Have You Got The Right Stuff For Thursday Trivia?

Thursday night marks the end of our contest for free Washington Capitals tickets, so every team had one last chance to get their name into tomorrow’s drawing.   But a couple of very tough questions derailed a few teams.  Who would end up at the top of the ‘best of’ list and sneak into tomorrow’s drawing?

THURSDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (54 teams across six venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: Science Police (Champion Billiards) and Cranius Maximus (Bunker Sports) with 175

–> Highest Score after Round 4: Science Police (Champion Billiards) with 166

–> Highest First Half Score: Science Police (Champion Billiards) with 92

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): Blue Collar (Quincy’s), Breadsticks  (Quincy’s), Lowered Expectations (Quincy’s), Just Good Enough (Champion Billiards), Power Vacuum (Champion Billiards), Science Police (Champion Billiards), Cranius Maximus (Bunker Sports), You’re Killing Me Smalls (Fish Market)

TONIGHT’S FINAL QUESTION (40.5% success rate):

–> Which manned space program was announced to the public on the 55th anniversary of the Wright Brothers’ historic first flight?  (you’ll find the answer later in this blog)


Quincy’s in Gaithersburg, MD

We had the illusive 3-way tiebreaker for first tonight – and it all came down to our teams’ knowledge of Bo Jackson’s brief but storied career, and his exploding hip.

At 162 points, Blue Collar, Lowered Expectations, and Breadsticks all had incredible nights – but in the end, Blue Collar took home the crown, followed by LE and Breadsticks at 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

We had over 15 teams submit answers tonight – shout out to all of our new teams at Quincy’s – Hanging Chads, JFKFC, and Just Jeff showed some fierce competition to our veterans!  You’re welcome back for many Thursdays to come!

Next week’s winner’s choice category, as chosen by Blue Collar, is a fun one – TV and Film Automobiles.  Study up on some Kit, Herbie and the like.

See you next time,

~ Colin



Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD

Oh Champions… What can I say? You’re like coming home. The laughter, the jokes, the dancing to backstreet boys… only one full contact trivia point tonight- that’s a win! was a good night with my veterans showing the new kids how it’s done. I can’t wait to hear the stories from this weekend- I know some of you are planning on heading out to the All things Scary theme night! I want to see the pictures!! Maybe next week I will have some left over Halloween candy for you… hmmm..

Was a good final tonight, shook things up just enough that no one was sure where they were going to end up! In 3rd tonight it was Just Good Enough who were yet again just good enough to step on to that podium! 2nd went to the hard to beat Power Vac who were THRILLED with the space category, no way they were missing that! 1st tonight went to the Science Police! They may not show up often but when they do, they are a force to be reckoned with! Man, oh man! In the spirit of not being here next week they have chose Math History for next week’s first category. Scintillating.



Bunker Sports Cafe in Leesburg, VA

Eight teams battled it out here at Bunker in Leesburg, and it was a hard fought melee to get into the top three. These folks were certainly on point with their answers as there was not much separation in the scores, but a couple of strategic wagers really changed the leader board at the end for the top tier. Here are the results:

First Place:  Cranius Maximus

Second Place:  Thundercats

Third Place:  Indians

Next week’s first category:  Fleetwood Mac

~ Ronnie

Fleetwood Mac Trivia


Links at Challedon in Mount Airy, MD

Tonight at the Links of Challedon we had a great final question that determined the final standings of the teams.  The final answer led to two teams being let down when they thought it was Apollo however the answer was Mercury.  The final standings tonight were as follows:

First Place:  Sharpies

Second Place:  Balls Out

Third Place:  Trusty Eight

Next week’s first category:  NCAA Basketball

Until next time…

~ Devan

NCAA Basketball Trivia


Fish Market in Alexandria, VA

A rare sight tonight at Fish Market; no, the team count was fine, but we only had ONE of our regulars show up tonight. It was You’re Killing Me Smalls against a field of newcomers. Clearly they had to be the favorite going into the game BUT the new teams put up quite the fight. At the half, Sea U Next Tuesday led the field, up on Smalls by 2 points, looking to finish the game with the upset victory!

That hope was quickly diminished as Smalls made Round 3 their You-Know-What and held a fairly convincing lead going into the 6-4-2. No teams gutsy enough to pull the trigger on the 6, though most teams able to answer correctly on the 4 point clue. There was only 1 round left for Sea U Next Tuesday to regain the lead they’d had at the halfway point. Smalls looking damn near unstoppable as the game time winded down, holding onto a lead going into the final tonight.

The final question played rather difficult with only 2 teams getting a correct response. From way behind, Dumb Sasses pulled a correct response, moving into 4th place, but the only other get was our leader, You’re Killing Me Smalls, showing that experience matters here. Good win guys, back next week for another game. 2nd tonight went to Sea U Next Tuesday (hopefully we see them next THURSDAY for another trivia game!). 3rd place to Asshat Management, playing solo, she kicked some ass tonight! Those are your top 3, we’re back in one week! Have a good Halloween we’ll see ya soon!

Next week’s first category:  “Major League”

Major League Film Trivia


Guido’s in Frederick, MD

We had another good turnout for our Thursday night game at Guido’s Speakeasy! We even had a new team who made a move into the top 3 after the final question! Moving up into the 3rd spot was our new team SoMa! Taking 2nd was T.N.C., and rocking it out almost the whole game to take 1st place, Spitters are Quitters!! They picked an “interesting” winners choice category, Things Julia Sugarbaker Said (from the sitcom Designing Women)”. Have fun with that one Matt!! We’ll see everyone else back here next Thursday at Guido’s!!
~  Jon J