Hockey, Hockney and a whole bunch more from Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday packed the houses, with live trivia all across Maryland and Virginia!

We got a little wintry preview with our Hockey/Hockney question, but that wasn’t all we did – check out how it all went down!

Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

Summer must be winding down, as we had several teams popping back into Capitol City Brewing Company after taking a few weeks off.  So, we packed the house with 13 teams.  Our resident powerhouse, the Capital Hillbillies, was going for a fourth win in a row (yes, one of those weeks they had eight people, but that extra person had passed ouet at halftime).  They played tonight’s game as ‘Pawnee: First in Friendship, Fourth in Obesity), and they played close to flawlessly, with one little hiccup at the end of round four on the Looney Tunes question.  But, they still held the lead heading into the final, and got the right answer to take home the win.  Title One Forever took second, with Show Me on the Doll bouncing up a couple of spots for third place.  Next week, we begin with a question on U.S. Presidents born in Virginia!  ~ Matt


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Champions, I can tell we are getting to the end of the summer season – teams are starting to travel! 17 teams tonight packed those tables! Nice to see the folding tables come out again tonight 😉 Everyone is looking to pack in the games before the summer wraps up.

It was a solid and steady game tonight, with everyone hearing the same tune on the final but dancing different steps – so close! Have enough of that benedryl and you’re not going to be dancing at all! At the end of the war it was Thundercats in 3rd, 2Live clue 2 in 2nd and Wiser but still dead in 1st. Nice job!

While you’re busy brushing up on your Andy Warhol referances, study up on some Cancer Pharmacology. Not Hamster. Cancer.


pharmaceutical drug pub trivia night

Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

Boy, how do you cheer for that last question? I always find that curious when you have a such a “baddy” for an answer, yet you want to show exuberance over getting the final correct.

Anywho… here are the results of tonight’s game:

MoMo in 1st

Never Gets to Pick 1st Category in 2nd

Lightfoot in 3rd

Our first category for next week is power tools.

~ Ronnie


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

Coming soon!

Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

As we play our way through the last few weeks of Summer Fling at La La, games are staying pretty heated! Last night’s contest brought out nearly 10 of pub trivia’s finest! And I got to facilitate a little Tuesday evening sparring session!

It began innocent enough, with our boy John Deere showing up along side the likes of Simon Pegg, Bob Hope and Jason Statham.

john deere trivia pour house pub trivia

But then that puzzle hit and so did the 2nd Half! And it was business time! The fun thing about Monkey La La is that we get a whole field of teams who can throw down! And I never know how it will turn out until that last answer slip is in on the final Q.

Congrats to our Top 3 finishers:

20150818_215931.1 20150818_215728.2 20150818_215842.3

And next week, you can thank Atlas Drugged for this one: “Triple One in Three: Jefferson Starship, Starship, or Jefferson Airplane.” Good music though 🙂 Have fun spending some time with those bands this week.

jefferson starship trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

My friends, thanks a bunch for hanging Tuesday. Have a great week and weekend and I will see you soon. DG 🙂

Orioles Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

Tonight’s game started off quite heavy on the sports questions, thanks to last week’s winners, Caviar, picking Georgia Tech football for the first category. The first round also happened to have a question about college nicknames, asking about the Naval Academy’s unofficial nickname for their teams. I just remember my school, Towson, playing basketball against them, so I remember the Midshipmen, but I didn’t know that was ‘unofficial’. Today’s audio question had U.S. states in each of the song titles, and a few teams did really well. Unfortunately, some teams screwed up the title of ‘Georgia On My Mind’, but most got Mississippi Queen and Meet Virginia, the last of which I actually sang one time for a Chad Sings category, that time it being Train.

There was also a question about Bob Hope and his signature song, which some teams offered to sing to me because I had never heard it before, and although their voices were just beautiful, I didn’t recognize the song. I had a few teams get excited about the action movies question, talking about The Transporter, which I hear is a pretty fun movie, so maybe I should watch it. It can’t be worse than Expendables 3…

Now on the halftime page, which had you identifying animals from Australia, turns out that most teams don’t know what a cassowary is, and nobody knows what a bandicoot looks like. Also, on the bottom part about groups of four, teams had some serious trouble with some of them, and the four horsemen really tripped some people up, because Conquest and Pestilence are the same thing, due to some weird translations, and teams forgot about Famine. That led to some lower than usual scores on the halftime page, which was a tough one. Round three started with a question about a classic TV host who I have never even heard of, Lawrence Welk. Almost every team knew who he was though, which shocked me. Teams even got really close with his theme song, with guesses like ‘Tiny Bubbles’, ‘Champagne Bubbles’, ‘F%*# da Police’, although only one team knew ‘Bubbles in the Wine’.

The final round had another sports question, this time about the size of sporting venues. It turns out that The Big House in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has the biggest capacity outside of racetracks and a stadium in North Korea, which apparently is gigantic. It also had a question about Looney Tunes, more specifically the opera bit where Elmer Fudd sings Kill the Wabbit to the tune of Richard Wagner’s ‘Ride of Valkyries’.

Tonight’s final question about world leaders talked about somebody who came into power shortly before FDR, and left power shortly after FDR died. A few teams were able to figure out that we were talking about Adolf Hitler on that one, and that changed some scores around. Third place tonight went to the Smarty Pants, who couldn’t quite get there. Second went to Three Stooges, who nailed the final and leapfrogged several teams. Winning tonight’s game, however, was One Crow Short of a Murder, who held the lead throughout pretty much the entire game. Next week we start with a question about Curb Your Enthusiasm, which is a fantastic show from what I’ve seen. I’ll see you all again next week!

Until next time,

Curb your enthusiasm Pour House Trivia Maryland


Tilted Kilt – Frederick, MD

With a pack of veteran teams chomping at the bit, we got straight into this week’s game, which would turn out to be full of surprises. The level of competition was high, as all teams stayed very close together until the end.

Spelling doesn’t count, and teams took FULL advantage of that, especially on the Australian animals halftime page. Some of those spellings.


Additionally, we learned all about Michelle Williams and her love life, the last time Train was any good (Zing!) and possibly set a new record for the amount of Bon Jovi answers in a single game (keeping in mind that NONE of the answers were correct!)

After four rounds, it was still anybody’s game, as we rolled right into the final. After only a moment’s hesitation, all teams managed to pull the correct answer (which, thankfully, was not Bon Jovi). In third, as a solo act was the NoTalent Rummies! Second went to the celebrity couple experts, Suck It, Trebek! And first tonight went to The Duchess (aided by TK Girl Marina, so she gets at least half the credit.)

The guys in The Duchess have chosen, The Music of The Smiths as next week’s first category. I know NOTHING about The Smiths, so I’m assuming they don’t mean these guys, right?

The Smiths
See you next week!



Whole Foods – Ashburn, VA

We packed the house tonight at Whole Foods and the crowd had a great time watching me butcher many words tonight! World Capitals are always a tough category and it set the stage for a brand new team to take the win!

1st Bros and Garden Tools

2nd Donald Trump Speech Writers

3rd Mini Van Mafia

We are SET up next week for our first category Volleyball! See you then!



Quincy’s South – Rockville, MD

The summer season is coming to an end in a few weeks and we are starting to see a trend in what teams are bringing their A games as the season wraps up! Our vet teams tonight, Uncle Jack, Bazinga, and D+M were trading off the lead ALL GAME battling out for the number one spot, a spot that Uncle Jack has claimed for a couple weeks in a row now. Let’s see if they kept the streak alive!

Before we jump into the final, tonight’s Question of the Night goes to our Add a Letter. A very vague clue alluding to a winter sport essentially left the meat of the question to deciphering what 78-year-old English painter was friends with Warhol. The sport acted as a hint to tell you that you were probably wrong if your painter’s name wasn’t similar to a sport. To be perfectly fair, I can’t even name any 20th century English painters, so I definitely felt the struggle as I watched the question knock out almost the entirety of the bar. We did have one team pull a correct response though. Bazinga coming in CLUTCH with Hockey/Hockney to take a 4 point lead heading into the 4th round, a lead they held throughout the final round going into the very last question.

The final question played difficult, a get rate of only about 30% or to put it in perspective, 3 teams got the final correct. One of those teams was Uncle Jack. They were in 3rd going into the final, and was up enough on 4th that a 0 bet could lock them into a top 3 spot. which is precisely what they did. Unfortunately for them, the other 2 teams to get the final correct were ahead of them, D+M and Bazinga. D+M was in 2nd place, went BIG with a 12 bet and just crossed their fingers that Bazinga messed up in some way. Bazinga adjusted their bet pre-question as a defensive manuever, which didn’t pay off, because it set them further behind than they’d hoped. Even with the lead AND a correct response, they managed to finish just ahead of Uncle Jack, taking 2nd place. Your winners tonight, D+M! Great game all! Intense! Excited to keep watching our trivia juggernauts duke it out up until the summer final! Until next week, later guys!

1st Place: D+M
2nd Place: Bazinga
3rd Place: Uncle Jack

Next week: The Supreme Court

Supreme Court Trivia Washington D.C.