Greenland is full of ice, but Iceland is really nice! Tuesday Pour House Pub Quiz wrap up!

Remember that little rhyme – you never know when it will help with a round of Pour House pub trivia!

Personally, I only remember it because it’s a focal point of Mighty Ducks 2. COACH BOMBAY WHY ARE YOU EATING ICE CREAM WITH THAT ICELAND COACH!?

[th_youtube id=’zWEtjKZBySo’ name=’Pub Quiz Maryland Mighty Ducks 2′]

We’re about to get a Sonic of our very own down here in Frederick…and I am pretty excited to get some of those cherry limeades, which I will CERTAINLY not drive home, put rum in and drink on my back porch!

It was a wild Tuesday night of pub quiz, so why not see how the games went?


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Champions, it’s always a good night when it’s a down-to-the-wire game and we had a helluva game of live trivia tonight!
So many teams within striking distance, it wasn’t even funny!
What was funny was the answers I got for our number of Sonic locations tiebreaker- Wiseacres said 400 and Jungle Fever said 131 and since there was 3,000-some… well.. Wiseacres took the tiebreaker for first by default, maybe not by merit, hehe.
Second went to Jungle fever and 3rd went to a duo version of Thundercats!
Nice game tonight all, thanks for braving the rain.. I will see you next week for a first category of Vietnam War in the movies. Should be a fun one 😉
Pub Quiz Maryland Pour House Trivia


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

Whew! It was another close round of pub quiz at Cugini’s Restaurant in Poolesville, with only a few points separating to top three teams!
The Murphs returned to the top slot in our game tonight, with Neverlands behind them by only one point!
Our 3rd place team was MoMo, who recovered nicely from a late bonus chip miss.
Our first category for next week is National Lampoon’s Animal House!
~ Ronnie
Animal House Bar Trivia Maryland


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

A packed house for bar trivia on this rainy April evening. We saw some major upsets with the last question: Lesson being, always wager on the last round, because YOU just might be right.
Pinky and the Brain taking the third place slot with 132, while Team Freedom got knocked down to second place with 138 by new comers Pour Us Another who won with 139.
Winner’s choice next week is the Ravens!
 Ravens Pub Quiz Maryland


Jekyll & Hyde Tavern – Frederick, MD

It was a wild game of pub quiz tonight at Jekyll and Hyde’s! 10 teams braved the inclement weather to compete for the top spots, with a guest host just to mix things up a bit!
There were some ups and downs, and a few questions that had a drastic impact on the standings, and the final question was no exception!
We had a number of North Dakotas, and Montanas, but it was the sparse few who knew the answer of Wyoming, that caused a last minute shake up for the top three!
In third place, after a defensive wager, was the team of Beer is Good! Good game guys!
In second place, sneaking past BiG by one point was We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat! Well done!
And taking the top spot with a correct answer, from behind came Know Nothings! I’d say you guys know plenty! Congratulations, and good game!
In honor of one of the team member’s daughters coming home from school, Team Know Nothings have chosen the category of University of Virginia as the first category of round one next week! Study up J&H!

Thank you all for having me with you this week! I had a great time and I hope you did too! Brad will be back next week, so say hi to him for me!

University of Virginia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Monkey La La – Frederick, MD 

It’s a well known secret among pub quiz companies that any night of trivia in which RuPaul, Stephen Hawking  and Honey Boo Boo all make it into the set as answers…is a damn good night of trivia 🙂 Oh yes…icons of American pop culture they are.. and  fun they do bring! Those are my 3 favorite answers of the night. 
La La was jammin’ tonight in spite of some grey, rainy, cold nastiness going on outside. It went down in true raucous La La style as well. 12 teams battled it out for a bit in what turned out to be an intense and high scoring game that could have gone any direction, especially after that final! The leader board went down like this:
1st Place: Stink Floyd – earning one of the Top 5 scores in Pour House History
2nd Place: STDB – the dynamic duo strike again! 
3rd Place: 3QND – a little defense secures them a top slot! 
Well played everyone. Next week we kick off with one of my own personal favorite shows “LOST.” Marathon it this week – it’s probably the best TV marathon-able show there is! Until then… have a great week my friends…see you next Tuesday…
dg 🙂
Lost pub trivia maryland


Ramparts Tavern – Alexandria, VA 

It was a record-setting night of trivia at Ramparts in Alexandria, as Fat, Drunk, and Stupid was just three points from a perfect game as we settled in for the final question.  After much deliberation, they were able to come up with the correct response, and topped out at an even 180 POINTS!  It’s the third time in the last six weeks that a team has set the all-time scoring record at Pour House Trivia, and now it belongs to Fat, Drunk, and Stupid!  We’re Not Porn Stars Anymore was also able to hit the final for second, with My Grandmother Doesn’t Wrestle taking third.  Next week starts with a question on the history of Ninentdo!  See you then!  ~ Matt

History of Nintendo Trivia