Great Lakes and great live trivia from Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday quizzed your knowledge of Great Lakes and served up great live trivia in Virginia and Maryland!

Check out what’s up below.

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Wow, light night here at DRP, but we still manage to have fun as always.

It was Schwarzenegger’s Commando and the location of Detroit that seemed to be the answers that tripped up the most players this evening.

Anywho, here are the results:

HR PuffNStuff in 1st

Del Ray Dummies in 2nd

Still TBD in 3rd

Our first category for next week is 80s music.

~ Ronnie

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il Forno – Frederick, MD

Pour House Season 12 continued tonight at il Forno where we had a great turn out! Double digits tonight; I guess the cold weather is bringing em in, because it’s HOT IN HERRE! A large chunk of our regulars showed up tonight; we even got a visit from one of our oldest teams, back from a long hiatus! A good night overall.

Tonight’s question of the night was U.S. Cities. The answer would be a city over 650,000 in population and situated between Lake Huron and Lake Erie. To me, that says “Pick a big city in Michigan”; not sure if the lakes can completely surround any other states like that. It played difficult for some teams, but other teams got it. Either way, it was a big question, shifting things around a bit to make for an exciting final.

Tonight we had I’m with Sarah leading going into the final. The commendable achievement here is that I’m with Sarah was actually WITHOUT Sarah tonight, holding onto the top spot without the aid of potentially their strongest player. There would be one question left to decide whether or not they could take down the win while hindered with the absence.

Final question was hard tonight. It played 1 for 12, and that one team would have a lot to be happy about. 3rd place tonight was Wrecking Ball, a team who used to frequent il Forno as their home venue but have been dipping their toes, so to speak, in some other venues but came back for ol’ times sake. They played well and were able to finish in the top 3, returning to their previous form when they were a serious threat! 2nd place went to I’m with Sarah, who missed the final, but had an outstanding run! Winning tonight, jumping up a bit with a correct response and able to take down the win was Chicken McThuggets! A nice pull and they get the win tonight! Congratulations! We’re back in 1 week with more PHT action!

1st Place: Chicken McThuggets
2nd Place: I’m with Sarah
3rd Place: Wrecking Ball

Next week: An ACTUAL Lebron James Question

Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

Another wild night of Pour House Pub Trivia in the books at the Roast House – the competition was fierce!

Highlights of the Night:

In “I-Crown-Thee-Princess-Ian”: Ian Sings Disney Princess Songs was our winner’s choice category tonight, and One Crow Short of a Murder had a present for me to mark the occasion: a sparkly and fluffy pink tiara. Hoooo boy!

In “Oddly-Familiar”: The puzzle page saw almost every team get the exact same 19 points. It was eerie…

In “The-Crown-Is-Cutting-Off-Circulation”: 860,000 is not eighty six hundred thousand. I have no idea why I went there but I can only assume it’s because the tiara was a bit too tight. I had a headache by the end of the night, just saying!

The final didn’t have much of an impact on the already hard fought podium spots, so the standings stood thus.

In third place tonight, the Ollie Monsters!

In second place tonight, Two Finger’s Worth!

In first place tonight, Multiple Scorgasms!
Well done everyone! Even if I did wear a pink plastic tiara. Next week we’ll kick things off with a Triple 50-50: Madea or Big Momma! Should be fun!

Until then,

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Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

Another great night of trivia at Spider Kelly’s in Clarendon, as a few teams returned to the bar after a couple of months off.  One thing that has not changed is the dominating performance by some of our regular teams, as tonight would be no different.  High School Prom rolled through four rounds of trivia, and was one of just two teams to come up with the correct response on the final to take home another win!  Despite missing the first two weeks of the season, HSP is now in first place in the overall season standings!  We’ll see if they can pull away in the remaining weeks, or if one of our other teams can catch them.  One of those teams is Jimmy’s in Vegas, who took second, while Eleven is a Prime Number took third.  Next week, we will start off with an audio question on Luther Vandross, with he unique addition of me singing the lyrics.  Fun?  We’ll see…   ~ Matt