took a “Fantastic” tiebreaker to settle this one, and it was Southpaw Fish that came out on top. 2nd place went to Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap, and 3rd to Rikki Tikki Tavi!

Your first category for next week is Tom Cruise films.

~ Ronnie

Top Gun Trivia Alexandria