Hail to the Chiefs of Tuesday Trivia!

Tuesday night included the first game of Pour House Trivia ever hosted in the Lone Star State, as we began our tenure at Fat Daddy’s Restaurant in Mansfield (about 20 miles southeast of Fort Worth).  Across the board, 108 teams took in a night of trivia at 13 venues:


Tuesday’s opening round began with a look at the TV show “Jeopardy!”, before asking a Three Clues question about this critter:


The opening round concluded with its most difficult bonus question, as we asked our teams to identify the first name of the sinister Mr. Hyde, the alter ego of the literary character Dr. Henry Jekyll.  With only 19% of our teams responding correctly with Edward, we saw nine teams earn perfect first round scores.


As usual, the second round began with our nightly audio question, which featured classical instrumental versions of three popular songs: “Someone Like You” by Adele, “Uprising” by Muse, and “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson.  Most teams easily recognized two of these three songs, but bonus points were doled out to just eight teams who could name all three.  We continued with questions concerning the Grand Canal (in both Venice and China), ballet moves, and the dominance of long distance runners from Kenya.  We closed the first half by asking our teams to name either one of the two late actors to whom the most recent installment of the “Night at the Museum” film series was dedicated.  Robin Williams was certainly the easier of the two answers, though just 17% of our teams earned bonus points with the second answer of Mickey Rooney:

Mickey Rooney

Some teams may have been surprised to have learned that Dick Van Dyke is still alive (at age 92).  With these two difficult bonus questions bookending the second round, only two teams recorded a perfect score of 36 points: How Did I Get Here? (Greene Growlers) and Avocados to Crabs (Perry’s).


“Green” things and world cities were the featured topics on Tuesday’s halftime round, which yielded four perfect scores and a relatively low average of 14.8 points.  Here is Tuesday’s halftime leaderboard:


With the MLB playoffs upon us, we began the second half by asking our teams to name either one of the two current MLB franchises that have never appeared in a World Series.  Nearly all of our teams earned points by knowing that the Washington Nationals have failed to reach the Fall Classic (which includes the team’s tenure in Montreal).  Exactly one-quarter of our teams picked up two bonus points by also knowing the other correct answer: the Seattle Mariners.  We continued with questions concerning agoraphobia, the recent acquisition of Versace by Michael Kors, and this video game series:

Assassin's Creed

Though the wagering questions were slightly more difficult in this third round, the bonus questions fell on the easier side, as seven teams turned in perfect scores in the third stanza.


A rather difficult 6-4-2 question concerning the TV miniseries “Roots” saw just three teams earn the full six points.  We followed up that question with a pair of difficult bonus questions.  First up, only seven teams knew that the capital of Mali is Bamako.  Later, we asked our teams to name any two of the three 20th century U.S. Presidents who earned more than 500 electoral votes in in a bid for re-election.  Once again, many teams were surprised to learn that Richard Nixon was one of three answers (along with Ronald Reagan and Franklin Roosevelt).  We closed the final round with a look at this rock and roll cover song:


The final round did not yield any perfect scores on Tuesday night.  Here are your highest scoring teams after four rounds of play:

TUESDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (6.5% success rate):

–> Outside of the Oval Office and the Liberty Bell, tour guides at which tourist attraction claim that it is the only place where you can view an approved use of The Great Seal of the United States?

Only seven teams responded correctly with the Hall of Presidents at Disney World.  With such a wicked finish to the game, none of our teams earned the Perfect 21 tonight, though nearly a dozen teams were in line for that honor before missing the final question.  here is your final Tuesday leaderboard:


Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD:  Wiseacres  (Next week’s first category: Not Really a Doctor)

Cugini’s in Poolesville, MD:  Hundo  (Next week’s first category: Purple)

Senor Tequila’s in Germantown, MD:  Fan Club  (Next week’s first category: “M*A*S*H”)

Shuckin’ Shack in Frederick, MD:  Ask Before You Reach Around Me  (Next week’s first category: “Idiocracy”)

Topgolf in Ashburn, VA:  Taco Tuesday  (Next week’s first category: “Beetlejuice”)

The Block in Annandale, VA:  Five Dollar Boob Job  (Next week’s first category: “Cobra Kai”)

Greene Growlers in Gaithersburg, MD:  How Did I Get Here?  (Next week’s first category: Ivy League Schools)

Upper Deck in Mount Airy, MD:  Sloppy Seconds  (Next week’s first category: “Grease” – film)

Olney Winery in Olney, MD:  Starving Artists  (Next week’s first category: Broadway – AUDIO)

Buffalo Wild Wings in Urbana, MD:  Half Nelsons  (Next week’s first category: “Reading Rainbow”)

Fat Daddy’s Restaurant in Mansfield, TX:  JABR  (Next week’s first category: Construction Equipment)

Harvest Moon Brewery in New Brunswick, NJ:  Obscurious  (NEXT GAME ON OCTOBER 23 – First category: U.S. Presidents)

Monkey La La in Frederick, MD:  Insubordinate and Churlish  (Next week’s first category: “Archer”)

Quincy’s South in Rockville, MD:  Rock the Cash Bar  (Next week’s first category: “Peaky Blinders”)

Casa Tequila in Lovettsville, VA:  Shadynasty  (Next week’s first category: “Beverly Hills, 90210”)

Outta the Way Cafe in Derwood, MD:  B and K  (Next week’s first category: Triple 50/50 – Who Said It: Yogi Berra or Donald Trump?)

Perry’s Restaurant in Odenton, MD:  Avocados to Crabs  (Next week’s first category: Fictional Reptiles)