Great Lakes and Wedding Cakes! Pour House Pub Trivia Thursday!

​​Pour House pub trivia’s Thursday celebrated the Great Lakes with Wedding Cakes! Wait… Were those related? I can’t recall. Anyone out there put cake under their pillow? That seems impossibly gross to me! Check out the games!

Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

Who in their right mind would put a slice of wedding cake under their pillow? That’s a prank, not a tradition! Great night of live trivia once again at Bunkers in Leesburg, and the Great Lakes question really flipped this game on it’s ear! Thoroughly Screwed was our first place team tonight, with The Indians taking down 2nd. A tiebreaker put the Washington Foreskins into the 3rd place slot! See ya all next week, where our first category will be NY Yankees World Series 1990-Present! ~ Ronnie Yankees Live Trivia Maryland

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

It was official “That’s What She Said Night” at Champions for trivia tonight! And oh I must say y’all are pretty crafty devils. FUN FUN night for our penultimate game of Season 10 pub quizzage, Champions style! Thanks for coming out and playing tonight everyone. Hope you enjoyed. I certainly got a kick out of some of the answers tonight; ya can’t go wrong with “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,” in play. And uhh..yeah the correct spelling for “A-l-v-e-o-l-i” – NOT: “AREOLA,” – ENTIRELY different part of the anatomy! 😉 Good stuff! Good laughs! Tonight’s game was important for some House Champion Point dispersion reasons for a couple of teams, both of which performed well tonight! Next week’s game will tell us if we have co-HOUSE CHAMPS or not! Gonna be a good one. We got a lot of fun stuff coming up with Playoffs, Pub Crawl, World Series, Season 11 OPENING WEEK, and our next theme game “The 4H’s!” – lotsa fun to be had. And lotsa moo lah to be sniped up. I get very excited about this time in anticipation to see how the final games and post-season festivities go down! Whatever happens, it is always a blast to get to hang out with you all and play some trivia. Congrats to our Top 3 tonight… Pour House Live Trivia Maryland Pour House Live Trivia Maryland Pour House Live Trivia Maryland And props to our 4th and 5th Place teams as well: Just Good Enough AND Gaza Strippers! Well done y’all! Our Season 10 finale game will kick off NEXT WEEK with a question about “The Wire” – always a good one to catch up on. Until next Thursday my friends, enjoy your weekend and your football if you watch it! See you next Thursday 🙂 dg The Wire Trivia Pour House Live Trivia Maryland

Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

With the regular season coming to a close, we had our veteran teams Boner Garage and You’re Killin’ Me Smalls duking it out for the House Championship tonight! Boner Garage seemed to me like they were gonna take it down simply because they wanted it that bad, though the set was not their friend tonight. The set wasn’t really anyone’s friend tonight! I believe over half the field missed their Round 4 bonus chip on the Last Word, First Word question (and no, we did not accept Virgin Virgin Virgin Virgin Virgin Virgin, but nice try haha). I believe that has to take the prize of our Question of the Night: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Ball Z. A crazy long question, a crazy long answer, and a crazy few were able to pull it, making it that much better. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an individual player so happy as when the guy from 2 Birds handed me his answer for that one and asked “Did I get it?” and I gave a simple nod. It was truly an epic thing to see, I wish more of you would’ve been there! Oh, and here’s something for you too! This may be my favorite trivia moment ever! It was incredible. This guy was playing solo tonight and he missed the categories for round 3 and 4. He comes up to me before we start: “Hey I did not get any of that. I’ll just take question 3 in round 3 and question 5 in round 4 for my bonus chips.” AND HE GOT THEM BOTH RIGHT! The blind bonus chip might be the new meta people. It’s a thing. Tell your friends. But I think what we REALLY need to talk about is the congratulations that are in order for our House Champions “You’re Killin’ Me Smalls”. They show up week after week and consistently kick some major butt, and to that, we have awarded them a spot in our World Series game. Great job tonight, and all season! They took down the win tonight, followed closely by 2 Birds One Stone, who earned themselves a play-off spot. 3rd place went to Jackie Treehorn Sketchpad after a LONG hiatus, but it was very nice to see them come and spend another Thursday night with us! Glad to have you back, hoping to see more of you in the future! With that, I’m very excited for the post-season, which begins next weekend. I’ll be seeing most of you before then however, at next week’s trivia game here at the Fish Market. Until then 😉 1st Place: You’re Killin’ Me Smalls 2nd Place: 2 Birds 1 Stone 3rd Place: Jackie Treehorn Sketchpad Next week’s category: We Got Crabs Crabs trivia pour house pub trivia

Guido’s – Frederick, MD

We had a big number of teams turnout at Guido’s Speakeasy this Thursday night! I had a few visiting teams along with my regulars PLUS a new team that had never played before that ended up doing well!! It seemed like the first couple rounds were tough for a lot of teams, but after the puzzle page, everyone started finding their groove, and this is how it ended up… Playing for the first time EVER and taking 3rd was Frederick Book Club! Another visiting team that came out and played hard all night to take 2nd was Friends of Dick Johnson!! Your winners for this week also just happen to be this seasons house champions… 1st place went to Stink Floyd!! For next weeks winners choice question they decided to go with “Deep Sea Creatures”. Congrats to all my teams here that made it to the playoffs and World Series coming up, and I’ll see everyone back here at Guido’s on Thursday!!!  ~ Jon J

Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

It was a close game tonight at Main Street Oyster House. At the end of round 4 there was only a total of 4 points separating first from last place. There was some strategic wagering taking place for the final question. Third place went to Nine Years. Second place went to Clever Team Name. First place (winning by just 1 point) went to Anal Bum Covers for $2,000. Next weeks winners choice will be “Military Jargon” Thanks for having me! ~ Amanda

Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

We have hit the home stretch of Season X, and our Quincy’s teams might have gotten a little taste of the post-season as we had hit on just about EVERY possible topic tonight!  As usual, it was the well-rounded teams that held up best under the scrutiny.  But in the end, it was another win for Smella Nella!  They’ve only been trivia regulars for a couple of months, but they have the expertise of a veteran team.  We had a tiebreaker for second place, and oddly enough, Captain Awesome and the Wonder Friends hit the tiebreaker ON THE NOSE to take down second place over Lowered Expectations, who had to settle for third.  We’re just over a week away from playoffs, but we will be back next week with an opening question on College Mascots.  See you then!  ~ Matt