Happy Hanukkah from Pour House Trivia! Tuesday recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday brings the heat to counter your winter chill with SEVEN games of live trivia on the first night of Hanukkah! Happy Hanukkah to everyone! Enjoy your celebrations all week! Check out the games!

Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

The regular crowd was back out on Tuesday night at Capitol City Brewing Company in Shirlington.  It had been a few weeks, but team Zissou had the full team join us, which means that they would be certainly in contention.  At that was the case, as the team was in fine form, securing a second half lead, and hitting the final to take home the win.  Capitol City Goofballs jumped two spots on the final to take second, with Not My Gumdrop Buttons taking third.  Next week, we’ll start with a question on the comedy film “Necessary Roughness”.  ~ Matt

Necessary Roughness Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

The holiday spirit is catching like the flu here at Champions! The lights are up and the baked goods are appearing. Thanks to Jungle Fever I even received my first Christmas card of the year!  And lest I forget, Happy Hanukkah to those of you who prefer flames to mangers. 🙂 Also happy return to the top of the pack for BTI, who played as You’ll Shoot Your BTI Out tonight and secured a first place finish this week. In 2nd were the steady Thundercats and 3rd went to Castaways! Oh those playing it safe bets can hurt. Good game tonight and I will see you all next week – most likely with cookies! – for our Christmas Eve eve’s game. We will start out with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas special. 🙂 ~Samantha Rudolph Trivia Pour House Live Trivia Maryland

Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

No rain and fog can dampen these spirits at Cugini’s in Poolesville, the all-knowing masters of everything that is Sugarloaf Mountain! LOL! Serenity Now returned to the top slot tonight with a decisive win, but MoMo played strong and had an impressive 2nd place finish. Drunk N Disorderly had a rough couple of rounds but rose to the challenge at took 3rd. My last live trivia game before Christmas, and I look forward to seeing you all, our first category will be Will Ferrell’s holiday comedy, “Elf.” Ronnie Elf Trivia Pour House Live Trivia Maryland

Dilligad Pub – Frederick, MD

We had another awesome game of live trivia, gaining steam with our second night of the week at Dilligad’s Pub!! Definitely some flip-flopping on the scoreboard, especially after the puzzle pages (HOLY HIGH SCORES, BATMAN!)!  But in the end, the prize winning brains were: in third BLACK STEEL!!  In second, BEER IS GOOD!!  And our #1 spot went to WITIOTS!!  Their choice of first category for next week: ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (TV Show) See you next Tuesday! – Torie Arrested Development Pub Trivia MD

Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

We always have a great match at Perryville, but tonight came down to the wire! After spending way too much time on Justin Bieber (Any time spent talking about The Beebs is too much time, amiright??) and not enough time discussing a Sopranos reboot with actual sopranos (It’s a murder-musical! Like Glee and Dexter combined!!), we were down to a nail-biter of a finish!

With venue powerhouses IWOHAB and Pomeranians TIED going into the final, we knew it was going to be tense. Both teams have very strong U.S. History wheelhouses, so this question proved too easy for them, and we moved on to a tiebreaker. ‘Price is Right’ rules came into effect as both teams were under the number we were looking for, and the Pomeranians took it down! They chose “Game Show History” as next week’s category. Sounds like I’ll take ‘Match Game’ for $1,000, Alex!!
-Nickwill ferrell trivia

Markham’s – Bethesda, MD

Tonight we had birthday magic and Christmas spirit mingling among the pile of teams that packed into Markham’s for a fierce game of Pour House Trivia! You know when a couple of new teams come in and start smack-talking early that things are gonna get good! Highlights of the Night: I’m not sure if something is going right or wrong when, while congratulating a team on being the only one to get a two point bonus, they’re the one yelling at me for some reason! Keeping me honest, or had a bit too much to drink? 😉 The Biography Titles category might as well have been re-named the “Unfortunately-That-Person-Is-Still-Alive” category. So many funny people who are still alive today, and did not die in 1998. In “I’m-Uncomfortable-And-I-Need-An-Adult” of the Night: Never have I ever been, shall I say, “propositioned” for more points for a team before. I’ve been asked straight up, jokingly of course, but tonight was … interesting. The podium was in sight for several teams, so it would come down to correct answers. And as it happened, only one team got the final correct. In third place, coming up from behind was Ian’s Angels! I am always flattered when a team names themselves after me, and you guys did great tonight! In second place, battling hard all night, came the K-Town Kids! Well played guys, good job! Taking it down tonight though, leading the whole night and the only team to correctly answer the final, the Chronic Underachievers! Congratulations guys on a well-deserved win! Next week, the CU have chosen Herpetology for round one question one! That’s the study of amphibians and reptiles if you didn’t know-don’t be so cold-blooded about it if you didn’t know what it meant! Study up, and we’ll see you then! Until then, Ian Herpetology Trivia Pour House Pub Quiz MD

Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

On the 12 Day of Xmas my true love gave to me:

12 Trivirgins going crazy

11 Comers from Behind

10 Book Clubby Babes

9 Nosedivers diving

8 Shots of Guano

7 Flippers Flopping

6 TB’s H-ing!

5 Answers Screamed!

4 Stinker Floyds

3 Spoone’ Richardes

2 Silent Titties

1 and One Crow wearing hats in a Xmas Photo!

And that my friends was a night of some serious pub trivia at monkey La La! Great times Tuesday everyone! Thanks for coming out and thanks for participating in our 2014 White Elephant gift exchange – certainly was some good stuff that exchanged hands in that thang! I for one am thoroughly happy about my new domino set. Looking forward to throwing bones here soon! Next week we are doing an UGLY SWEATER game…so bring that thing out of moth balls and get it on with us on Xmas Eve Eve! Happy Hannukah to all of our Jewish friends as well.




Next Tuesday’s first category is “Denny Sings Christmas Carols.” See you then