Godspeed, Thursday Trivia Players!

Thursday’s game of Pour House Trivia welcomed 124 teams across 17 venues.


We wasted no time challenging our Thursday teams this week, as the first bonus question of the night was also its most difficult.  When asked to identify the middle name of Bart Simpson, only two teams earned bonus points with the correct response of Jojo.  Apart from that wicked question, the rest of the round was a breeze, as we also discussed the Torah, the nation of Turkey, and this current comedy film:

Thanks to the first bonus question, North Country (Quincy’s) recorded the only perfect score of the first round.


Topics from Thursday’s second round included numbers in song lyrics, minor league hockey, military uniforms, and this body of water:

By displaying an extensive knowledge of American Hockey League history, two teams earned 36 second round points: Bazinga (Champion) and 99th Precinct (Smoketown).


Thursday’s halftime page ranked as the most difficult page of Season XIX, as the overall average only reached 12.1 points.  The top half asked our teams to identify the home countries of ten musical acts.  That task may have actually been MORE difficult than simply naming the acts themselves, with the most notable example being Daft Punk, as many of our teams did not know that this Grammy-winning duo is French.  Four teams reached 19 points, but none of our teams ran the table at halftime.  Here is your Thursday leaderboard after the first half:


After playing a little rhyme time to kick off Thursday’s second half, we delved into mythology by discussing this creature:

We continued with a question concerning the 2019 MLB season.  Once again, a bonus question on the topic of sports kept most of the perfect scores off the board, as only six teams knew that the home stadium of the Seattle Mariners was recently re-named T-Mobile Park.  After closing the round with questions about the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” and Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, four teams earned a perfect third round score: Fan Club (Quincy’s), Lowered Expectations (Quincy’s), North Country (Quincy’s), and Cream Team (Mark’s Pub).


Final round topics from Thursday night included bandleader Glenn Miller, the Gulf of California, and this recent commercial:

Three teams closed their night with a perfect final round score: Cream Team (Mark’s Pub), F. U. Darts (Mark’s Pub) and Brother of Menelaus (Fish Market).  These were your highest scoring Thursday teams heading into the final question:

THURSDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (50.0% success rate):

–> On February 20, 1962, the destroyer U.S.S. Noa found which man floating in the Atlantic, after a journey of nearly 76,000 miles?

Exactly half of our teams responded correctly with astronaut John Glenn.  Though there were a slew of wicked bonus questions, six teams answered every wagering question correctly on Thursday night to record the Perfect 21.  Here is your final Thursday leaderboard:


Quincy’s Bar and Grille in Gaithersburg, MD:  North Country   (Next week’s first category: The Day The Music Died)

Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD:  Just Good Enough   (Next week’s first category: Dry Tortuga Islands)

Loudoun Kitchen and Bar in Leesburg, VA:  Indians   (Next week’s first category: The Preakness States)

Lake Linganore Association in New Market, MD:  Faking Bad   (Next week’s first category: Marvel Superheroes)

Smoketown Brewing Station in Brunswick, MD:  99th Precinct   (Next week’s first category: Old West Criminals)

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s in Frederick, MD:  This is How We Go Down   (Next week’s first category: Maryland Agricultural Commodities)

Olde Mother Brewing in Frederick, MD:  Rum Ham   (Next week’s first category: “The Legend of Zelda”)

Belly Love Brewing in Purcellville, VA:  Bueller…, Bueller…   (Next week’s first category: Triple 50/50 AUDIO – Method Man or Redman?)

Cushwa Brewing in Williamsport, MD:  For Those About to Rock   (Next week’s first category: The U.S. Libertarian Party)

The Grille at Flower Hill in Gaithersburg, MD:   Green Team   (Next week’s first category: Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Dawg House in Waynesboro, PA:  Not Your Team   (Next week’s first category: Triple 50/50 – Kyle Raps: Will Smith or Not Will Smith?)

The Derby in New Market, MD:  Crazy Cat People   (Next week’s first category: Triple 50/50 – Who Sang It: George Strait or Garth Brooks?)

Solace Brewing in Sterling, VA:  Semicircle of Trust   (Next week’s first category: Cruise Lines)

Jockey Bar and Grill in Boonsboro, MD:  Hard Boiled Eggs and Nuts   (Next week’s first category: Laurel and Hardy)

Right Around the Corner in St. Petersburg, FL:  There Goes the Gayborhood   (Next week’s first category: Indiana)

Fish Market Restaurant in Alexandria, VA:  Brother of Menelaus   (Next week’s first category: “Chuck”)

Mark’s Pub in Falls Church, VA:  Cream Team   (Next week’s first category: “Lawrence of Arabia”)

Guido’s in Frederick, MD:  NO GAME THIS WEEK   (Next week’s first category: Jon Sings Seattle Music)