Going “Commando” For Monday Night Trivia!

Pour House Trivia was back in action on Monday with five big games to get you through the start of the week.  As usual, we slipped a little diversity into the final round, asking questions about NASCAR, Schwarzenegger films, and Schizophrenia.  Monday’s set did not give us too many surprises, but there was one venue where we had several teams put a hurting on these questions, including one team that was a mere one point from a perfect game!  One of our teams was also trying to cement a spot on the Wall of Fame with their fourth consecutive win!  Did they pull it off?  Let’s get to the rundown:

MONDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (44 teams across five venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: High School Prom (Spider Kelly’s) with 177

–> Highest Score after Round 4: High School Prom (Spider Kelly’s) with 169


–> Highest First Half Score: High School Prom (Spider Kelly’s), Kitten Mittens (Spider Kelly’s), Jimmy’s in Vegas (Spider Kelly’s), Stink Floyd (Il Forno) with 92

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): Misfits (DRP), Del Ray Dummies (DRP), High School Prom (Spider Kelly’s), Kitten Mittens (Spider Kelly’s), Jimmy’s in Vegas (Spider Kelly’s), Stink Floyd (Il Forno)

–> About 20% of our teams scored a perfect 20 on the halftime page, with the average score being 17.4.

–> Apparently, most of you are up to date on your current events, as more than half of our teams scored six points on the 6-4-2, by remembering that the recently deceased King of Thailand had been the world’s longest-serving monarch.

TONIGHT’S FINAL QUESTION (47.5% success rate):

–> The author of which 2005 novel stated that the main character was inspired by what he imagined to be an adult version of the Swedish children’s character Pippi Longstocking?  (you’ll find the answers later in this blog)


DRP in Alexandria, VA

It was another great night of trivia at DRP!  Tonight we had several questions concerning world geography and politics, as every team knew that Africa is the only continent through which both the Equator and Prime Meridian pass.  Most of our teams also knew that King Rama IX was the monarch of Thailand, passing away after 70 years on the throne.

Baseball seems to be the sport of choice for the teams here at DRP, as most knew that the Giants lost to the Cubs in the 2016 NLDS, after winning the World Series in each of the last three even-numbered years.  That was quite a step up from last week’s performance on the NFL-themed halftime page.

In the end, about half of our teams were able to connect the Swedish character Pippi Longstocking to the Stieg Larsson novel “The Girl with the Dragon Taattoo”.  Here’s how that final question affected our final standings:

First Place:  Del Ray Dummies

Second Place:  B-58s

Third Place:  Misfits

Next week’s first category:  1990s Nickelodeon Game Shows (interesting subject, but as always, “The choices are yours and yours alone”)

Until next time,

~ Chris

Nickelodeon Game Shows Trivia


Greene Turtle in Hagerstown, MD

Coming soon…

Next week’s first category:  “Hamilton” (AUDIO)

Lin Maniel Miranda Trivia


Morgan Inn in Woodbine, MD

We’re three weeks into our stint at Morgan Inn, and these folks come to party over here in Woodbine!  Seriously, they are a fun group of folks and the food is fantastic to boot.  No real “stumper” questions tonight, though I did muddy the waters on the halftime puzzle so apologies for that.  Build up those teams because there is POWER in numbers.  Here are the final results:

First Place:  Men and Pausers

Second Place:  Ponyboy

Third Place:  River Benders

Next week’s first category:  Clemson Football

~ Ronnie

Clemson Tigers Football Trivia


Spider Kelly’s in Arlington, VA

With the Redskins having won yesterday, perhaps one or two of our regular teams were still sleeping off their celebration, but seven full-size teams came to play and play they did!  The first round proved a bit easy for our teams, but Round 2 saw some teams falter when they couldn’t name the correct geometric shape in our Three Clues question.  However, after half time, we had three teams were tied for first place with a PERFECT score, inclduing every two-point bonus!  It was a nailbiter to the finish!  Round 4 saw everyone go “Commando”, and the final question proved a little easy for all but one team.  High School Prom kept their 1st place position until the end, while Jimmy’s in Vegas and Kitten Mittens had to duke it out with a tiebreaker for 2nd place.  In the end, Jimmy’s was closest to guessing the correct year of NASCAR’s inception and took home the prize.  Here are the final results:

First Place:  High School Prom

Second Place:  Jimmy’s in Vegas

Third Place:  Kitten Mittens

Next week’s first category:  Marvel Cinematic Universe


~ Kate

Marvel Cinematic Universe Trivia


Il Forno Pizzeria in Frederick, MD

It was cold for a bit there, but today it seemed like God turned the heat back on!  Never a need for heat outside though while we’ve got our weekly trivia event, which always provides the proper warmth… ANY WHO!  Tonight we saw a big crowd come out for trivia night, looking to put an end to a recent win streak that The A Team has built up. The A Team, playing a trio tonight, was looking to reclaim the title as the House Juggernaut, seeming like they put up unmatched performances each week.

Tonight’s top story wasn’t The A Team though, it was Stink Floyd.  Playing each week as a SOLO player, Stink Floyd led the field at the half with a perfect 92 points.  The A Team was not far behind at 91, but they’d need to make up the ground in Round 3, usually their shining moment.  Round 3 played tough, as usual, but the A Team seemed unphased, picking up points that most teams were missing, including being the only team to get I-90 for the 2 point bonus on our Highways & Biways question.  With that round, The A Team pulled into the lead after the 6-4-2.

Round 4 gave Stink Floyd a chance to make this a game.  A few missed 2 point bonuses by The A Team and Stink Floyd was able to tie the game going into the final question.  Final played hard tonight, with only teams picking up a correct response, though two of those teams were Stink Floyd and The A Team. They’d go into a tie breaker after the final question. Closest to the year: when was NASCAR founded?  Stink guessed 1952, The A Team guesses 1948.  The year? 1948.. The A Team with the EXACT correct guess take down the win, and put their name up on the Wall of Fame with their fourth straight victory!  Great job!  Here are the final standings:

First Place:  The A Team

Second Place:  Stink Floyd

Third Place:  MC

Next week’s first category:  Marine Biology

Good game all! Back in a week!

~ Bill