Halloween and DST with Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s weekend covered Halloween AND Daylight Saving Time!

Sunday offered a nice way to recover from Saturday’s shenanigans – read on to see how they went.

Belle’s was OFF for Halloween, but we will start out next week with a Paris landmark question. Paris, France. To be specific 😉


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Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD​​

A darkness fell upon the land for our first post-Halloween Daylight Saving Time game tonight!

We had an awesome game and I made sure to spoil your dinners with an extra helping of Halloween candy. You guys didn’t break a sweat for the first half, but I threw you some curveballs on the puzzle page, with only a single getting the hidden theme!

The second half helped solidify the winners’ circle, and it went a little something like this: taking home the 3rd place prize were our illustrious Cobras with a full team in the house! In second place after gaining steam in the second half was our house team, Boh’s & Hoes, but, further cementing their place on the leaderboard was FISTED SISTER, taking home the 1st place prize!

Their choice of first category next week? Lethal Weapon – 1st Movie. See you next Sunday!

– Torie



Orioles’ Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

It was a good game last night at the Orioles Nest #331, then the final question flipped everything around for a crazy finish!!

Making a nice move up into 3rd was the Vitrifiers!! Unfortunately sliding down to 2nd after leading the whole game was the Witiots!! One of the two teams to get the final correct which in turn took them from 3rd to 1st for a sweet comeback victory was Ollie Monsters!!

They chose ” Jon Jeffries Sings The Presidents of the United States of America” (the band not the people) for the winners choice in TWO WEEKS. There is a special event going on at Orioles Nest next Sunday so there is no trivia until the 15th again. Come back and see me sing then!!!

~ Jon J

Presidents Pub Trivia Category MD