Geronimo! Pour House Pub Trivia’s Thursday Wrap-up is incoming!

Thursday evening is such a perfect night for a little Pour House pub quiz!

We added two new venues La Mexicana and Lake Linganore Association, so we saw a whole bunch of new trivia players on this gorgeous Thursday!

This round included a fun bit of movie trailer madness…here’s a few alternate taglines for those flicks!

“In a world…where Julia Roberts needs to take a vacation…Eat, Pray, Love”

[th_youtube id=’mjay5vgIwt4′ name=’Eat, pray, Love pub quiz Maryland’]

“In a world where every action movie includes the Hans Zimmer BWOOOOOOOOOOOOOM noise from Inception…Zero Dark Thirty!”

[th_youtube id=’EYFhFYoDAo4′ name=’Zero Dark Thirty Bar Trivia Maryland’]

and lastly…”In a world where your favorite actors raided a Goodwill and played dress up…American Hustle!”

[th_youtube id=’2le_xVhjEGg’ name=’American Hustle Live Trivia Maryland’]

Check out the games!


Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

Bunkers, you are such a fun group of people to play Pub Quiz with – and I love the way you deal with and pretend to enjoy my flights of fancy!

My favorite wrong answer of the night came on our audio clue, with a guess of “Mr. Nanny with Hulk Hogan,” by the Washington Foreskins…so of course, I renamed them to a different Hulk Hogan movie every time I could! “Who’s GONNA WATCH THESE KIDS BROTHERRRRRRR?”

[th_youtube id=’GGwe0XCo4Sw’ name=’Mr. Nanny Hulk Hogan Pub Trivia MD’]

Thanks to the Foreskins who put up with me all night, and congratulations to them on a third place finish, after beating Fat Guys in Little Coats on a tiebreaker!

Second place went home with Fisted Sister, who came down to Bunkers to check us out – welcome!

And your winners…Combustible Lemons!

Before I let you go, here’s my other favorite wrong answers:

  • Scott Pilgrims Band? Scott Pilgrim and the Pic-Mantal Sextet
  • The album that Sabotage first appeared on? Star Trek Soundtrack! I mean it IS on there…but…not first!
  • The Beastie Boys 70s’ inspired song and video? Kojak! Close…but no…lollipop?

The Lemons have chosen Archer to start things off next week!

Archer Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Well I don’t know about you but I have updated my bucket list – Mississippi Mud Pie is something I feel like I need to experience at some point! It just sounds sloppy good, and in my book, those are two adjectives that work well together! (Point of Note: i have no interest in “Shoo-Fly Pie” – not a molasses guy; but no offense to my Pennsylvania Dutch baker friends out there 😉 
Mississippi Mud Pie Pub Quiz Maryland
So yes…Mississippi Mud Pie is definitely my fav wrong answer of the night. My favorite correct one was “Scott Pilgrim vs The World…and of course Sex Ba-Bomb.” Gotta re-watch that gem ASAP! 
Enough though…on to the pub quiz-ness! 
Tonight’s trivia game brought in 17 teams of live and on fire bar quiz teams to contest for the prize money of Champion Billiards! And a good ol’ fashioned throw down it was indeed! Everything was fun and games for a bit…then Round Four put a bruising on some teams and tossed the score board around like a sno-globe!
We learned that ostriches run faster than anything on two legs…and that was about all Vitrifiers needed to seal this trivia deal! Great win Vitrifiers! 2nd place went to We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat, who inched out Shelby’s Heroes in a dicey little Scott Pilgrim tie-breaker! Props to 4th and 5th as well: Wiseacres and Monkey Fighting Snakes who popped into the Top 5 against a tough field!
Thanks everyone for playing some trivia with us tonight. Hope you enjoyed 🙂 Here is another look at our Top 3…
Vitrifiers Bar Trivia Maryland
Bigger Boat Pub Trivia Maryland
Shelby's heroes Pub Quiz MD
Next week’s category for the R1Q1 SLOT…IS…Norse Mythology! Have a good weekend everyone…see you next Thursday 🙂
Norse Mythology Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

Humantaray led most of the night, looking like they were gonna knock off our winner’s from the last two weeks, Rubber Sheets Club.
Going into the final, the two were tied, all dependent on the last question of the game. Both teams bet cautiously, however with a correct response, Rubber Sheets Club took down the victory!
Good game team! Seabass pulled 2nd with a correct answer and Humantaray settled for 3rd. We’ll see you all next week!
1st Place:  Rubber Sheets Club
2nd Place: Put It on Seabass’ Tab
3rd Place: Humantaray
Next week’s category: Triple 50/50 My Little Pony or Porn Star?
Porn Star or My Little Pony Bar Trivia Maryland


Guido’s – Frederick, MD

We had such a GREAT turnout for tonight’s bar trivia game at Guido’s Speakeasy!! Lots of teams came out and it was a tight one for the most part, but never came to any ties at any point.
Teams shuffled around in the top three spots all night, but after all was said and done, this is how tonight ended… in 3rd place we had T.N.C., in 2nd place were None Pizza with Left Beef, and your game winners tonight….. Stink Floyd!!
The winner’s choice category they chose for next week is “Triple 50/50: Keebler Elves or Snow White’s Dwarves“, I think that should prove to be entertaining at least!
Study up and I hope next week is as busy as it was tonight!! Come back and see me!!  ~ Jon J 

La Mexicana Restaurant, Gaithersburg, MD

It was our inaugural night of Pub Quiz at La Mexicana in Gaithersburg and I can tell this group of players is gonna be a LOT of fun!
It was Tracy’s Man W*ores that rolled away with the $50 cash prize, with Snickerdoodles hot on their heels for 2nd. Give it up to Latino 4 Life who placed in 3rd as a duo!
Join me again next week, where our first category of the night will be U.S. Presidents.
~ Ronnie
Presidents Pub Trivia Category MD


Lake Linganore Association, New Market, MD

Fantastic start to our newest spot for Pour House Pub Trivia, Lake Linganore Association in New Market!
Lots of trash-talking, excitement, innuendo, and plenty of Q&A (all in about 90 seconds 😛 ).
Faking Bad dominated throughout the game and took our top spot with S+M Connection taking second and Snake Linganore in third.
Join us next week when the winners’ choice category will be the Winter Olympics! Thanks for having us out and we’re looking forward to next time!
– Eric 😀
Winter Olympics Bar Trivia Maryland


Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

After a beautiful day, the weather threatened to turn sour on this Thursday evening of live trivia at Oyster House. Thankfully it didn’t but nonetheless, teams came out to Bel Air for some pub trivia and their host Natalie, only to find Ian there as their friendly substitute!

Reigning champions Pazully’s lead most of the night, and going into the final had an impressive 13 point lead on the competition! With a strategic 0 wager, they took first place for the 7th time in a row! Well played!
After a long struggle, we had a newer team rise through the ranks; Team Wait for It nailed the final and took second! Way to go guys, congratulations!
Rounding out the top three, also getting the final, we had Clever Team Name! Good game guys! 
Natalie will be back from her vacation next week, just in time to start round one with Pazully’s choice of category: Sharks! Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…BAM! Get studying guys, and good luck!
Thank you to the teams and staff at Oyster House for having me as your guest, you all were great! 
Sharks Pub Quiz MD


Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

After two weeks outside of the top three, Uncle Jack was back in top form, and rolled through tonight’s game for the victory.  That win puts them right in the thick of the hunt for the House Championship!  Depends took second tonight with 70 Bags of Heroin in third.  Next week starts with a question on James Bond films!  ~ Matt