Happy Fourth of July! Pour House Pub Trivia Weekend Wrap-up

Pour House pub trivia‘s weekend was spent watching fireworks, enjoying the best of the grill, cracking open an adult beverage or two! It was the best of the Fourth for us!
For me, no Fourth of July is complete without a viewing of JAWS. What are your fourth traditions?
Among your weekend festivities, quite a few of you were able to squeeze in a round or two of live trivia!
Check out those games!

Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

Thank you for leaving your couch and your hangovers behind to come hang out with me at Belles tonight!

Had a good crew and a helluva good game tonight! The close scores inspired some trash talking, but it was Nectarine Churchill for the win! Wait.. no.. let me try that again. Maybe I’ll spell it. 😉

In third was the visiting Team Wednesday, second went to Sahm Bee and in first place… was in first place! Love it when that happens 😉

I had a great time tonight filling in but thankfully Ronnie will be back next week for a first category of William Shatner Karaoke- and yes, that is an audio clue. Awesome.. Have fun with that.


[th_youtube id=’_0hTtsqiFCc’ name=’Shatner Karaoke Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland’]

Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD​​


We had a great summer night of Sunday trivia at Captain Bender’s!!  
The winners’ podium: in third place we had the dedicated Innebriati!  In second place after a killer final answer was Boh’s & Hoes, but the first place spot was reserved for our veteran champs, FISTED SISTER!!  Way to go!  
Their choice of first category next week? THE ANGLO-ZULU WAR!!  Study up and I’ll see you next Sunday!
Zulu POur House PuB Trivia Maryland

The Raw Bar – Frederick, MD

It might have been Fourth of July weekend, but my regulars don’t disappoint no matter what the week is!
First place was pretty much locked up after the second round, but five different teams kept shuffling through second and third place all night!! As per usual, the final question changed the order around AGAIN, and this is how tonight ended: Moving up from fifth to third place tonight team Wednesday! Moving from fourth to second tonight… You’re Killing Me Smalls!
Your winners tonight extended their winning streak … Optimus Prime Rib!! “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is their choice for next weeks winners choice category(GREAT show!).
Now for the $25 cash prize winner of the night! Round two question five  and round three question three were chosen tonight, and the team with the highest combined wagers for those two questions was You’re Killing Me Smalls!!
So far, a new team each week has won the cash prize, maybe next week will be YOUR turn, but you’ve got to get to the Raw Bar & Grill on Sunday night to do it!! I hope to see everybody and more back next Sunday for your chance to WIN!!!  
~  Jon J
[th_youtube id=’DRD195mPOFo’ name=’It’s Always Sunny Pour House Pub Trivia maryland’]