Happy Labor Day Weekend from Pour House Trivia! Recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Labor Day weekend had a little relaxation and readying ourselves for next weekend’s Summer Fling Finals!
I hope you have the day off today, and have a wonderful Labor Day!
Check out the weekend games!

Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

A happy Labor Day weekend to you all and thanks once again for coming out to Belles for our Saturday live trivia action!

W fought a hard won battle for first, with Jenny McCarthy’s Comeback Measles Tour taking 2nd. It was Earth’s Mightiest Heroes who took down 3rd.

Good luck at the Summer Fling next Saturday and I’ll see you the following for our first category, Calculus.

~ Ronnie

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Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD​​

We had a great time during the beautiful Labor Day weekend with some bar trivia at Captain Bender’s.  

We had some new teams in the house to heat up the competition!!  In third place, newbies to the leaderboard was team Lannister!! In second place was Fisted Sister!! In first place was our house team, Boh’s & Hoes!!

Their choice of first category next week? The movie: TOMMY BOY!!  See you next Sunday!!

– Torie

[th_youtube id=’6nQ4K2bvVxY’ name=’Tommy Boy Trivia Bar Trivia Maryland’]

The Raw Bar – Frederick, MD

I wasn’t sure how live trivia was going to go tonight at the Raw Bar & Grill, because a few of my regular teams told me last week that they would be out of town for the Labor Day Weekend.
However, I had a nice group of some visiting teams make it out to fill in those blanks for a good game! It felt like the questions this week had a lot of teams scratching their heads for answers, but at the the end it broke down like this: Finishing third tonight was a team I hope to see more of in the future, Much More Deeper!
Moving up to second after round four and holding on to that after the final was the Vitrifiers! And our first place team tonight held onto that spot from the end of round one on, the Team Formally Known as Prince!!
Tonight’s $25 cash winner was shocked when I called them out because they finished seventh for the night, but they had the highest accumulated score for the two random questions picked, question five in rounds two and four, nice job 5 O’clock Charlie and Astigmatism! Next week’s winner’s choice category (which by the way, is the start of Season 10!) is “S.T.D.’s” (yikes!) so study up, and I’ll see everyone next Sunday night for the official opening of Pour House Trivia: Season 10!!
 ~ Jon J
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