Great games on a rainy Tuesday with Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia loves Tuesdays!

How much does it love Tuesday? How about to the tune of SEVEN games of pub trivia?!

We mixed in a little Rocky and a touch of everything else we could think of on this fine but rainy evening – check out the games!


Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

Another packed house at Capitol City Brewing Company, as Eric’s Illegitimate Children hung on to a slip lead by taking down the final for a big victory after a one-week hiatus.  Menace to Sobriety jumped a couple of spots on the final to take second, with the Capitol City Goofballs taking third on the tiebreaker.  Next week, we begin with a question on the Boston marathon!  ~ Matt


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Man oh man… that final! That final took all of you for a ride – good lord. Only one team got our final right and it locked them in to first, even when you took the strategic wagering in to account!

Oh BTI, you may have been shocked but you certainly earned that 1st place spot tonight! Was fun watching your faces. Heheh. in 2nd tonight it was Thundercats, they didn’t do much roaring tonight, just settled in to their place like a kitten finding a warm place in the sun 😉 3rd went to the Pulpit fiction crew, who I thought were Crystal Methodists, the team formerly known as Castaways.

Good lord, you exhaust me. Nice game though, thanks for hanging out with me on this rainy tuesday night. I will see you next week when we start with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off! Excellent first category!


Ferris Bueller's Day Off Pour House Trivia MD


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

Tonight’s pub quiz final had the most wagering out of any I have seen in a long time here at Cugini’s, or any of my other games for that matter!

After the dust cleared the leader board was completely re-drawn. Here are your results:

Quizzed My Pants in 1st (as a duo!)

Drunk N Disorderly in 2nd

Lightfoot in 3rd

Our first category for next week will be the master detective Sherlock Holmes, but we are going back to the BOOOKS!

~ Ronnie

Sherlock Holmes Pour House Pub Trivia MD


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

Tonight started the in house tournament for Nationals tickets at Celebrity Bar & Grill. It started tonight and runs through the end of May so the team with the most accumulated points will get Nat’s tickets, and the top 3 teams get a free pass to this seasons World Series!

There was a surprise finish at the end of the game also! Making a move after the third round to finish in 3rd tonight was Just Us! The wagering for tonight’s final question decided the top two teams position and unfortunately hoping a “0” bid would keep them on top, ended upended up moving them down to 2nd, American Outlaws!! Tonight’s winner moved up to 1st after the final question to take the first lead of this little Nat’s tourney, Jersey Shore!!

They picked “Jurassic Park” for next Tuesdays winners choice question, so study up and get in here to Celebrity Bar & Grill for your chance to WIN some TIX!!!

~ Jon J 

jurassic park trivia pour house live trivia maryland


Markham’s – Bethesda, MD

Markham’s is getting a major facelift over the next few weeks, so we will be off of trivia until April 21st!

When we come back, the round one category, courtesy of Uncle Jack, will be professional wrestling, as in the WWE and such! You guys have plenty of time to study, so I expect you guys to be experts when we
come back! Especially since that’s the day after my birthday; let’s make it a party! See you then, guys!

Until then,

Wrestling Trivia Hulk Hogan Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

You can say what you want about Hillary Duff, but I’d rate this one of the best covers ever performed!!! (as they said in the late 80s….NOT!!!!!!)

That’s how our trivia contest kicked off tonight at Monkey La La, with a little Hillary! The category was “Good Song, but Oh That Voice!” – fun stuff!

It was a great night at Monkey La La trivia night – jam packed with 13 teams. And not just any old teams. The Monkey La La Tuesday crew are a special breed! And we threw down this evening! Thanks for coming out everyone and spending your Tuesday night playing some PHT at the La La.

And let’s just say, any time 50 Shades of Grey, Leviathan and Midgee are in the same set, it’s ON! Answer of the night though has to go to the Schoolhouse Rock and School Bus Stops at Railroad Crossings question! We had a PHT first tonight – My Trivia Team is Half Fast declined their trivia given right to multiple choice and handed it in early without 2 pt bonus option! Ballsy! And a PHT first – props y’all!

And props to our Top 3 as well. This was tight game throughout tonight and the win came down to the final question.

pour house live trivia maryland pour house live trivia maryland pour house live trivia maryland

Thanks again everyone for coming out and playing. I hope to see you next Tuesday night when we will begin with Presidential Scandals, courtesy of STDB. Until then, have a great week! See you soon 🙂 dg

scandals trivia pour house live trivia maryland


Orioles Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

Every Breath You Take. That might be one of the most misunderstood songs, according to Sting. It sure sounds like it’s about stalking somebody, but people tend to think it’s about love and caring (it’s probably the tone and the music). But nope, it’s definitely about stalking! That ended up being the final question of the night, which almost ended up with five(!!) different teams involved in tiebreakers. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately for some teams, that didn’t quite end up happening. Instead we only had two teams in a tie for third place.

Winning that tie for third place was Dufresne, Party of Four, who were just a little bit closer on the tiebreaker, Edwin Moses’ personal best on the 400 meter hurdles. They narrowly edged out I Took the Liberty of Fertilizing Your Caviar who ended up taking fourth place. Our second place team was the Book Club Babes, who couldn’t quite catch our winners tonight despite the overall strong showing. Our winners tonight were just a little too good, congrats to Beer is Good on the victory! Nice job tonight guys, as one of only a few teams to even know who Edwin Moses is, as well as films from 1976. Beer is Good has chosen University of MD Men’s NCAA Basketball (yay sports!) as the first category for next week’s game, so time to get some studying done!

Until next time,

Terps Basketball Pour House Trivia Pub Quiz maryland


Quincy’s South – Rockville, MD

It was pouring rain when I arrived at Quincy’s tonight; all the omens pointed toward a terrible evening, but the minute I walked into that bar man, oh man, did the tides change!

I immediately felt a good energy when I came in and we had a blast! Lots of new teams tonight, most of our regulars returning too, including The Big Fact Hunt who’ve won 2 in a row now. We started the game off with a Back to the Future question, which ended up destroying the bonus chips of about 3 teams and knocked down another 5. Two questions after that, we had the Rocky question which knocked out about half the bar, and a couple more bonus chips: It was the first round from hell!

By halftime, most of the teams picked themselves back up to make it quite a competitive game. We had the Big Fact Hunt leading the pack after 2 with a bunch of teams close behind. The second half played surprisingly easier than the first and going into the final we had the Big Fact Hunt leading, about to take their 3rd in a row. The final question tonight was devastating though – Only 1 team got the final right tonight!

That team was NOT the Big Fact Hunt; they take second place tonight and our winners are D+M! D+M, a great trivia trio who are no strangers to first place, made it back to the number one spot tonight after a short hiatus from the top! Grats guys, good get, good win, good week! 3rd place goes to Hoosier Terp, another trivia trio who were playing very well! Glad to see our teams coming and making the game competitive! We’ll see how it unfolds next week! Until then guys, I’ll see ya soon! 😉

1st Place: D+M
2nd Place: The Big Fact Hunt
3rd Place: Hoosier Terp

Next week’s category: The Wire

The Wire Trivia Pour House Live Trivia Maryland