Happy Mothers Day to all our Mothers out there! Pour House Pub Trivia Weekend Wrapup!

We here at Pour House pub trivia want to wish the HAPPIEST of Mother’s Days to all the moms out there!
I don’t care if it’s a millipede or a centipede, those many-legged creatures absolutely FREAK ME OUT! I can’t deal with them. At all. I’d take snakes, spiders and any other monster over those.
Look at this!
[th_youtube id=’ooFSFR2s7Ig’ name=’Centipede Pub Quiz Maryland’]
We talked about a ton of shows on TruTV, but we skipped the very best one – Impractical Jokers!
[th_youtube id=’jDCCAflsVi8′ name=’Impractical Jokers Bar Trivia MD’]
Our games also brought you perhaps the greatest bit of knowledge you’ll gain: Little Debbie is giving away SPACE CAMP! If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to spend $500 on snack cakes.
[th_youtube id=’FUPG0aS8gag’ name=’Space Camp Pub Quiz MD’]
Now that we’ve got snack cakes…onto the Saturday and Sunday games!

Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

First, some words of wisdom… “Cole slaw is a dish best served cold.”

Thanks again to everyone for coming out to Belles for another Saturday helping of bar trivia. Smells Like Team Spirit were our top place finishers tonight, with Pog’ Mo Thoin rolling in at a very close 2nd.

A strategic zero wager ensured STDB’s slot for 3rd.

Join me again next week where our first category will be Brat Pack movies!

~ Ronnie

Brat Pack Live Trivia Maryland

Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD

We had an excellent Mother’s Day game of live trivia tonight at Captain Bender’s in Sharpsburg!! 
Our winner’s circle was a stunner, with some seriously high scores!! In the third place spot were our vets, The Innebriati!!
In second place, just in front of them was Almost Mensa!!
The notable team of the night, with a mind-blowingly (near-perfect?) game, was FISTED SISTER!!
Their choice of first category? QUENTIN TARRANTINO FILMS!! 
See you next Sunday!
[th_youtube id=’HnwEEpxf1Dk’ name=’Quentin Tarantino Pub Quiz MD’]

The Raw Bar – Frederick, MD

Tonight was another nail-biter of a pub quiz at the Raw Bar and Grill!!
Everything looked set in stone for the top 3 teams, and then the fourth round happened and changed EVERYTHING! After the final question (and a tie-breaker question) this is how tonight worked out.
In 3rd place tonight was the Witiots! Coming back BIG in the fourth round and finishing 2nd tonight, Optimus Prime Rib! And also making a move into first after the fourth round and holding onto the win by 1 point… 3 Men and a Lady! (an S.T.D.B. variation)
They chose the t.v. show “The Big Bang Theory” for next week’s winner’s choice category, and the House Champion title is still up for grabs between two teams, so I’m excited to see what happens next Sunday night!
If you want to see a great competition, get out to Raw Bar next week for some trivia!!  
~ Jon J
Big Bang Theory Pub Trivia Category Maryland