Happy Cinco de Mayo from Pour House Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday celebrated Cinco de Mayo in style – with live trivia at eight locations!

The tequila flowed, the questions questioned and all sorts of shenanigans unfolded. To see how it all happened, read on!

Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

We are only a month from World Series XI, and the Capital Hillbillies are probably hoping that we were actually holding it tomorrow, as they are in top form!  Tonight, playing as Cinco de Jenna, they ran away with the game, holding a 14-point lead before the final question.  That is virtually unheard of at CCBC, considering the overall level of competition we have week in and week out.  In fact, they needed a correct answer on the final (and a 12-point wager) to break the all-time scoring record!  They must have sensed a tough question, and since they were “still scarred from the Boycott question” (from four months ago), they chose to take the win without any drama.  Second place went to Eric’s Illegitimate Children, followed by Menace to Sobriety in third.  Next week, we’ll begin with a question on Famous Mothers!  ~ Matt


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Holy tough final batman! There were some zingers in the set, but that final took the cake!

Tonight we got to see the epic struggle between Crystal Methodists and Pulpit fiction continue- Pulpit were the ones who got themselves a gift card when they pulled a 3rd place spot. I gotta give it up to Thundercats tonight, they kept their cool and kept themselves in first- all the way up to the final where they got out maneuvered by a very strategic BTI who played the numbers and came up winners tonight. Nice job boys, as always- a pleasure to have you hooting and hollering 😉

Next week we will start out with a question of the band Power Station. Listen up and I will see you then!


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

Wow, between Hensons and Jenners (sounds like a cigarette company) this game juggled the top tier around rather maniacally!

Definitely got a few “oh s*$%@” on those two questions.

Here are the results of the game:

Lightfoot in 1st

MoMo in 2nd

How I Met Ronnie in 3rd

Your first category for next week is 1960’s Comedy Shows.

~ Ronnie

brady bunch trivia


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

Tonight’s game at the Celebrity Bar & Grill was crazy!! Tonight’s winner had the biggest, most lopsided victory I have ever witnessed!!

This is how the top 3 went: In 3rd place tonight was a new team that was playing for the first time ever, Team Blue!! (I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this new group!) Finishing in 2nd was Just Us!! Winning 1st place with a 41 point lead over 2nd (like I said, CRAZY), congratulations to the American Outlaws!!

They chose Star Wars: A New Hope for next Tuesday’s winner’s choice question, so study up and come on back to Celebrity Bar & Grill!!

~ Jon J

Star Wars Trivia Gaithersburg



Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

And then the Lotus happened!

lotus trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

And that set the stage for an evening of Monkey La La pub trivia night that was a blast the whole way through. Thanks for coming out and spending your Cinco de Mayo with us tonight. Hope you enjoyed.

The 90s Music Jam was delicious! The tequila was flowing. The spirits were high! And the game was fun fun fun! A couple of whoppers along the way and a devilish final made for a challenging and brain twisting good time! The teams grappled the whole way for a spot in the Top 3 and when it was all said and done – including an epic Philipines tie-breaker – our Top 3 looked like this:

20150505_214918.1 20150505_214824.2 20150505_214848.3

Congrats everyone and thank you again for playing tonight! Next Tuesday we kick off with Famous Mollys as our first category. Thank you again for spending Cinco de mayo with us tonight! I wish all the MOMs out there a wonderful Mother’s Day this Sunday. Be well my friends and I will see you soon.

DG 🙂

Orioles Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

Happy Cinco De Mayo everybody! Tonight the tequila was flowing and we were rolling over at the Orioles Nest. Everything from Field of Dreams to the Mothman prophecies, and one rather humorous mispronunciation (sorry Mad Men creator!). It also turns out that mountains of the world is a rather difficult category to deal with, as evidenced on the halftime sheet. Some of those were odd (looking at you, Ben Nevis) and I didn’t know the U.K. even HAD mountains, but oh well. The final question turned out to be quite the tough one, but it is an interesting fact that “hold down the fort” originated from somebody literally being told to hold a military fort. That is definitely a fun fact.

In the end, our third place team tonight ended up being The Three Stooges, who were absolutely ecstatic about an overall solid performance, nice work! Our second place team secured their position with some smart wagering, congrats going out to Black Steel, who were convinced around halftime they were completely screwed. Our winners tonight put on quite the show, building a strong lead rather quickly and keeping it that way; congrats to the Book Club Babes on yet another strong game! They have chosen next week’s category as The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt which is a Netflix original series that I absolutely loved (Unbreakable! They alive dammit!). So go watch it and study up, and I’ll see you all next week!

Until next time,

Tilted Kilt – Frederick, MD

Cinco de Mayo festivities were in full swing at Tilted Kilt in Frederick! In one of the highest-scoring games I’ve ever seen, the teams battled it out over south Asian dictators enjoying a plate of fettucine alfredo, finding the key to the Mothman prophecies in Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” and Puff the Magic Dragon sharing a DuClaw with Jim Henson!

Dewey Cheatum & Howe held the lead for almost the entire game reaching a staggering 160 points. In the end, a strategic wager on the finale put Silent Titty Deadly Bang in first with DC&H in second and Vandalay Industries rounding out third. In reference to tonight’s question about the fictional baseball team featured in “Field of Dreams” and “Eight Men Out,” your winners’ choice category for next week is – The Chicago Black Sox.

Thanks for letting me tag along, and I’ll see you soon!

– Eric

White Sox Trivia Black Sox Trivia pour house live trivia maryland

Quincy’s South – Rockville, MD

QUINCY’S!!! Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! Coronas for everyone!! I had a great time tonight, hoping you did too! Live trivia was a thing that happened too.

Tonight’s question of the game was our We Share a Last Name. I personally looked at this question and said “Okay, no idea who created Fraggle Rock. Okay, I think Viola Davis was in Benjamin Button so maybe Davis?? Oooohh Robert Peary’s partner. Great. Matthew Henson.” So I have my wager now and 1 of the first names. Then based on the last name I was able to remember Jim and Taraji P. for the other 2. Aahhh if only I was playing!!! I would’ve been so helpful! Alas, no one was able to get all the first names, and only a couple teams pulled out the last name.

I did like this one though, it had a good figure-it-out aspect to it, so I was on board. The final question came and completely destroyed our bar so not much changed in the standings… 3rd place went to Spret, who joined us again for trivia after a short break. Hoping to see more of you all soon! 2nd place went to our regulars The Big Fact Hunt and winning tonight is our longest tenured team of Quincy’s South, D+M!!! They were pretty dominant all night, and they maintained that for the W! Great game! Post season coming up in less than a month, keep playing, keep practicing, keep getting ready for the big one! We’re back next week, I’ll see ya then!!!

1st Place: D+M
2nd Place: The Big Fact Hunt
3rd Place: Spret

Next week’s category: WKRP in Cincinnati

WKRP in Cincinnati trivia pour house live trivia maryland