Give me your lunch money you little Twerk!

There may or may not have been a twerk off tie breaker tonight at Pour House Trivia! Hey when things get cold outside, things inside start moving…fast; some very fast. And some win money doing it! Don’t hate the twerker, hate the twerk! Quote us on that! Its a thing now :) Great games tonight everyone…

Monkey La La

It was rock and roll at La La tonight, and as usual, I got my Tuesday night pronunciation lesson. And we sure worked in enough ways to say “beatitudes” fo sho! I got it now though Suck It Trebek. Good stuff tonight and a handsome crowd to boot!  Thanx for playing tonight my friends :)

  • 1st Place: Stink Fliyd
  • 2nd Place: Flip Flop
  • 3rd Place: Suck it Trebek

Lotsa love everyone. Enjoy your week…next Tuesday we kick off with a popular request (not “Brown Eyed Girl”) Enclaves – yes Countries within Countries…enclave trivia

No seriously…don’t hate the twerker, Hate the Twerk!- dg :)


Champions was hoppin tonight with lots of teams coming out to rack up some points. Reminder- Caps points, and World series points are all in heavy play this month! So get out here and claim some! 

Our reigning house champs of Thundercats led the whole game but were completely foiled by the final and fell to fourth. 3rd belonged to the scrappy team of Wiseacres who sneaked up there despite a rough stadium question. 2nd went to the visiting Quick Pink and the Vine Gang after a little bible confusion and 1st… well… 1st went to the understated W. W stands for winners ladies and gents, and they will see you next week to prove it again! Next week we start with Homeland the tv show. See you then! ~Samantha


At Ramparts in Alexandria, we found some time to squeeze in some trivia in between all the complaining about the Capitals.  Bored of Education played a perfect first half, hitting every two-point bonus and scoring 20 on the halftime sheet, and held a sizable lead heading into round three.  Slowly, Is This Your Homework, Larry chipped away at that lead throughout the second half, bolstered by being the only team to get six points on the 6-4-2.  But they fell just short, as Bored of Ed got the final and held on for the win, with Larry in second.  ALL CAPS jumped a couple of spots on the final to take third place.  We’ll start next week with a question on James Bond films.  ~ Matt

James Bond Trivia Alexandria VA

Hollywood Casino – Perryville

Team Freedom back at the top tonight with a score of 149, but followed closely by last week’s winners the Pomeranians with 146, Pinky and the Brain took the 3rd place slot tonight. Next week’s Winners category is English Premiere League Soccer teams!soccer trivia

Have a great week everyone – Natalie

Griffs Landing

Wild finish tonight at Griff’s- The Know Nothings pulled out a first place finish thanks to some deceptive wagering techniques and a bit of Presidential knowledge. Ourn newcomers, Carlsbad, took second for their first Pour House Trivia game ever! And Cranius Maximus brought home third. Nice work tonight everyone. 

Next week’s first category is the Sci-Fi story: Dune. Worms! I remember big, nasty Worms! And sand…lotsa sand! – Trippdune worm bar trivia

Jekyll and Hydes

We had one tight trivia contest tonight, with every team fighting hard to get the top slot.  Taking home the gold this week was Brownie Points, second went to Hump N Dump, and third went to Momentary Lapse.  Great game everyone!  Next week’s first category is Horror Movies, so get a slasher marathon going and we’ll see you next Tuesday! – Brad                                horror film trivia night