Head to Cowboy Country for Tuesday Night Trivia!

TUESDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (109 teams across 16 venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: Capital Hillbillies (Capitol City Brewing) with 172

–> Highest Score after Round 4: Valley Girls (Capitol City Brewing) with 165

–> Highest First Half Score: Valley Girls, Uncle Jack (Quincy’s South), You Go to Box – You Feel Shame (FireFlies) with 92

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): NONE

–> Our halftime page featuring rhyming pictures and James Bond films garnered an average score of 17.1, with about 21% of our teams scoring a perfect 20 points.

–> Our 6-4-2 regarding Dr. Pepper (and its placement in a certain superhero film) yielded six points to only 9% of our teams.

TUESDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (19.8% success rate):

–> The only public university located in this U.S. state can be found in a city named for a French frontiersman.  For your wager, name this state.  (you’ll find the answer later in this blog)


Capitol City Brewing in Arlington, VA

First off, I want to give a big Tip of the Hat to Chris for filling in last week while I was out of town for a work trip.  I sure missed all you salty regulars, so I was doubly excited to be back at the host’s table last night!  Eleven teams packed into Capitol City Brewing Company in Shirlington to beat the heat with some refreshing beer, air conditioning, and another ice-cold trivia showdown!

In Round 1, perhaps the hardest question of the night came right off the bat – our winner’s choice on an Iron Maiden album that shares its name with a Star Trek film title had all but a few teams shrugging away their one-point wager.  I saw some good guesses, though, and when you think about it, most Star Trek subtitles are pretty “metal”: Into Darkness, Nemesis, Insurrection… Just about everyone stabilized after that, with some straightforward questions about the First Family, The Rock, and bygone TV networks.

Welcome Back: The Capital Hillbillies were truly a force to be reckoned with throughout Seasons XIII and XIV, but had recently taken some time off from Cap City trivia.  As of last week, they are back and “in it to win it” with their trivia skills and trademark topical temporary team names.  Good to have you back with us!

In the second round, we reviewed breakfast cereals, indigenous peoples, and two presidents who survived gunshot wounds.  Reagan and Teddy Roosevelt were the two we were looking for there – Garfield and McKinley did not recover from being shot, and Gerald Ford was never actually shot despite two separate attempts on his life.  And both by women!  At the end of Round Two and our halftime page (which included a rhyme-time picture set in honor of our Summer FLING), most teams were in good shape, none more so than the Valley Girls, who were sitting on an incredible 92 points – meaning an absolutely perfect score, including bonuses!

A Very Pour House Birthday: Cake and candles to newcomers Three Little Birds, who celebrated a triple birthday while vying for some extra presents in the form of PHT prizes.  No luck there, but I loved their birthday cake – which took one of our beloved sponsors as its theme:

Cap City Brewing

…and it was delicious!  Thanks for sharing!

In Rounds 3 and 4, we covered everything from world literature to state capitals to NBA teams.  The Valley Girls’ perfect game was broken up by the recently-canceled Netflix series “Sense8”, but they easily held onto first position, with Show Me on the Doll and the Hillbillies jockeying back and forth between second and third place throughout the night.

Ways to Spell “Didgeridoo”, According to Cap City Teams: DIJERIDOO, DGERRIDOO, DIGGERIE DOO (my fave), DIGERIDOO, DIGGERIDU… and a big Tip of the Hat to Thinkin Kraken, who actually got the spelling right!

Going into the Final Question on Colleges & Universities, it was still the Valley Girls on top (by 5 points) with the Hillbillies, SMotD, Goofballs, and Menace 2 Sobriety rounding out the top 5.  Last night’s Final was a tough one, with only three teams coming up with the correct response of WYOMING.  Two of these ended up taking gold and silver medals; the third, newcomers Tuesday Boozeday, made an unbelievable leap from the bottom of the scoreboard into fourth place!  Hope to see you kids back next week!  Meanwhile, the Valley Girls wagered conservatively, landing in a respectable third place.  Your top three:

First Place:  Rodman to the Rescue (a.k.a. Capital Hillbillies)

Second Place:  Menace 2 Sobriety

Third Place:  Valley Girls

Next week’s first category:  Famous Redheads

~ Austin

Mad Men Redhead


Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD

Coming soon…

Next week’s first category:  “Schoolhouse Rock”


Schoolhouse Rock


Cugini’s Restaurant in Poolesville, MD

We kicked of the Summer Fling in fine fashion here at Cugini’s in Poolesville, and it was a real close game all the way to the end.  Our first round categories included one “diamond in the rough” of a question, the youngest of President Trump’s two daughters, and three films featuring this star who is currently riding a wave of success.

Dwayne Johnson Rock

Round two featured an audio clue with some music that was “weaponized” for your enjoyment, we also took a trip to Canada and discussed the people who lived there before it became Canada.  We talked about the hardest hit to achieve in the MLB, sprinkled some sugar on our corn flakes, and remembered President Reagan’s brush with death.


The third round was a bit challenging with remembering all three parts of Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, and the Netflix series “Sense8”, which was cancelled, much to the disappointment to the show’s loyal fans.  The round finished off with a three choices between the Warriors and the Cavaliers, and two solo albums from the front man for the Rolling Stones.

Jagger Stones

The final round got downright Biblical with a little pre-Father’s Day style question, followed by two U.S. States with a pair of interesting commonalities.  We ruined a perfectly good and tasty sprig of broccoli by combining it with a perfectly disgusting piece of cauliflower, and jammed with some indigenous Australians on our didgeridoos.  Finally we had three clues for the word “damn”, with two of them pointing towards this famous line.

Gone With the Wind

The final was a tough one tonight, with zero correct answers among our teams.  Better luck next time!  Here are the final results:

First Place:  Like a Hobo on a Hot Ham Sandwich

Second Place:  Drunk and Disorderly

Third Place:  MoMo

Next week’s first category:  “Twin Peaks” (original)

~ Ronnie

Twin Peaks


Orioles Nest in Frederick, MD

Coming soon…

Next week’s first category:  College Basketball

Marquette Basketball


Senor Tequila’s in Germantown, MD

The Summer Fling is in swing, and with a ring-a-ding-ding, some Pour House Trivia teams walked out with some bling tonight at Senor Tequila’s in Germantown!  Though it was pretty clear some had to wing it as they got back in the swing of it.  OK… I’ll stop.

Highlights of the Night:

In “I-Lied;-Get-A-Sling”: ” Can I see Number 3?” “Number 3 please?” I should’ve just passed my phone around because I’m pretty sure every single person came up to look at the color version of the third picture on the puzzle page tonight, trying to figure out what the indistinct blob was.  Color did help some.  Didn’t help others.

In “King-of-Instruments-Not-of-Spelling”: Ahh, the noble didgeridoo.  I had no idea that THAT was how you were made.  I’m a little grossed out now.  That said, it did bring me some amazing spellings tonight.  My favorite I think was Digirydo.  When I tell you I involuntarily snorted and cackled like a madman.

In “A-Final’s-Keen-Sting”: Tonight, everyone had split between two admittedly solid answers on the final. Unfortunately, neither split answers were the correct one, which saw a very nasty point put on the end of an up and down game of trivia.

In third place tonight, 100% Scorganic!

In second place tonight, the Fan Club!

In first place tonight, Beer Pressure!

Great game tonight guys! Next week we’ll string the game up and start with a question in the category of Nintendo 64!  Ain’t that a hell of a thing! (OK – I swear that was actually the last one) Study up, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

~ Ian

Mario Kart Nintendo Trivia


FireFlies in Alexandria, VA

There are some night where it feels like everyone is a winner – and tonight was one of those nights at FireFlies in Alexandria.  Round 1 only saw one missed wager, and it was the very first question about the American Revolution – that team was so close in naming Cromwell as the British army officer who surrendered, but it was Cornwallis who we were looking for.  Unfortunately that team had selected this category as their bonus, putting them behind the pack at the end of Round 1.  Round 2 saw no missed wagers, but only You Go To Box, and You Feel Shame was able to snag all of the wagers AND bonuses, giving them the lead during the second round.

Halftime was a cinch for these teams when it came to the rhyming words portion, and only a couple were missed in the “who played Bond” section.  At half time You Go To Box had a strong lead, but the other two were still in fighting mode.  The only wager missed in Round 3 was on the fifth question, a triple 50/50 with the Warriors vs Cavaliers.  I guess not everyone is an NBA fan.  One team jumped the gun on the 6-4-2 regarding the “container” Spider-Man grabbed when learning about his Spidey web skills.  The four-point clue helped the rest identify Dr. Pepper as having a unique blend of 23 flavors.  My favorite question of the night was in Round 4 in the category of Three Clues/One Word.  Clue 2 stated: “David O. Selznick was fined $5,000 for an incident directly related to this word”  With that, I just had to look up the story.  Apparently the line “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” was very controversial in the film “Gone With the Wind”.  Alternatives that were written included gems such as “I don’t give a straw” and “I am completely indifferent” – doesn’t quite have the oomph of a good DAMN in there!  In the end, ranks were pretty set since Round 1, but players tried to tough it out on that final question.  NOBODY got it right, leaving everyone…right where they were.  Your winners were:

First Place:  You Go to Box and You Feel Shame

Second Place:  Bad Hombres

Third Place:  Covfefe

Next week’s first category:  Airplane!

See You Next Tuesday!

~ Kate

Airplane Trivia


Shuckin’ Shack in Frederick, MD

I was so very glad to see such a great crowd tonight here at Shuckin’ Shack in Frederick, despite the rather intense heat.  Tonight’s first question was an “Absolutely Fabulous” tough one, the rest of you can thank Book Club Babes for that.  Thankfully, the next few questions were a bit more relevant to our teams tonight, with three teams tied for first after the opening round (Trivia Newton John, Irregardlessly Unrelevant and Buttered Balls).  The final question in Round 2 ruffled some feathers, as most teams knew that Ronald Reagan had been shot in an attempted assassination.  However, the lesser known Theodore Roosevelt was confused with Gerald Ford, who had suffered an assassination attempt, but was not actually shot.

Tonight’s puzzle page was seemingly easy, but the bottom half proved to be difficult for some of you with identifying James Bond actors.  I guess it’s tough for you to think of George Lazenby if you’ve never heard of him, but apparently it was a piece of cake for the one team who finished with a perfect score of 20 points.  Nice job, Buttered Balls.  As we moved into the third round, your knowledge of Mick Jagger’s solo endeavors put some of you at an advantage, as well as your recent knowledge of the NBA.  After Round 3, Trivia Newton John held a five-point lead over Mother Functions, which they were able to hold through the end of the fourth round.  However, the final question knocked Mother Functions out of third place and allowed Book Club Babes to assume rank.  It was a great finish to a well-played game.  Here are your top three finishers tonight:

First Place:  Trivia Newton John

Second Place:  Book Club Babes

Third Place:  Mother Functions

Next week’s first category:  Madonna

Fair Winds,

~ Mrs. Chief



Top Golf in Ashburn, VA

The humidity was so thick you could cut it with a knife, however it didn’t keep teams from coming out to Top Golf for some Pour House Trivia.  What a great turnout tonight!  With a bunch of new teams and a few old favorites, another great game was had in Ashburn!  Congratulations to our teams that scored well at Sunday’s World Series!  I hope you had an enjoyable time, especially if it was your first experience of THE BIG GAME!

With the exception of the winner’s choice category on European Geography, the first round progressed rather smoothly, as most of our teams topped 30 points.  The most popular bonus category in the second round was in the category of Breakfast Cereals, and this question was not very sweet for our field.  Less than half of our teams answered correctly, leading to some separation in the standings.  Taco Tuesday lead the pack after the first half and puzzle page.  With the high score of 18 points, Mind Benders sat just one point behind.

The third and forth rounds were interesting as well, because it seemed to go better for every team! (I enjoyed the laughter with the veggies question by the way).  After four rounds, Taco Tuesday maintained its lead, but now it was Par Five sitting in second place.  Tonight would have been a good night to perhaps offer up a strategic wager, as none of our 11 teams were able to surmise the correct response of Wyoming.  With that, there was very little movement in the final rankings.  I guess everybody just loves to go ALL IN!  With the first week of the Summer Fling season now complete, here were your top three teams tonight:

First Place:  Taco Tuesday

Second Place:  Par Five

Third Place:  Victorious Secret

Next week’s first category:  Naked Mole Rats? Huh.

~ Zach

Naked Mole Rat


Primanti Brothers in Hagerstown, MD

I love a good night of trivia, especially here at Primanti Brothers in Hagerstown.  We have some great teams here, with a fun rivalry and a whole lot of knowledge.  Tuesday night’s game, however, was a very challenging game indeed.  We started off with a “Harry Potter” question that only one team could correctly guess, because the answer was literally tattooed on the arm of Margaret, We Don’t Even Know’s super Potter fan!  Then things got crazy.  Only Bosom Buddies knew the name of Donald Trump’s youngest daughter.  Shirts and Skins were the only team to correctly identify all three songs on our audio question in the second round.  The question about “First Nations” stumped everyone!  Bill’s Bombers and Bosom Buddies knew that one word missing from the three breakfast cereals. (Tiffany, Canada, and sugar were the answers, in case you wanted to know)

Three different teams held first place at different points throughout the game: We Don’t Even Know led in Round 1, but by the time we reached the end of the final round, it was Shirts and Skins who held a four-point lead over Bosom Buddies.  Our leaders must have sensed something, as they decided to go with a ZERO wager, which is virtually unheard of as a first place teams.  Was there something they didn’t like about the category of Colleges & Universities?   Perhaps, as the final question was a doozy!  With more than half of our teams changing their wagers, and no correct answer, the outcome was definitely not a given for anyone.  Bill’s Bombers, who brought their wives this week, made it to third place.  Bosom Buddies came in second, while Shirts and Skins took home gold with that tactical zero wager.

Next week we’re going to start it off with a question about the History of the Baltimore Ravens (but not the Colts!).  See you next time!

~ Sean

Baltimore Ravens Trivia


The Block in Annandale, VA

Another successful night of Pour House Trivia and fun at The Block in Annandale tonight!  It was packed, so the competition was great!  We had returning members the Kappa Crabs, and the returning, yet renamed, Chimuahmuahs (formerly Schwifty).  We also welcomed a few new teams as well, including Nacho, Mucho Gustingtons, Gradbash, and My Chemical Imbalance.  The atmosphere was fun, relaxed, and focused. Teams were really nailing down those answers!

After a fairly easy opening set, the second round featured our toughest question of the first half, on the seemingly innocuous category of Breakfast Cereals!  Congrats to Gradbash as the only team to pick up points there.  When the halftime sheet rolled around, I was personally impressed at the amount of James Bond knowledge these teams displayed!  With a perfect score of 20 points, Chimuahmuahs took the lead at the break with 87 points.  That’s actually the highest first half score since we began hosting trivia here.  Great job!

During the second half, our questions became much tougher, sending most teams into a tilt.  The Kappa Crabs, Gradbash, and Chimuahmuahs all pulled through and were in a race for top three.  In the end however, there can only be one winner, and when only one team answers the final question correctly, that will usually seal the deal.  In third place, we had Gradbash (named so for their graduation celebration), in second place we had Kappa Crabs, and in first we had Chimuahmuahs.  It was a fun night and I’m excited for next week!

~ Geraden

Next week’s first category:  “Rick and Morty”

Rick and Morty Trivia


Blue Parrott in St. Petersburg, FL

A fantastic night of Pour House Trivia here at the Blue Parrott in St. Petersburg!  Seven teams joined us for tonight’s game, and I have never seen such a competitive field of trivia buffs.  The categories in the first round ranged from the names of Donald Trump’s children (and former wives) to chemical elements.  Three teams were tied atop the leaderboard with 34 points.  We saw much of the same success in the second round, but it was the Clavins who took the lead thanks to correct responses on all three bonus questions and a perfect score of 20 points on the halftime puzzle page.  Even though the Clavins stood tall at 85 points, four more teams were within four points of the leaders.

Just like most weeks, the difficulty of the questions picked up in the second half.  Our most difficult question of the half asked about the recently cancelled Netflix series “Sense8”.  Since only two teams were able to pick up points here, I can understand why it was cancelled…  None of our teams were able to answer all five questions correctly in Round 3, but the Clavins were able to maintain that slight lead heading into the final round.

There was very little movement in the standings during Round 4, but the final question hit our teams like a ton of bricks.  We did not have any team submit the correct response of Wyoming.  If any of our trailing teams would have had the foresight to wager conservatively, they might have stolen a win, but with every team except our leaders betting the full amount of 12 points, there were no changes in the standings.  Here are your top three teams tonight:

First Place:  Clavins

Second Place:  Quiz Knows

Third Place:  28th Way Jump Street

Thanks again and we’ll see you next week at the Blue Parrott!

~ Anne

Next week’s first category: Reese Witherspoon


Monkey La La in Frederick, MD

10 teams went off to battle at Monkey La La in the first week of the Summer Fling tournament qualification.  Here are the notable events from the evening:

  • All ten teams did remarkably well in the first round answering 47 out of the possible 50 questions correct.
  • Round 2 question 2 – Countries of the world provided the most trouble for the first half. “For your wager, the phrase “First Nations” refers to indigenous people who live in what independent modern-day country? “ The answer is Canada while the most common answers were Australia and the United States of America.
  • The 2nd round provided a challenge and only 4 teams were at 80 and above going into the second half:
    1. Wonton Destruction – 87 (Last Season’s Alternative Answers)
    2. Friends without benefits – 83
    3. Demented and Sad But Social – 82
    4. Just Good Enough – 80
  • Round 3 question 1 – Literature was the tough question for the 2nd with only half the teams answering correctly and only 2 teams getting the bonus.
  • Round 4 provided little drama with only 6 questions being missed in the entire round (44 out of 50).
  • The final however was full of drama: In the category of colleges and universities: “The only public university located in this U.S. state can be found in a city named for a French frontiersman.  For your wager, name this state.”  Only one team – Spooning Leads to Forking (Last Season’s The Fellowship) got the correct answer of Wyoming.  The other common answers included Louisiana and North Dakota.
  • The final standings were:
    1. Spooning Leads to Forking
    2. Wonton Destruction
    3. Sad & Demented but Social

Next week’s first category:  21st Century Anime



Quincy’s South in Rockville, MD

After an action-packed Sunday, we cool down and enter the Summer season here at Quincy’s South!  Most of the regular teams showed up to pick up points during the summer, most teams even keeping their team names!  We started off the season with an Italian Composers question per the request of last week’s winners.  A tough opener but about half of the teams were able to start off strong!

Uncle Jack looked like the team to beat tonight, leading at the half and looking to be the first champions of the Summer Season.  A few early misses in the third round diminished their lead as Wingardium Triviosa moved into a tie for first while entering the 6-4-2 question.  The 6-4-2 question was rather tough today, with only one team able to pick up the full six-points.  Four points were earned by every team that didn’t go for six points, EXCEPT for the fact that Wingardium Triviosa made the walk-of-shame and was the lone team that had to settle for two points.

The loss of two points may have come back to haunt Wingardium Triviosa.  As we entered the final question, they trailed by two points.  Luckily, their lead on third place was so great that they could bet a mere three points to protect from a potential miss.  Uncle Jack bet 11 points to cover a potential 12-point wager by WT.  This was gonna be WT’s game in most scenarios.  If Uncle Jack missed, WT would win, regardless of their own miss or correct get.  The only way Uncle Jack wins here is a correct response.

WT brings up their response of South Dakota.  Not a correct answer, though we know this meant nothing because they still needed Uncle Jack to miss and if they got it, they’d take the game any way.  Uncle Jack comes up at the last second.  They had Wyoming written on their slip.  It was crossed out. South Dakota, clear as day, was the answer they locked in with which we already know is wrong.  With that, Wingardium Triviosa takes a win!

Third place goes to Balls Out, the ONLY team to get credit on the final!  Great finish!  Uncle Jack settles for second place.  A good start to the summer.  We’ll see you next time!

~ Bill

Next week’s first category:  American Political Cheaters


Black Eyed Suzie’s in Bel Air, MD

Coming soon…

Next week’s first category: Flowering Trees and Shrubs



Casa Tequila in Purcellville, VA

As usual, it was an eventful night of Pour House Trivia out at Casa Tequila tonight!  We started Round 1 with a “Doctor Who” question, and apparently we had some fans in the house.  We followed that up with some Trump family, The Rock, and diamonds,…naturally… After a CW question, we finished Round 1 with Just Us in the lead.

Our second round started with a few songs that seemed pretty tough for our teams, except for a couple, and then proved itself just as hard with our Canadian question.  A lot of folks knew that the least hit in baseball was a triple, but only a few knew Jose Reyes holds the career record among active players.  Sugar was common knowledge but only a few could nail both of our Presidential assassination attempts.  A shwinging good puzzle page, topped by team Thundercats with a perfect score, finished off the first half of our game.  True Wit jumped Just Us into first place and Thundercats moved into third place.

The literature question in Round 3 started everyone thinking right after half time. We continued on to international relations, as most remembered 9/11 for this one.  Mick Jagger sang us into the next question, and only a couple of teams knew “Sense8” from Netflix.  We finished Round 3 with a NBA coin flip and it was almost a coin flip between team Just Us and True Wit, as only one point separated our top teams.

Four rounds in, we got our serious thinking question of the night.  And while a few got both, most could pull at least one of our states.  Broccoli and cauliflower started confusing us but then most didn’t give a damn.  As a Didge player, I’m happy that a lot of folks got that one (and I promise I will bring it in next week!).  Biblical figures wrapped up Round 4 with Just Us in the lead.  Unfortunately, no one could think of our toughie of a final question and our standings stayed as they were.  Just Us finished in first place, followed by Thundercats and True Wit.  Next week’s first category will be “House of Cards”.

Thanks for a great night guys!

~ Aaron

House of Cards trivia category MD


Outta the Way Cafe in Derwood, MD

Thank you to all who came out to play tonight at Outta the Way Cafe in Derwood!  We had a super fun crowd, and I hope that each of you will make trivia night a permanent addition to your Tuesday night schedule.  It’s he first week of our Summer Fling season, and the more often you play, the better chance you have of qualifying for end of the season event.  A special thank you to Zach and the crew for keeping our drinks topped off and our bellies full with delicious food!  Please come and join us next for more fun!  This is definitely the place for you, great food, drinks and even better people, a perfect place to call your home trivia venue.  Want to sit back and enjoy an adult beverage while learning a thing or two, I invite you to dive into this experience with us!  Hope to see you next week, bring your friends, the more the merrier!

Here are our top three teams tonight:

First Place:  Beers and Babes

Second Place:  Two Girls, Two Drinks

Third Place:  Simba the King

Next week’s first category:  “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Trivia